Quick Notes

Perhaps it’s the increased pace of life or maybe the complexities of some things, but it seems there is little opportunity for more than a few words in many places where more attention is merited.  That can go in any direction or even all directions, with the person speaking and/or the person replying.  It can be with reading something (as in skim reading). 

Thursday yours truly received greetings from the landlady (prepare, and there’s a load of preparing to do), the federal government (reply, and there’s a list for reply as well as a come see us), social services (read, sign, verify), homemaker aide (she is good, but it was still, “where is the location?”) and a gentleman in the building needing clarification about a matter. 

There was not one chance in the above for a quick reply.  Meanwhile, in view of the activities of the bug patrol and their objective Wednesday, the entire modus operandi of ordinary living has had to be adjusted.  The sitting for anything is no longer on the couch, it’s on the scooter in another part of the room.  Nothing gradually arranged for convenient reach during many months of operation is still within convenient reach.   

Things are different with the young. 



As yours truly most recently experienced a little accident that has interrupted ordinary living to a great extent, accidents are high in the mind.  The accident in mind being the simple spilling of the cup of coffee, it has to classed as “little.”   It may have done considerable damage, but it is still “little.”  Nobody died. 

The thing about the matter is, it probably could have been avoided.  Why it happened is a known.  It happened because in the setting down of the cup, there was a certain amount of imprecision.  It’s not the first time such a thing has happened.  It wasn’t carelessness.  It was a matter of tiredness, a matter of no longer being able to focus exactly on the thing being done. 

With that in mind, the question has to be, how many accidents are really accidents?  It seems like the real definition of an accident should be something like an unforeseeable event.  In other words, a real accident would be a matter of something that was done right, but something went wrong.  It should not be a matter of something was simply done wrongly. 

Accidents send us in a new direction. 

A Windfall

Often – maybe not absolutely always, but often – the “workings” of things are in play before we, as individuals, get there.  We just don’t know what they are.  Sometimes the whatever is chalked up to the result of prayer or “The Fates.”  Especially with the latter and if it is good, it may be called “a windfall” or something the wind blew in place.  Actually, however, it was already in play. 

As noted yesterday, yours truly was low on coffee.  The drug store didn’t have any.  The little store was called.  It turned out they didn’t have any, either; but, they did have prepared sandwiches to be heated in a microwave oven.  Such had been found last year and the source had petered out.  Although the goal was coffee that wasn’t there, the availability of the sandwiches was a windfall. 

Given a handy source of the sandwiches, the homemaker aide service is no longer a desperate need for food.  There’s still a need, but it’s not “desperate.”  Juggling things around will be a problem, but the concern about not getting anything at all is gone.  And, the man was nice enough to make a special trip to get the coffee at another store. 

Gambles can pay off.   

Motivation Is Always Needed

As mentioned elsewhere, the plan was to go to the bank on Thursday to get some money. Also in mind was the idea that, on the way back to the apartment, there could be a stop to get cigarettes (there were seven left Wednesday afternoon), then, yesterday, the drug store could be called, sliced bread and coffee being in really short supply. The drug store has that stuff, too. 

Since, on Thursday, the taxi did not come in time to get to the bank before it closed, the trip had to be made yesterday morning or yours truly would have to do without the cigarettes. Somehow writing a check just to get cigarettes has a distasteful feel to it. There’s not much functioning in the morning, and the drug store has to be called before 12:00 p.m. 

Although done with near supreme effort, everything was accomplished, except the drug store was out of the coffee. A little store around the corner that could be run out of business soon will deliver. There has been no intention of buying something so they get the hope they have another customer. Their customer base increased as soon as it was figured out what to buy besides coffee.

Poor motivation is better than no motivation.


As many well know, it isn’t hard to destroy someone’s reputation, even a good one.  It is hard to build one, even a relatively ordinary decent one.  One can be honest and law-abiding, kind to people and animals, hard working and other things that make an individual a responsible element of society, then, almost instantaneously, it can be quite unwarrantedly damaged by some unexpected outside source or even event. 

In a sense it’s understandable.  The good about a person usually only interacts with people and things immediately at hand, like one’s family, the neighbors or the person at the next place at work.  But, the rest of the world starts just beyond these, rather than far away; and, the rest of the world in a totally uninformed state sees both the “good person” and a critic, source or event which seems to be reasonable. 

Reputation came to mind this morning more strongly than usual.  Big and little things often ride that fence of “what ‘other’ people will think,” and yours truly’s approach has long been to ignore talk (and minor offending things) unless it becomes persistent or a relatively long established way of acting.  Two days ago something bubbling along for a while pointedly surfaced.  Right annoyingly right now there had to be action. 

Some things are terribly inconvenient. 

Perpetual Laments

There are several things which many people can constantly sigh over due to being at a loss.  One is money.  “There isn’t enough money” is something some people can say constantly, because it is a constant.  In many cases there isn’t enough money to have what others have or to do as others do.  As is commonly known, in some cases there isn’t even enough money for essentials.  Another such element is time. 

After awakening at a reasonable hour (about 7:00 a.m.) and proceeding with such things as breakfast (which took all of five minutes to arrange), yours truly eventually looked at the time to find it was almost noon.  There was nothing to show for several hours’ existence, and there was very little time left in the morning.  It’s not a rare kind of happening with many folks.  And, where did the time go?  In mathematically precise and barely perceptible moments it had, of course, flowed by. 

Being slow doesn’t help with efficiently doing something that can be seen as having been done.  Getting exhausted by just a tiny amount of physical activity, like standing up, doesn’t, either.  And, such is a curse of many, including largely the elderly.  The thing is, there has to be a way around it all somehow.  …But, how? 

Hunting for solutions can be a problem. 

The Lesson In Playing Cards

As we all know, every moment of life is a gamble and a matter of choices.  Just getting up in the morning is a gamble, as one may trip over one’s feet and crack one’s head on something.  Many people do not like the notion of playing cards, but there’s a lesson in the constant visibility of chance in the randomness of a card game.  It’s an example of how life can work. 

Often, while waiting for an opportunity at something, yours truly pulls out a card game like solitaire and considers the element of chance and choices.  There’s a limit to the chances of the way things can fall, as there are only so many cards.  And, quite often there isn’t much choice; but, there is some, which played one way will lose the game and one way win it. 

Given the weather (described in the previous entry), the homemaker aide service became unpredictable last week due to the driving.  Faced with more “maybe” alternatives, the decision was to skip the whole deal for the time being.  If the people thought one should be grateful for any old thing convenient for them, they were mistaken.  Even if the game is not completely lost, one can start another one. 

Sometimes the big gamble is the best idea.