And, Days After July 4th….

The high days of summer are at hand in the northern hemisphere.  And. daylight is getting less and less in it’s tiny increments.  While humans on the whole may not have noticed it yet, even if it is hot outside during the day, from a couple of weeks ago each day has had it’s two minutes less of sunlight.  Two minutes per day (although admittedly that isn’t the exact amount) is fourteen minutes less a week.  Give a cake a quarter of an hour less baking time and it’s still a fairly raw dough.  Or, for that matter take off (or add on) a quarter of an hour of timing on anything that has to do something for a given period of time and have a mess. 

Humans may not have shifted into looking to the winter, but plants and animals tend to be sensitive to such changes.  Humans only need to remember that it’s happening in the natural world beyond artificially cooled or heated cozy houses or apartments.  Being city born and bred, it was many, many years before yours truly finally figured out the whole drift of seasonal changes.  Before that, it was a matter of turning on the heat when one started feeling cold and turning on a fan or air conditioner when one started feeling hot.  It was superficial existence.

This is all going to the point that it’s time to remember that outside critters, like bugs, birds, mice and of course squirrels, are already alerted to the shift of the earth on it’s axis even though they presumably wouldn’t know one scientific iota about it.  What is known is that there’s been a change.  It won’t be a long time before they start looking for more shelter than what is outside.  Mice probably won’t get to the upper floors of an apartment building and birds may not get to the lower ones, but bugs may get to either.  And, it’s time to forget the spring blossoming of living things. 

Working with nature is a wise art.   


Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July, which American children at times call things like “Firecracker Day” and adults sometimes properly call Independence Day, commemorates the nation’s birthday.  If memory serves correctly, by some definitions it should be done on the fifth rather than the fourth, but the fourth is somehow appropriate, too.  Regardless, Americans are especially blessed with a generally well-liked nation internationally speaking and perhaps the nearest thing to the promised land on earth, regardless of the tragedies and disasters that come.  The birth of the nation is cause for celebration and gratitude. 

Being extra-ordinarily bedeviled, there has been little opportunity for yours truly to do any real work (such as these messages).  There have been a number of days worth note that have unavoidably slipped by without direct comment; and, if nothing else, commemorative days do most often have reason for comment.  (That’s how bad things have been.)  There are things in the works, but things in the works are not things done.  Today, some things are being ignored one more day or two (or maybe they will be ignored forever).  In honor of tomorrow, The Fourth of July, there is time being taken to say: 










Birthdays are special.  🙂