Not Like October

It was one of those cold, gray, wintery days in Covington, the kind where one might go so far as to think it might snow  …Only it couldn’t or can’t snow because even at night the temperature is ten degrees above freezing, so the only sensible reason one might think of snow is because it’s noticeably colder (and darker) than it was.  There maybe was (or even is) a fine mist rain out there; yours truly neither is or was of a mind to find out for sure as there has been a serious engrossment in the mobility scooter, not that it’s anything new to be concerned about that. 

Living, that is, ordinary activities, goes slow in old age.  Added needs, not just stuff like re-charging a scooter battery or finding misplaced eyeglasses but also remembering to do things that may have once been instinctive, like shutting off lights somewhere as one is moving on to do something else, also amount to a slower pace. While even the young, hale and hearty types may be thinking of something besides the lights, it’s still an old age activity to pause to remember “Now, ahem, what next?”  At such times, the weather conditions outside don’t matter much unless one is in them.  

At any rate, it was a cold, gray, wintery day outside.  This was noticed when there was a realization it was dark in the apartment.  If the sunlight isn’t streaming in through the windows, there’s no reason to be concerned about whether or not the air conditioning rather than the heat is set to operate.  Winter is on the way.  Reports indicate it will not be an easy one, but that’s just preliminary guesswork based on things like feelings in the bones and the condition of wooly worms.  Or, maybe it’s all just disorientation due to the building being sold or a war being over.  Trees still had green leaves. 

Climate affects thoughts. 


October Change Of Pace

Perhaps it’s because of the seasonal shift, although it is a little late for that, but a lot of things based on people aren’t working out well these days.  The latest event, a visit by a friendly acquaintance this evening, didn’t happen.  There was nothing like a call or a note saying, “I can’t make it over this evening.”  It was just a case of “no show.”  While there was no doubt a reason, under the circumstances a friend might readily wonder if there had been a serious accident or other misfortune.  In this case there wasn’t any real wondering as it has happened before. 

The daylight hours of course are getting shorter, and in a couple of weeks the autumn shift to Standard time will kick in upsetting a measurable amount of routine.  Before it actually happens there will be the instinctive gathering of one’s imaginary cloak about oneself to ward off the cold of winter.  That’s likely a part of the reason things aren’t as scheduled (and some people don’t make a lot of sense). In addition, some (not all) of the elements of society are busy about All Hallows’ Eve (better known as Hallowe’en, which nowadays has been reduced to Halloween).  But it may not be all there is to it. 

In the apartment building, given the new ownership just a week ago, things are rapidly changing, such as the main bulletin board being pulled down and discarded.  Bulletin boards are means of communication.  While to an extent a newsletter can substitute, resident newsletters were discontinued nearly a year ago due to the printing cost and the work involved.  But, that isn’t all there is to it, either.  Things in distant places in the world are undergoing change and somehow some of that must be “filtering down” to everyday life for “the man on the street.” 

Change can come fast.

Boys Town Recalled

There was a movie (film) in what some might call ancient history about how the home for boys so named (which today, as is known, includes girls as well) came into being. Like many others, it was an inspirational story cast upon the public waters supported by the fact that it was a true story.  The place existed.  The place still exists and is still doing the same type of thing that started it. It’s a legitimate charity, and every once in a while an appeal for donations appears in the mail when there’s a donation to a/some group wherein there’s inter-connection of some sort. 

Not too long ago an appeal landed in the week’s mail.  Yep, it’s a good thing.  But, the place no longer has the impact it once did. Back then (in ancient history) it was a case of the people of a nation saving the disadvantaged children in the nation.  Today’s life includes a global concept and children even more disadvantaged.  Somehow, it is a little harder, when thinking of children who are literally starving to death (they will die), to feel badly (generally speaking) about children who are hungry but not to the point of death by starvation, unless they are immediately sort of next door.  

Maybe a few dollars can be sent some time, ignoring the thought that it just might go to administrative costs; but, the thought of those other children put a damper on any donation at the moment.  Institutions in America have the support of the people of the United States, both great and small.  That’s a deal that can’t be beat in a good many places in the world.  And, of course, it’s not as much if it’s not maintained.  But, just being American gives something an edge when compared to much of the world.  It may all change tomorrow; but, that’s it today. 

And, good causes do deserve some support. 

“With It” Folks

The apartment building underfoot is about a half of a city block in length. The entrance is midway down the length.  It being an old folks’ home (officially senior citizens place) full of people without jobs to frequent, etc., the matter of sitting outside’s important; the folks often just want to get out of the apartments for a while. Especially because of old age, people need some place to sit.  Park benches are provided near the entrance.  It is not a matter of walking a long distance. There are benches to each side of the entry and it’s a well thought out arrangement. 

Two accommodations are needed outside of the place. Some people smoke outside. There has to be a place for smokers because smoke from the smokers isn’t good for people with breathing problems. Some people have canine animals needing a place to relieve themselves.  This is traditionally done outside. Therefore, also needed is an area where the pets are not mixed much with people, especially when motivated to do some relieving. What it boils down to is, smokers go toward the north, dogs go toward the south.  One can’t smoke while walking the dog. 

