New Year’s Eve It Is….

As a new calendar year comes, should we say “another year has slipped away” or the like or should we say something like “a new year lies ahead”?  Well, first of all, what it is and what some think it is might be two different things.  It’s not the “natural” year – the year according to the spin of the earth and so forth.  It is only a somewhat complicated commonly used calendar year.  The “natural” year started about ten days ago.  On the other hand, there are other actual calendars and someone’s or something’s life years need to be figured from some other starting point.  Regardless, the official new year is here.  Certain things should certainly be said.  So:  


Dover Holiday 20


And, may all those who have stopped here, be it briefly to take a look around once or be it many times, have a Happy New Year — which is peace filled and prosperous as well!  Life is too short for it to be any other way….   

It doesn’t take much to do a lot of things. 


A Classic St. Nick Can Look Different

Dover Holiday 19 - Copy

May All Who Stop By Here

Have A Priceless Christmas!   

Peace can be found. 


Hurry Up, Say What You Want

It takes a certain amount of time to do something (as we all know if we think about it), but that varies with the individual (as some people simply do not comprehend) along with what equipment, circumstances, etc., might be around to do the something.  On the whole, there are other factors that might come into play (like a purpose), but what is under consideration at the moment is variables in people.  There’s no way around the fact that some people can do that “something” faster than others.  The cause can be something hard to pin down, like energy level, as well as experience (how often it has been done in the past), interest, academic knowledge and so forth. 

There is often a range of normal that some people can’t manage – that is, someone can actually do the whatever, but it takes them longer than most people and too long for it to be of real commercial value.  Like a hobby, it might bring in some cash, but it isn’t much beyond any costs.  Of separate consideration on that, there is the likes of older people once able to do something – they know how – but who aren’t in a good enough shape any longer to do it.  That’s also not where this is going.  It’s about the ones who “qualify” – they can do it within the normal time frame (like an hour), some getting right to the deadline, some not so close.   

What will happen is that he or she is going to be expected to do it faster, which is all right as long as it’s feasible.  To make things go faster, all sorts of things have been invented.  A lot of them are wonderful.  The thing is, just because a thing is invented and someone looks like he or she can use it minimally doesn’t mean the rest of the world is adept at making up for things lacking even if they understand how the thing works.  May there some day be deliverance from people answering office telephone calls in offices where the caller is expected to compensate for office rush.  That is a place where the world needs improvement. 

Maybe something new will be invented soon. 


Time?  Has it been discussed before?  Yes, it’s been discussed before over and over by some person or another for some reason or another.  It seems it’s on the minds of a lot of people a lot of times.  It’s in the names of activities (lunch time, party time, and a wide assortment of other kinds of “times” including what is current, Christmas time) and in the names of things (the clock on the desk, a well-known magazine that can be quoted as a reference of authority and even occupations such as timekeeper).  It’s the subject of sayings, both the adages kind and just talk.  It’s used as an excuse (I won’t have time) and a promise (if I have time). 

So, what is time?  Dictionaries give definitions such as “continuum,” which is not a lot of explanation.  It might be viewed as a lineal expansion of existence.  Set aside ideas of the divisions of time and any final limits from a given point (like here and now), and what you have is a lineal expansion of existence.  The expansion isn’t in all directions possible.  In a sense it isn’t even backwards if continuum is included in the idea.  The idea of “continue” suggests a forward movement, although things can be in a reverse order.  Once the divisions (hours, minutes, etc.) and with it the underlying progression included are all set aside, time becomes something somewhat different. 

So, let’s say it’s a lineal expansion of existence.  Now, when people say things like, “I don’t have time,” it’s not exactly accurate.  The time exists.  What is not there is priority level.  Something with a higher priority might be things like essentials of life or nothing but a different interest.  Just incidentally both of those are valid for not “having time” for something else.  Yeah.  Well today some office mismanagement from many months ago descended on the apartment underfoot.  With housing in jeopardy, there was not time to do a timely commentary for this little corner of the universe.   Three hours late is not too bad, but it is annoying. 

Plans can be useless if other people are involved. 

No Traditional Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over for those that bothered with it, and the great sale day be over for those that didn’t bother with Thanksgiving, as everyone knows the thoughts of many will turn to the next big production, Christmas.  In fact, as mentioned, Christmas is supposedly the reason for the great sale day and before and after extensions.  One has to wonder how some of said people would handle things if Christmas was not to be mentioned at all.  There have been times and places where it has been downright dangerous to be mentioning Christmas or any aspect of religion for that matter.  Then there could be a Winterfest of course, just not Christmas traditions. 

Christmas tradition includes gifts, be they from St. Nicholas/Santa or the Magi.  There would be no gifts.  Christmas includes special melodies, like bouncy songs or grand hymns.  The melodies might develop, but most of the words would be no-no.  Most of all, there might be a shortage of advertising.  There might be a sharing with people in need, which to an extent brings things back to an element of Thanksgiving (sharing a big dinner).  That’s the thing that was sort of skipped over in the mad rush for stuff on special sale supposedly suitable for Christmas gifts.  So, more or less personally or individually if not otherwise there would still be thanksgiving…. 

In the apartment building underfoot, building decorations like in the hallways were up before the staff left for the Thanksgiving weekend, so they were in place for December first.  And, even small apartments have room for some few decorations, but the space underfoot will have little.  The heritage was not originally much Christmas at home.  In later years, yes, but not in childhood.  Then it was at a grandmother’s house, in stores and churches and in the likes of hymns.  In the home it was mostly in the heart or not at all.  A little wreath hung in the window for people passing by, but there wasn’t much else around.  Christmas should be in the heart. 

Childhood stays with people.