When Is Night?

Yes, when is night?  Is it something like after 9:00 p.m., or is it after sunset, or is it that period of a twenty-four hour time frame when the sky is black except for stars, etc., that might be visible?  And, if it is the latter and only for part of the earth’s inhabitants at any given time, do people remember it’s almost a personal thing?  Night isn’t universal at a given time, yet it is a universal experience.  And, if it is the time of the black sky, can it properly be called morning if it is before first light?  It often is.  In fact, much of the night is in the “morning” hours after midnight which normally isn’t mid-night.  If it is said. “I’ll do it tonight,” will it really be done at night? 

It’s well into autumn now.  The “black sky” comes earlier each day.  And, staring at that sky isn’t necessary to sense nightfall.  Rooms even with only small window areas, get darker as the night falls.  Suddenly one realizes one can’t see too well any longer, one pauses to find a light switch.  …But, the intent was to finish something.  And, the black sky is there later in the morning as well.  If one awakens, the instinct’s to turn over, not get up.  …But, if there was an alarm in the matter, it must be morning and time to “rise and shine” as they say.  Not doing so can leave one without something essential, like a job.  There has to be adjustment at least in thinking and maybe habit. 

Should we say “night” at 2:00 a.m.?  For some people it’s the last of yesterday and it’s night.  For others it’s the start of a new day and early morning – but call it “still night” in the natural world.  Confuse it a little by saying “tonight,” that is, “this night,” not that part of the dark sky that’s a part of tomorrow.  In the summertime “this night” may only be a couple of hours, too little time to be getting into much if it’s to be tonight.  Make it more confused by making it days with different needs….  According to dictionaries, all of the dark sky time can be taken as a whole.  One must ignore clocks.  Perhaps twenty-four hour clocks can be a help, but they don’t seem to make it much easier. 

Some speculation goes nowhere. 


Life In The Old Folks’ Home Continued….

Well, perhaps it’s time for another round of everyday living.  It doesn’t hurt to talk about such every once in a while.  There are old folks’ homes and old folks’ homes.  Finding one that suits a person doesn’t mean the next person will find that one suitable.  What may be great management may have a lousy building; and, “special” buildings can be grossly mis-managed in addition to those personal  variables.  …And, so forth.  It was profoundly in mind in the last couple of days.  There was a note in the mail from a lady met in a former old folks’ home.  She be a very nice lady from about five years back, in total not really met many times. 

That former place was rather vastly different from the current one.  To all appearances the current one was built to be what it is, but it could easily be converted to something like an extended stay motel.  The former place was built to be a high school, almost a section at a time, and was converted.  Some parts were okay; some were places that might create sympathy for the resident.  Anyway, the lady moved away.  The place she had was cramped, for one thing.  About a year later, she moved back.  Maybe the new place could have been worse.  Someone said an interest in the property was sold off, so perhaps the management is better. 

One point here is, one can move from one old folks’ home to another.  It doesn’t have to be a permanent decision, and some people do quite well moving around.  Contact with someone somewhere else can be valuable.  Another point is, it’s always good to have a friendly face around, and it’s especially good if one is old and decrepit.  Life in the old folks’ home is precarious in a number of ways.  One should pay high attention to former acquaintances.  And, one point is, what should be said for a start, how long-winded can it be and similar matters.  While there’s definitely no expectation of any move back to that place, how much should be said…. 

Unexpected things can easily happen. 

Picture Time….

There’s something about this kind of art that’s intriguing: 


Dover 22

Is it something that really exists or once existed, or is it just imagination? 

If it exists or existed, where, actually, would such a place be? 

Would wizards have families?  Many questions come to mind…. 


Crime In The Old Folks’ Home

Crime can happen anywhere.  Among the elderly vulnerability is one noteworthy factor, rather like it is with children.  Very often the people are just sitting there trying to figure out how to stay alive (this materializes in different ways) with little thought if it is senior citizens housing; but, being physically weaker and often less alert also fits into it.  That the elderly can be more easily victimized than an alert, younger adult is quite clear to a lot of people who are so minded; but, it can work the other way, too.  The elderly aren’t guaranteed to be upstanding citizens.  Some days ago a resident of the elderly home underfoot became somewhat hysterical as she was accused of drug dealing.

Well, drugs there are aplenty in the senior citizens’ home, while an absence of money and clear-headedness is anything but rare.  A little slip of judgment is all that it takes, if you come right down to it, and one is engaged in what’s essentially criminal action:  two people take exactly the same medication, and if one loses the pills somewhere it would seem to be all right for the other to hand over a couple until the prescription can be filled (and for which it’s not unreasonable to ask for reimbursement).  That’s not good. Gossip had it that someone was selling, but the description didn’t fit a woman of any sort.  And, apparently the police didn’t see enough evidence for an arrest.  

Under the circumstances, the thing to do would be to pack up and get out of the place if one is innocent.  The accusation is then the figment of an imagination.  An addenda of something like saying the police never do their job can put the idea back in motion any time.  Thus one would not be the criminal but would, in fact, be a victim needing living space.  The fate of the victim is an unknown.  Whether there’s any drug dealing also is an unknown. What’s known is that police didn’t take the woman to jail.  Whether further hubbub will bubble up is unknown, but it might be a good idea to stay ignorant about it unless it’s met face to face.  There’s other crime to occupy someone.

Life never has been too safe. 


There was no desire to get up.  The right leg is swollen in a rather frightening way.  As words to the doctor resulted in a sort of dismissal of the matter (it’s being left up to the nurse), there is not much that can be done at the moment, especially since the nurse is due to come while the doctor would need an appointment.  An assessment of sorts is available in less than twenty-four hours.  The swelling does go down if enough time is spent off of the leg (like in bed).  Unfortunately, even if the “up time” is only sitting for an hour, it’s back to swollen.  The infection below the swelling is painful, enough to be a distraction to any clear and perceptive thinking…. 

There  was no desire to get up, but there, clearly visible, was a bug crawling along the window pane.  Stink bugs (and possibly others) have been invading the apartment for weeks.  The place is five floors up (bugs fly high).  The windows are closed.  No holes are visible.  Maintenance sprayed insecticide all around the windows four days ago, at request after looking for an opening.  The bugs are not tiny.  Notions of sick stink bugs falling from the ceiling into the hair are, at best, distasteful.  There was little alternative but to get up and try to catch it … while sitting down.  A lot of thought and gambling got the bug in a plastic bag and into the trash (an act of self-defense). 

Now, the point of this is, it’s an old folks’ home, a fairly good one.  And, the apartment underfoot is not the only one in the predicament.  The building is full of decrepit souls precariously standing their ground against representatives of the insect world among other things.  It would not be so bad if there weren’t people in the big world who, often in sheer innocence, are graced with no comprehension of such things.  It’s especially bad if such people get a jobs dealing with the old folks (or the disabled).  Efficiency is not exactly in the picture.  Alternate means is.  There were five able-bodied men in the room one time.  None wanted to tackle a bug on the ceiling…. 

Sometimes it takes an old woman to do things.