Old folks’ homes (senior citizens retirement community apartments) may need a bit of perking up.  After all, everyone is old and frittering away time wondering about things like the purposes of life and who is going to die next.  While most places are probably not decorated special every day of the year, major holiday time, be it national legal or commonly accepted religious, is a prime decorating time.  Although some residents may have something hung on their doors all of the time, there are otherwise little periods when reality peeks through all of the celebrating that theoretically is possible. 

There are usually lots of decorations for Christmas and some for Easter, which doesn’t do much for anyone Jewish or “other” around; but, enough Christianity still exists to warrant noting those religious times.  Thanksgiving is also largely on a sort of spiritual plane (Jews and “others” included) and legal as well, so it gets as much attention as Christmas.  The thing here is, somehow Hallowe’en managed to creep on the scene and now gets as much attention as Christmas and Thanksgiving.  The lobby of the apartment building in which yours truly has some space at present is all done up in Hallowe’en. 

It is October 2.  The place had paper pumpkins and genuine bales of hay about a foot wide, six or seven inches high and two feet long on the tables, according to reports, by yesterday afternoon.  Well, Hallowe’en is religious in the ancient pagan customs and that Christian Christmas sense, but it’s not held as religious by most people.  The decorations are cute (mini bales of hay?), even pretty in a sense, but one is psychologically moved to celebrate, only no one seems to be aware of what is really there to celebrate.  The people are too old for Beggars’ Night and they aren’t going to go to church on All Saints’ Day. 

The world is surely headed somewhere.