Modern Medicine

The advertising enthusiastically declares, "Doctors still make house calls!"  Well, they do, but it’s not quite the same as described in the storied noble days of old.  The mini-doctor (nurse practitioner) came bouncing into the apartment almost two hours before expected very recently.  In answer to a comment that she was early, she said that she had two cancellations that morning.  That is, the people weren’t home.  According to procedure, the appointments would have been verified late Friday afternoon.  People okayed the appointments and then took off?  It’s quite possible.  The system is not all it’s cracked up to be. 

While the missing patients may very well have had an emergency between late Friday afternoon and Monday morning, the system (including home nursing) seems to work on the notion that the patient (and in some cases client) should be readily available whenever the person providing the service shows up.  That isn’t so bad if it’s just a tad later than expected — anyone with other, later appointments can do something about those — but it can cause problems if a person is in the midst of something else if the individual coming is an hour early.  There has to be some leeway to begin with since traffic is unpredictable.  

Well, it isn’t a high-powered medical doctor whose earnings depend on how many patients can be squeezed into any given day.  Such would expect a good reason for a patient not being around.  And, it probably isn’t anyone handing over a fistful of cash for the service.  The payment is most likely some kind of insurance.  And, if there’s an illness there, it’s likely not a critical illness that shouldn’t be handled in a slip-shod fashion, even though it can be.  So, the doctor is not making his (her) way through a snow storm to deliver the baby for which he will get paid two chickens and a bushel of wheat after the harvest. 

Trade offs have their merits. 


A British Royal Baby

Technically, there hasn’t been a “true” British royal baby for about thirty years if what is meant is a child specifically designated to become king (or queen) of the nation.  That is “designated,” meaning Prince William.  His younger brother, Prince Harry, is only “eligible” if something happens to the already “designated,” of which, as of yesterday, there are now three.  As time passes, Harry will continue to be “eligible” but less likely to be crowned with each passing day.  He probably should forget about such things if he hasn’t done so yet.  In other words, the royalty may have a lot of kids around, but only one is “the royal baby.”  

Well, there is more royalty than the British, but none have a more far-reaching effect. The whole thing is a big deal about which, barring serious unforeseen circumstances in the future, the general public need not have any more concern over for the next thirty or so years.  And, in thirty or so years a sizable percentage of the general public will be dead and gone, which sizable percentage need not have any concern at all.  Or, to put it in other words, it’s another thing out of the way if one is old enough.  Meanwhile, since the new royal baby is a boy, someone who has a girl tomorrow or next week or some such might see fit to put it very much in the way. 

In other times and places the king (or whatever) had to have an heir so that the people would be assured of having someone in authority if something happened to whoever was in authority.  That could easily happen from natural or unnatural causes, and that is one of the problems with that type of governing authority.  The British have watered it down considerably.  It’s a nice bit of show with benefits such as tourists’ dollars.  A big disadvantage, however, is that some woman must take on the job of baby maker, which is a set-back for those who believe a woman is not just a baby factory.  Maybe that aspect will drift to the background now that it’s done. 

Some things are far reaching. 

Only A Bug

Well, it was an inch long, half inch wide grass green sort of oval insect quite visible on the maroon red lampshade.  The lamp is a small table lamp about the size of lamps for vanity tables.  It sits in the middle of a half-dozen house plants big enough to dwarf it, on a par only because it sits on a stand of sorts that’s maybe two plus inches high.  The back of the bug (possibly some kind of wings) was the same color as the plants, while the belly side was a creamy white.  Since it was green and amid the plants, it’s assumed  it was a plant-eating bug rather than one interested in lunch being human or animal.  Regardless, there was no wish for it to be flitting around the place. 

