There’s a sharp edge to the professional.  It is a fineness that doesn’t exist in a thing that is just ”very good.”  The classic example is probably the differences in something like a good singing voice and a good singing voice that has received some training.  The former is common in things like church choirs. The voices are there, and they hit all the notes in a melody; but, a scientific (or mathematically precise) sharpness is missing.  It’s an exact thinking thing that puts the “gift” in an exact place or in an exact way.  The quality is there in both cases; but, there is a refinement that is missing in the non-professional. 

Some cartoon drawings on display recently were a case in point.  The man who drew them could draw, that is, they were definitely artistic, but something was missing.  Very good, clever representations were insufficient.  It was eventually realized there was no message.  The local hometown newspaper has long used the work of an editorial cartoonist that can draw well enough to depict things a person can identify; but, his drawings are almost childish.  He is, however, one who has won prizes, and the reason he is good is because what he draws is an image of an attitude.  The thinking is there in abundance. 

It takes a lot of practice and a lot of experience (both) to establish that refined quality.  The practice isn’t enough.  Observation of the fitness is useful.  Mostly, the whatever has to be good enough for use in life. In artistic things that goes beyond feeling or mood.  In fact, it’s controlled use of a feeling or mood to make items that can literally be used with a “certain something about them.”  There is not a serious expectation here to have anything but “good enough.”  It’s a few words that may say something relative to the realities of everyday life for some people that might be around. 

We learn from others.   


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