An Important Thing: Eats

Food can be a very big thing with the old folks at the old folks’ home retirement community.  There is first of all the matter of getting it.  Then there is often (not always) the matter of getting it into a state where it can be eaten.  Lastly there is the matter of eating it.  There are tangent elements to all of that.  In regard to eating it, for example, there is the matter of dishes. In regard to getting it, as further example, there is the matter of is there enough cash on hand presently to be getting anything much; and, that’s because things like the social security retirement checks (or deposits) come once a month. 

Taking just the matter of the money, some months have at least one more day than other months; but, even more important is the due day (not date, but day) as – say – the third of the month may be any day of the week.  One can choose a shopping day, like Tuesday.  If the due day is Monday,  it’s easy to shop any day of that week for a week’s supply of stuff.  Friday deposits, meanwhile don’t cover the week that includes the third of the month if the established shopping day is Tuesday.  That week’s groceries have to come from the previous month’s income.  Tight budgets are a hassle. 

All of the above (including that with little attention such as what the false teeth, if any, can handle) is basic.  In addition, many people have dietary restrictions that not only limit choices but also how the whatever is prepared (or maybe it should be said “not prepared”).  There’s no just going somewhere and stuffing anything available into oneself.  If youth was based partly on eating habits like chewing on a sandwich from a handy restaurant while in the car (yours truly’s was), the enforced to-do about eating is probably maddening.  And, it’s a sure thing nature will demand attention to it. 

Food is a constant.