No Thanksgiving….

It’s sad to think that some people really have very little for which to be thankful, and it’s not necessarily through their own fault.  It’s not that hard to relate to that early American farmer with a bumper crop at hand, but farmers are a minority and the rest of us have to find other reasons to have a sense of gratitude.  A notion to see the positive side of things does help, but that is not really the basis of this “Thanksgiving” holiday that is incorporated in most calendars.  Getting (or having) more than what was expected and being appreciative of it with whatever power caused it is more the idea of the holiday.


The old folks’ home underfoot does carry out a few celebrations like Thanksgiving dinner (not all such places do).  This year (it was set up for the Friday before Thanksgiving) a break in water lines flooded the community dining space area.  Dinners became a “carry it back to your apartment” thing served in the lobby.  While a Thanksgiving dinner is properly a community or family event, it doesn’t have to be in a group setting, together, if circumstances warrant it to be otherwise.  It is an individual activity as well. Apparently a few residents were happy with it anyway as thank you notes showed up on the bulletin board. 

Some folks only appear to be more fortunate.Plate


November Once Upon A Time….

There was one very special day in November in the household once upon a time.  November, of course, is a “short” month in which there has long been a need to accommodate a few days of one of the nation’s biggest holidays and much more.  For some it’s the time to recall those who no longer are among the living.  There is also the day set aside to remember those who, some with the supreme sacrifice, insured this life for the rest of us.  Given those doings, there isn’t much to November that is everyday but there was need to put in one more event. 



November 13 was birthday date for the head of the household.  Now a 13th date can easily be “Friday the 13” which is not good for a happy celebrating in addition to the many things to over-shadow a humble birthday.  To the extent possible there was a special dinner (not what might be called a feast as it was just at the kitchen table) if nothing else.  It was not a happy time all of the time, but attempts were made.  And, those days are now long gone, but (now sadly) they are remembered.  Officially, the age would now be 110 years old maybe 111.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Birthday cake~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


There easily could have been a million people born on November 13, 1904, maybe more. Of all those people, somewhere in the world it’s not impossible that one or two may still be alive and perhaps one or the other at some odd time was even met in passing with the special date unknown.  Regardless, all in that time is now likely in unchanging past, written in history however it is, story complete but for a trace like here now, for the moment an aspect of it among the viable living.  With traces however things can change tomorrow.  

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Right hug~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Older people have an awareness of a past.Coffee cup 


Veterans’ Day 2014

Iwo Jima 2


Grandpa called it Armistice Day when speaking with those who are grandpas today, maybe with genuine futility in mind, as by 1940 that big deal was obsolete, even though pivotal if one looks at history.  Indeed, there isn’t even a lot of his 1940’s left among the living.  So, this be an image from his time (at least once more) before it’s completely over-shadowed by wars since.

There are still wisps of Armistice Day around among the living, but surely now so faint not noticeable anywhere.  Super-imposing veterans and commemoration of all veterans was a great idea.  A war to end all wars may be a sincere dream and reason says it makes sense, but man has yet to figure out how to achieve it.  The logical conclusion is that it is not a war to end all wars that will actually end them.  It will be something else, and diplomacy also is not what will do it. 

Many sacrificed all they had, so we live.Coffee cup

Injured Or Sick – What Should Be Saved?

Dover 244

“They” say even in the animal kingdom some are preserved. That is not necessarily the best of the lot or conversely, the discards of the lot as fate determines.  There are other factors a lot times, such as this or that one managed to escape – it was skinnier than the others, so a chance hole in the wall was manageable but not for all.  Sometimes it’s the best that is used while at other times the best is saved.

While sitting somewhere like in a hospital bed in all honesty such thoughts aren’t surprising if one is objective.  Why didn’t that one live rather than this other one?  One can ethically choose one over another to help on very simple criteria like first come first served.  And it is fair.  But, it’s still that one rather than this one without any substantial grounds. Many folks have likely said, why am I still alive?

How long the hospital bed sitting will last is not known, but personal future is pointed away from what was toward another road, maybe close to the old but different from the old at least from the looks of it.  What “preservation” has taken place is limited.  And. this is almost a confused rambling because there is sitting and thinking. Why it happened is not known.  It is also not likely to be known.

Some are preserved. Thumbs upCoffee cup