Memorial Day State Of Affairs

This site has not been abandoned even though there hasn’t been an entry for more than a week.  It’s a temporary victim of “apartment living.”  A little more than a year ago the apartment complex had two things that are now no longer around.  One was an in-house store; the other was a community telephone.  The in-house store was open for an hour on Saturdays with a supply of bread, milk and assorted odds and ends to carry people through the weekend.  The community telephone was in the lobby for anyone to use for a few minutes. 

The in-house store was discontinued when the people who went to the stores to pick up a load of supplies moved away.  Although the majority of the people in the place drive, there have been no volunteers to replace them, hence, no store.  That might start again if volunteers materialize.  Last week someone cut the cord on the telephone.  Reportedly, that will not be replaced.  Anyone (such as yours truly) in the habit of using it to get supplies and services is out on a limb until other arrangements can be made.  Thoughts and actions are rather wildly directed to other arrangements.   

It is Memorial Day.  The proper things to do include the likes of going to the cemetery to clean up the gravesites, if necessary, and to take flowers as a sign of caring.  The apartment building, on the other hand, is having a cookout.  On the strange idea that it would be held in front of the place, there was a trip downstairs early to avoid the crowd and still get out of the place for a few minutes lest cabin fever developed.  It turns out the event is going to be in the patio and community room area.  That makes sense; the mind is occupied with getting a means of transportation and back up food…. 

May those who have supported life rest in peace.    


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