In The Hospital….

But there’s no intention of giving up the ship here yet.  Things are just momentarily changed and less wordy.  The upcoming holiday is Feast of All Saints.  It’s All Hollows Eve that does make a big splash (reason unknown), especially with Beggars’ Night and the time change. There was a time when autumn leaves came to mind.  A few if those drifted by the window, but that’s so out of line with warnings about black cats.

Dover 23 

Let’s pretend this guy’s checking ancient text to find out truths in the matter. 

Everyone have a happy, safe Hallowe’en.     



Ebola:  Could it be a latent virus?  That is,  is it really something that is "new" or is it something which never before had a chance for development?  (Example of that idea:  persons who might develop heart trouble never get the condition as they die in accidents many years before any heart condition might show.) If it was "there" but something in play prevented a case of activation, that is one thing.  If it was "there" and adjudged to be something else (mis-diagnosed), that’s another thing.  Other possibilities include that it’s new creation. 

Recent reports indicate there are two strains now.  If there be two, why not three?  Is the second just variable of the first, or is it a mutated version?  At least, those who were in charge admitted mishandling affairs, and that might save on sarcasm.  Really, now, it is in undeveloped West Africa, couldn’t possibly be flying out to Dallas just like that, and from there to Akron in a couple of days.  Oh, well that nurse should not have gone to Akron.  Is that preliminary to some kind of prosecution?  It certainly sounds rather like it is. 

There is more in the situation than spreading deadly disease, and if there is more detailed explanation of the thing itself, it is not at this desk.  It is good that at least parts of the world can ask such questions (or at least some questions).  Sometimes those can land in important places, and that might lead to real answers for the rest of us.  There is a small (and quite new) local newspaper that did just that a few days ago.  (Relatively, Akron is a nearby place, a few hundred miles away.)  The article said little, but it was reassuring.

No sources should be assumed.School


Picture Time! (Columbus Day Recalled)

Dover 245

The past week having had the often over-looked legal holiday called Columbus Day, it seemed a good idea to have a little report on it – say, at least to the point of claiming it may still exist for many.  A picture (or two) of a noble sailing ship as well should help with any such report to serve as a reminder for the "inland" folks as to what those looked like.  And, yes, the bottom one was published here before.  The ones shown may not have any resemblance to any of the three Christopher Columbus commanded in 1492, but they’re copyright free.  The top one is perhaps a bit more interesting.

Dover 246 

It’s good to remember things. Island with a palm tree 

Leave A Legacy

A legacy that every person can leave is sort of a gift (or gifts) to a life.  It may be nothing more than a couple of words of helpful information, like driving direction given to a passing car.  If it is what has been done for someone else and has no ultimately negative effect but does have a positive one, it’s a legacy.  That is especially true when there’s no legal requirement or moral expectation involved in the action.  Even a couple of words can have massive or far reaching effect, not just momentarily but for years to come.  Effects are often still there many years later.  

Negative actions destroy or stop something good.  Positive actions help something along, which does sometimes include something materially destructive, but not basically.  What is "helped along" keeps on going, maybe even increasing in value.  The real distinction to be considered is a lack of a legal requirement or moral expectation. An employee that does a job leaves a legacy of sorts in the work, but it is in return for the payment given, a matter of a just return rather than a sort of gift to life.  Likewise moral angles can water down notions of a legacy.   

The “unrecorded” legacy under discussion here is something anyone can leave.  It’s usually a small thing.  Pausing in personal activities to give driving direction to strangers is an excellent example.  Many people really have no other legacy to leave, but at times recipients have a very clear recollection of what actually led to or made possible some result long after it actually happened.  Whatever it might be, it is beyond fulfilling all such things as obligations or expectations.  Those are things of record, things known or defined.  It is the unknown that can give hope.    

What is done in secret often changes the world.  Coffee cup