Unexpected Thoughtfulness

Genuinely friendly thoughts are often welcome at the old folks’ home.  That can be just about any cheery thing of a minor nature – a small friendly greeting card at an odd time, a considerate pause at the elevator, an extra dollop of topping on ice cream, etc., as long as it’s unexpected.  Such things are also appreciated outside of and before life at the old folks’ home; but, in the “retirement world” life has often reached a state of just existence for many.  People don’t expect to achieve anything else in this world, although remote ideas like winning a lottery exist.  There’s little to be expected.   

That came to mind abundantly today for yours truly when an unexpected wish for a happy Hallowe’en arrived.  It isn’t as if the holiday is celebrated for some special reason or any such thing as it isn’t.  It’s just a friendly, thoughtful note of value for it’s friendliness more than anything else.  The person is fairly distant in mileage and hasn’t been seen in person for some time.  Being unexpectedly remembered even if it is an organized thing is uplifting even if all is well enough around.  A gift is a gift.  Personal plans for a little remembrance were already in mind for Thanksgiving and Christmas. 

Some of the people in the apartment building underfoot will be involved in the party that is on the agenda.  Some of the people will surely have contact with some family members, if for no other reason then because it is a weekend and there’s time off from work.  Some people will be occupied by necessary chores, such as those emptying out an apartment down the hall for whatever reason the lady that was in it is not coming back.  And, some of the people are killing a day (again) half wondering if there is something else they might be doing.  A considerate thought there could change the world. 

Nice surprises can be fun. 


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