Now, how the bug got in is a mystery.  The windows are both screened and closed.  The apartment is five floors up.  It’s doubtful there are any cracks in the walls, and so forth.  It’s always possible creatures as well as unwanted things (like mud) can be carried in by anyone coming in from the outside.  But, since there were two bugs two days apart, again getting the thing that way seems remote.  Regardless, it was in the place, and the deal was, how to get rid of it.  The best way to get rid of such things is to scoop them up – alive – and throw them outside.  That’s more than a matter of respecting all life.  It saves cleaning up blood and guts. 

The chances of trapping it on the somewhat wobbly lamp shade without upsetting all around were slim.  That meant try to kill it – it’s an act of self defense – with the handy spray bottle of alcohol always at hand.  That only made it fall off the lampshade.  Since it had been doused with alcohol, it was assumed it was fatally injured, so it was only a matter of finishing the job.  To make a long story short, it took about a half hour.  The green turned black.  If one has respect for life and the habit of trying to preserve it, it’s horrible to watch something die self-defense or not.  Trapping the second one was possible.  It being hard to manage, it was given to a neighbor to throw out. 

Clash of living things can be anywhere. 


What’s In A Name?

Names come from somewhere.  They are a tag someone applies to something to identify “that” one (or that type) in particular to be sure.  And, they’re applied to many things as well as the likes of human beings.  They’re also a sign of how someone thinks of something.  At times names are applied to make a statement (legal ones given to people included).  Once in a while someone creates a name for himself or herself and makes it official.  Quite often names are “adjusted” on an informal basis as with “William” being called “Bill,” “Will” and various other derivatives.  At times a name is informally completely set aside in favor of something else. 

Well, what’s in a name is how someone unrelated perceives it.  A mother may look at her newborn with fondness and call it something delicious like “Candy,’ but what the mother (or father) thinks isn’t important.  What is important is what the guy or gal who lives down the street (or may someday be in the position of employer) thinks when the name is heard.  Maybe the best way to go is with names that have lost their original meaning but have a good sound — George sounds so masculine, for example, but it supposedly means farmer which sound very unglamorous.  Mystery is part of a name with an elusive meaning. 

In some cases the effect of a name is very important.  As this is being typed a good many people are awaiting the arrival of a new member of the British royal household and taking bets on a name.  Now, whatever name is chosen there is going to be a part of headlines for a lifetime.  It will take up “x” amount of space wherever it is put and everything has to be worked out around it.  That one takes special consideration, however, it probably won’t be a matter of a vote.  One might look at the interest in the matter and consider it fluff without really thinking it all the way through, which would include all the ways it might be mutilated…. 

They say no one knows God’s name.   

Real Independence

The year’s half gone and what lies immediately ahead is Independence Day, called a good many things other than Independence Day, among them “Firecracker Day” and the more traditional “Fourth of July.”  (It’s Thursday, too, and the British definitely call it something else.)  Why it all succeeded is somewhat of a mystery.  It seems like that was not particularly expected and if more recent Freedom Fighters are evidence, that seems to have been with rather sound reasons of some sort.. Just winning military battles doesn’t really do it.  Neither does having a Constitution either before or after a something is decided. 

Well, “real” independence is managing to survive completely on your own, which is something very few people ever accomplish.  Some people can do a little bit of that and it’s not much even among the more able souls.  This masterpiece of literature is coming from an old folks’ home, of course, where independence is so minimal it’s not worth mentioning.  Yet, the desire to be free exists, perhaps more so than among those who have more of it.  There was an elderly woman in a wheelchair sitting out in front of the apartment building this afternoon.  She was smoking a cigarette looking at nothing in particular.  Both the sitting and smoking were acts of independence. 

Independence can consist of thousands of little things.  Walking somewhere rather than getting in a car and driving there is an act of independence.  (The value of a car rests with the fact that it give a person an extraordinarily wider range than just going on foot, as everyone knows but which isn’t always remembered.)  The bottom line here is, the government is quite inclined to support “independent living” among the people short on the means to do so, but often there’s a problem getting people paid out of government funds to provide that support to accept the fact that they may be working for a company, but they are not independent…. 

Sometimes it’s best to never mind the details.