Awards, BOGOs, Prizes – Part 1

Special 13

The young woman who was present to help with housekeeping and the like chores was younger than usual; and, perhaps, that was the problem.  She was given a short grocery list and enough money to cover the cost along with explanation that some of the items were on sale.  Now common practice when it comes to grocery store sales promotion is to make items half priced in some way or another.  “BOGO” meaning “buy one get one free” is just one way. If one knows that idea but not the abbreviation, it’s a sign of old age.  A state of modernization is in that abbreviation; it’s been going on so long something had to be done to make it seem  ordinary but slightly different and not old hat.

Anyway, she got a list and a statement carefully pointing out that a couple of the items were on sale.  The idea in that was that if the store was out of them, no need to be getting a substitution as they were not essential.  Those items were being purchased because the price had been cut and they were usable, just not essential.  What that aide bought, however, cost the full price for everything.  The tallying up was done after she left for the week.  Either she didn’t have a customer card or she did not see fit to use it.  What actually happened was never explained. What likely happened was that her understanding didn’t go much beyond a basic “pay it” notion of trade. 

Coming up with notions of individual ownership isn’t hard although the full impact of that is not always clear.  By the same token fair trade isn’t always understood.  There are several factors involved, like how much effort did it take to achieve the ownership.  Medium of exchange (money for instance) may not be realized as such, but most folks do grasp the notion of hand over money for an item chosen which money has been handed over from elsewhere for cause of some sort like service rendered.  “BOGO” reasoning may confuse people – it is legitimate, just more complex.  So is the reasoning behind things like awards and prizes, so the whole kit and caboodle merits a long discussion. 

Everyday things can lead to deep thought.Money



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  1. Don’t no if got right person but it was gallahers my mom worked at 4th and main downtown she quit to have my brother

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