Household Help

There was a time when there were youngsters in neighborhoods willing to do a few odd jobs like mow the grass for the old folks down the street or baby-sit for the young folks who wanted to go to a get together without children.  Maybe in some places there are such things; but, yours truly gave up hope one day when a thoughtless parent sent two elementary school children and a tiny infant in a stroller to mow grass.  Her fifteen year old had something she wanted to do, it was said.  The two that came were watching the baby (?).  They were sent back home.  Lawn mowers can be dangerous. 

Real life is most people cannot afford to hire a maid and/or gardener.  They can at times scrape up a few dollars to pay someone else to do things needed at a place.  And, there are agencies that will line up a collection of chores that run a few hours a week or even every two weeks.  These are a great help in old folks’ retirement settings and the like in the very rare moments when done right. And, one might really make that “very, very” rare moments. To begin with, few if any people really want to be the maid (or janitor). Never mind that if there is no one to do “the dirty work” civilization would collapse.  

The need for help may very well be essential and unavoidable, not a matter of luxury, and the money paid may be quite legitimate and rather sacrificial.   That really makes little difference to the person doing the work, especially if it’s done on a “have to” basis.  The chances are things aren’t going to be done as hoped or expected.  Assuming a person can find someone at all, there are ins and outs that can be said beyond that above, but one important thing to note is there are some places more than others where there is a chance of getting a piece of the action, and that’s the likes of the old folks’ homes. 

Do it yourself can’t always be.