Now, it’s a fair enough arrangement as neither smokers smoking nor dogs should be randomly wandering the building.  Dogs are liable to bite or scratch, and smoke does settle on things getting them dirty.  Both are basically allowed outside (as described) and in one‘s apartment. Dogs are allowed to walk down the hall and smokers may be out on the back patio.  It’s not unreasonable, if one is honest about such things.  Both, in different ways, smack of an attempt at sophistication.  Liquor does, too.  And, as is known, a little – very little – of that is okay in either direction.  (?!) 

Using other people’s stuff can be complicated. 

More Building Sale Comment

People might buy and sell things for a number of reasons. Some are more common than others. One reason for selling a business is the profit motivation – the profit isn’t as much as the owner expected. In some cases there isn’t any at all. (If it’s a matter of insufficient profit, the thing to expect is consolidation.)  There’s no real way to tell from “the outside” what profit there is, although it’s not rare at times to wonder just where a profit in something is, or, for that matter, to wonder why there would be no profit.  What this is leading into is the sale of the apartment house underfoot. 

The structure per se looks to be in pretty good shape, a lot better than several that are not far away used for the same purposes.  One reason quite a few apartment houses of different sorts in the region are having problems is that there’s a sort of “plague” of bed bugs in the region.  Extermination services for those are complicated, expensive, not guaranteed and likely to be recurrent.  In addition, people flee leaving units empty beyond the anticipated extent.  That situation does seem to be under control and was apparently improving before yours truly came along.  Maybe the cost was too high. 

Change (maybe some consolidation) is expected.  The changes outlined so far were not much.  One that was not outlined but took place, however, is fundamentally rather drastic.  The main bulletin board was trashed, probably late Friday.  A lot of the notices were public service notices. Either such is now out of the picture or there will be a sea of notices at the door.  And, it would take a different kind of residents for such to be out of the picture.  A possibility:  the old staff will quit. The new ownership hasn’t been into things a week yet.  (More on this another time.)

Good guesswork can be vital to life. 

A Begging Insect?

The topic was the discovery of bed bugs in a school. It’s certainly more important if the bugs are found in some places rather than others (critical care areas of hospitals and the like would be a lot worse place to have them than, say, a movie theatre).  A school might be fairly bad area if it’s less than a university (which no one has to attend) and if it’s funded by public money (which would be needed for the expensive extermination), so it is worth a newsy announcement by the media.  But, in the case noted in the last day, the media announcement said “beg bug.”  Others have said that, too. 

Now, it didn’t look like “beg bug” was a typographical error because the word “beg” is used three times in the article before it’s changed to “bed.”  It looks like sloppy work in a major media source.  The regional town in the story isn’t exceptionally big, but that’s rather beside the point since state-wide said bugs are viewed as a major problem.  A major problem or an inconsequential annoyance, if it is worth a mention (especially if it goes world wide as that did), correct terms should be used so people know actually what is under discussion without reading all through a thing trying to figure that out.   

It is highly unlikely the problem of bed bug infestation is going to be solved during the lifetime of anyone with a few years on them.  And, they are more than a petty nuisance to the elderly, disabled, babies and even animals, just to mention a few likely victims.  The mere thought of a baby with a bunch of bites is miserable.  Furthermore, there is a load of faulty information “out there.”  There’s no need to give the creatures another name to confuse things more.  So, let it be known, if someone starts talking about a thing called a “beg bug,” it just might be that what is meant is “bed bug.” 

Fixing little things can mean a lot. 

Buy A City

Technically, the big thing these days in the apartment building that is underfoot, and it must always be remembered it is an old folks’ home even though it is called a senior citizens retirement community, is the fact that the building was sold.  Apparently these days all big apartment complexes are called “communities.”  (Whether large shelters for the homeless are also “communities” has not yet been determined in the pad that is underfoot.)  Now, if it is a “community,” what’s happening is that “communities” are being bought and sold.  It’s not just the building. 

Things are bought and sold, and that includes “companies.”  “Companies includes a lot, not just the material property but also things like customer lists and a good or bad name, and, of course, things like the rights to contracts. Employee contracts are, after all, agreements, but buying and selling a company is not really in the same league as buying and selling a community.  A community is essentially something like a town or city.  And, community is a valid word since all the residents of a complex are subject to the same residential rules and regulations. 

Seems like not even in absolute monarchies did the king (or emperor) go about living in a system where he/she bought and sold towns.  Slaves were bought and sold, and maybe they still are in some places even in groups that might be called communities. The escape is, one can always move, even theoretically buy their own housing.  It is a staggering idea that a city of free people could be bought and sold.  And, that’s sort of what it is.  There is a fourteen page (legal size paper) handbook of how things will be done henceforth right at hand (not that it’s much different from the old way). 

Thinking can lead to strange things.  .