Unshakable Thought – Nibelungenlied

Once old enough, people at times say something about the likes of an old tune that danced through her/his head all day….  It’s often not a current melody.  It’s something heard long ago and stored in the memory that crept out for some reason.  It doesn’t necessarily take much to trigger it, and it may not be happening in anything remotely like the original situation.  Very often the entire song (or whatever) is not recalled, just a part of it that maybe matches a person’s “spirit”  at the moment.  In this case it was first a word and then a song that has been hanging around for several days now, and there, indeed, seems to have been an “event.” 

First the song.…  Seems like the title was something like “There Are Such Things.”  It’s a song of encouragement to look to “tomorrow,” and it  lists beautiful things that exist and belong to everyone even if not at the moment.  It was probably recalled due to a lovely day and some extra energy from somewhere.  Only a couple of lines were remembered.  The thing here is, things in the apartment underfoot seem to be in a constant state of turmoil that’s very wearing.  The song promised an especially good day ahead.  Well, someone did come to try to improve the mobility equipment and unwittingly left the owner at a serious loss.  An emergency call back was needed. 

To date, there has been no explaining the word, which was Nibelungenlied, that has been hanging around for a week or so.  It’s a classical piece that wasn’t understood originally probably about sixty plus years ago.  It was just the word that came to mind, and it’s been so persistent that it was necessary to go look it up to get some idea of what it was.  Surprisingly the spelling was pretty accurate, so it didn’t really take a lot of time, which was nice.  After some study of what was rather easily found, “The Song of the Nibelungs” (Nibelungenlied) still doesn’t make a lot of sense nor does how it might relate.  Apparently, however, it’s been studied a lot by educated sorts. 

Thinking is tiring. 


But, It Still Works

This is one of those “It happened a long time ago” things.  The point is, it’s probably just as true today and is leading to similar results for someone else.  There were a couple of very secondary streets in the neighborhood, and based on something like mixed zoning  some tiny businesses dotted them.  One, in a string of four that covered about two house lots side by side, was a drug store.  Now, there was a time that drug stores had lunch counters or at least a soda fountain and, although tiny, the place had such.  One day someone said something about the place, so one day a special trip was made to look the place over. 

There were no customers in the drug store and not much merchandise, either.  It had the old style wooden floors and the like and was rather dark inside.  The owner was there and at a comment about the soda fountain lunch counter he said he was going out of business.  The explanation was simple.  He said, for example, a customer had bought a camera and a few days later took it back for a refund.  There was nothing wrong with it except it didn’t have one small feature that the customer saw on one in another store.  The customer wanted the latest thing, and he couldn’t stock all that might appear on the market.  No one wanted to buy the place, either. 

At hand there are pictures taken a couple of years ago with a throw away camera.  It’s not the way ordinary people are taking pictures these days.  In fact, the changing was going on already when the throw away was bought (at a local drug store), but it was bought anyway as it seemed to be a good idea.  The thing is, if it takes the pictures (or cooks the food or gets you there if you put gas in the tank and so forth) that is what counts, not the fact that there’s an extra gizmo of some sort.  A “professional” person may need features that the average person does not really need; and, most important, a real profession person can do wonders with what others would junk.   

Does anyone use anything in all the ways possible? 

Topics For Discussions

There are as many topics as there are things and actions out there.  Many, many years ago people went to stores (and stands) stocking newspapers and magazines in sufficient numbers to have some business out of them.   There is still some of that, but not like it once was when nearly every house and apartment no matter how poor or ordinary had some kind of paper publication around at least sometime if not every week or month.  One super big general circulation magazine — it was bought on name recognition alone as it could be expected to have truly interesting features and stories  — once did a leading spread on the manufacture of ordinary (wood) pencils.  

There are many events in life that are truly life-altering, like being in an automobile accident and permanently injured or having a baby.  There are things in life that are endlessly rather mysterious or at least unknown.  How to make a pencil might be (was) an unknown but it’s not really something of major importance, yet the big, famous magazine devoted space to it.  It was read, maybe because it was "happened upon" while glancing through the thing.  The article started with a close-up picture of some nice pencils that caused thoughts like, "What’s this?"  That helped, too.  But, if a title like "Pencil Making" was seen in a contents list, it probably would be skipped. 

Topics for discussions and just general conversations  have been mentioned before in various places (seemingly once somewhere even with a passing thought about the inspiring pencil making article).  One important reason for bringing it up again is because currently the topics herein are rather unrelated.  Things are in a state of flux in the apartment underfoot more so than usual.  Therefore, the practical procedure is to look around the room and upon seeing something quietly saying something like, "That might be a good topic; if you are going to be doing this, say something."  Actually descriptions and the like of grandmother’s house were never finished. 

Sometimes we wind up in unexpected places.

New Age Medicine

There was a time when a prospective doctor went off to school, got his license to practice and put in his or her hospital practice, somewhere along the way got married (if male, maybe to one of the nurses at the hospital) then opened an office (maybe in what was once a front room) and people lined up to see the doctor about things like an expected baby, strange rashes, injured ankles, funny feelings in the heart area and so forth.  And, from whenever that first visit was, thereafter, when there was some kind of an ailment that someone didn’t know how to handle on their own, that person went to visit that doctor for advice, prescriptions and the like. 

While it was normal to go to the doctor, if there was some reason it was difficult for the person to do so, the doctor went to the patient’s house.  A doctor visiting homes was top justification for the doctor to have a high-powered, expensive car.  The doctor’s car had to get the doctor to the sick person if there was ice, snow, muddy roadway and such terrible things.  Then the day came when doctors quit going to people unless the people were in a hospital.  Well, they really couldn’t haul around some of the medical machines that they might use.  And, in some cases the patient might even live in a far different part of town.  And, they might even need some nursing assistance. 

Time proved that that was not the best of situations.  It seemed to do things like fill up the hospital emergency rooms and nursing homes, which often cost the government, insurance companies, businesses paying the insurance companies and individuals.  It seems people were trying to figure out a better way to get people medical attention.  So, today there are companies that provided house calls (if one looks hard enough one may find one) for medical things, only the people showing up are not the old fashioned kind of doctor.  The proper description for them is "nurse practitioner," and like "real" doctors, some are good and some aren’t. 

One can stay home for many things.