Good Fortune And Bad

Someone most recently observed that October this year has five full weekends (Friday evening as well as all day Saturday and Sunday). He then told everyone around even though more than half of the month is gone.  And, thus yours truly became fully aware that October had five full weekends.  It was realized that there were five Fridays last Friday. The food truck comes every other Friday, and no catalogue for November was handed over.  A look at the calendar explained why, namely, he’s coming one more time in October.  It’s supposedly rare that such a thing as five weekends happens. 

At any rate, October, 2010, not only had the magic numbers of 10/10/10 but it has five weekends, which might be a special value to anyone who pays a bill on the first of the month.  There are only two more chances for any such thing as the numbers to happen soon, one each in November of 2011 and December of 2012.  Then things exactly like that won’t happen again for nearly ninety years.  How soon the weekends will happen again wasn’t determined yet.  Of course, it’s a matter of magic (or lucky) numbers, so magic (or lucky) days, but only if things are lined up in certain ways. 

It doesn’t take a lot to find all sorts of ominous or fatalistic things in numbers, things and even words, some good fortune, some dire warnings, and so forth. There is a good thing in fishing out such unusual aspects.  It breaks up the monotony.  It may also do something like cause dreadful accidents.  Someone terrified of the prospects of something bad happening just might have bad happenings as a result.  So, a question might be, should society make a big issue out of such things?  Should references to Friday, the Thirteenth, et al, be abolished?  If so, how? 

Rabbits have four feet.