Pssst! October Was A Short Month

The month is finished…done.  There are two more days on the calendar, but the month is over for all practical purposes as the business week ended today, the 29th.  It’s kind of like February, whereas this is most often one of those months that seem to stay on forever.  The only month with thirty-one days that doesn’t seem to stay on forever is December.  Consider the rest, July and August for a start.  It’s common to wonder if the heat will ever end.  And, in January it’s just as common to wonder when the cold will end.  March and May, like October are not too nasty, especially May. 

At any rate, there are people who are still plodding along in October, and they will do so until the real end of the month; but, for a good many folks the month has ended but the new one won’t start for a couple of days.  Hallowe’en time is a sort of dead time this year.  The upcoming “fifth weekend” (started already as it’s Friday night as this is being written) is a real special weekend, almost like the extra day in a leap year.  And, the whole business threw a lot of things just a little out of line.  Although it’s not known how often the current line-up on the calendar happens, it’s supposedly rare. 

People with parties (and children) on the mind may be happy to have ordinary living out of the way; but, not everyone is going to a party.  Not everyone has children, either.  The old folks’ home underfoot seemingly has an event started for one day or the other, but yours truly has no thought of going.  While it may be something that a lot of people think is fun (at least the pretend part), it’s a lot of bother and there’s no social obligation to be participating.  Another time, another place things were different. And, there wasn’t much going then, either, as the play acting is fun but it has no depth or duration. 

Days get lost in many ways. 


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