More Old Folks’ Home

The personal “location” is still “the sick list,” but it’s worth a try to get back into harness.  A simple topic will do it, and one such curious but logical topic has surfaced in recent times.  It’s a previously not noticed old folks’ home experience that in all likelihood may be common, just not for everyone.  It boils down to something like special confused behavior.  Apartments have numbers, but folks can sometimes do better with something like “second place from the corner” rather than an actual house number.  Now, if a neighbor is an “activist” kind of person that has a number of visitors unfamiliar with their location, it can lead to some annoyance to the people nearby as such is not exact. 

Recently the lady next door, who is a kindly, helpful soul to begin with, took on seriously working with the building residents’ association.  Since then there have been knocks on the door by people looking for her.  Even in an obscure corner there can be a lost soul at the door.  At hand it’s more than that.  One woman looking for her has been at the door three times already in about a month.  She is not new to the building.  She makes it a point to speak if outside or some place like waiting for the elevator.  But, somehow it has not registered with her that the person she’s after is next door.  Even some apparently more alert individuals have been at the door in haste being confused. 

After a recent misplaced knock, it was finally decided the problem might be alleviated with a sign on the door saying that the lady did not live in the apartment underfoot.  It said she lived “there” with an arrow pointing farther down the hallway.  Did it work?  No.  At least not one time.  A bigger sign might be an answer, but the one up was visible to anyone comprehending what he or she saw.  The unit that is underfoot is the first one around the corner and not in a high traffic area as the elevators are on the other side of the entrance.  The kindly lady is more than “around the corner,” which is what has been said.  She’s also down the hall a bit.  It’s a problem that’s a bit different.

At times it seems there’s no solution.Coffee cup  


Sick Leave

Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later. 

Special 18

If things improve soon enough, maybe a message or the like can be put together for later or like tomorrow. (That saga of the aide continued to make things worse.) 

This is the way the world is outside now, but the picture was taken far from the land underfoot.  Some things can be alike in many places and at many times, regardless of ways that things are done, languages, history or beliefs.  It’s thousands of miles to the east deep in the heart of Europe that tire tracks in a snowfall are no different from those outside the door.     

Special 19

Best wishes to everyone.Wilted rose


Awards, BOGOs, Prizes – Conclusion

Special 10

There can be plenty more said about advertising and how it motivates people.  Many years ago there was a book written by Vance Packard called The Hidden Persuaders that covered the matter very seriously.  Copies can still be found.  If someone wants to study the matter, it’s a start.  However, an important thing to remember (if nothing else) is that a lot of things that are advertising (which clearly includes more than a discount price on carrots) really don’t appear to be advertising.  Vance Packard was notably concerned by the likes of political advertising.  Today the business is refined, enormously broadened, more daring and detailed to the nth degree.

Four weeks after this discussion started, the young aide’s still not relating although she is apparently trying.  The discount card that did not exist, judging by the receipts, does now exist but still isn’t registered with the company formally.  It doesn’t have to be and one avoids the mailed advertising if it is not registered, but that doesn’t make sense since the advertising is just paper.  The aide knows she’s not doing things right, which can cost her, and that only makes the situation worse.  And, that is about enough on the current “senior citizen problem” underfoot.  Should it ever get solved (or get much worse), the topic might be resurrected.  More insight might even happen.  

There may be something useful in the notes about winning a contest.  There’s more to it than just enter and win.  The “Miss Whatever-State” is not necessarily representative of the place but only what may be a winner in the eye of some people.  And, it’s not a full-fledge competition.  Not all who could qualify entered.  Generally given a good sponsor competitions (and, therefore, wins) are respectable.  Does an individual want to win the whatever is a question, plus there are others including the subsequent responsibilities given a win.  It helps to remember it is a business thing, and it can get dirty.  In a free society, odds are good if it is dirty, someone will blow the whistle. 

And, may the best man win.Martini glass

Awards, BOGOs, Prizes – Part 4

Special 15

Businesses and many other organizations such as schools or even non-profits create contests and raffles that are just as much advertising as sale items offered “BOGO” on sheets of paper.  While they aren’t all necessarily commercial, a little thought on the matter will come up with a view that many one would not expect to be commercial do have that in the deal somewhere.  A University, for example, might be a sponsor for an award for best design of something beyond a student body’s offerings to interest potential students as well as to solidify an already established reputation. The return can be the likes of donations, jobs and grants.   

The clever comment that goes with contests is, you have to enter to win.  There is, however, a question that’s rarely mentioned:  is it something you want to win?  That is easy enough to see if the prize is the likes of two days aboard a cruise ship and you don’t like being on water.  It takes some thought if the contest is the likes of cake baking or a beauty pageant.  The first consideration is, “What’s the competition?” and along with that if not separately a main concern would be given a win, “What’s the responsibility?” as there is a lot in some cases.  Also, there may be other factors.  Raffles are a bid for donations, but for what?

To delve into the cake baking example a bit, as more folks would consider trying that than a beauty contest (not that it should be completely skipped).  One “ancient” place for cakes is the likes of county or state fairs.  Even if such isn’t of a well populated area, a competition would likely be good and a win something to respect.  The same couldn’t really be said of a contest put on by a limited group like a local chapter of a sorority or neighborhood saloon.  The cake might be great in all three cases.  The win would not mean much at all with a sorority or saloon, however, a win might lead to expectations of being the cook.  More later.

One should be careful about getting into things.Birthday cake