Things being somewhat overwhelming presently, although there are a number of unfinished topics sort of on hold including additional apartment descriptions and more about grandma’s house (and kitchen) in Terre Haute, it’s sensible (it seems) to pause briefly to mention Dayton.  There’s bound to be more mention of Dayton, and posting some things establishes the category and connection for future reference and inclusions.  “The Project” that comes under discussion at times is centered in Dayton, as is a big interest, Aviation Trail.  

“Dayton” can mean any one of a number of places or many people, some quite prominent and quite alive.  The one here is exclusively the city in the U.S. state of Ohio.  It’s not the biggest city in the state.  That’s Cleveland.  It’s not a most prominent city.  That might be Cincinnati.  It’s not the capital.  That’s Columbus.  It’s just one of about seven or eight (depending how it’s counted) fairly large cities in the state.  In some places, in view of the population count, it would be the biggest town in the area.  In Ohio, it’s rather far from the biggest.  On the national scale it usually falls into the “medium-sized” range. 

If there are enough people around, almost any place can trot out some notable individual, either past or present, as having been a part of the community.  At times the person really is notable, and at times it’s a matter of good publicity.  Dayton claims several people that have done a little something that changed the way people live, including the creation of the automobile self-starter and the pull top on modern day “tin” cans.  Dayton also claims the Wright Brothers who figured out how to fly like a bird insofar as machinery can do it.  (More some other time.) 

Homes need good references. 


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