The Promise Of Spring

Because it visibly gives hope for greater life as clearly seen by nature all around, perhaps spring’s the best time of the year.  A simple plant that begins life when spring has come and dies come autumn gives a clear understanding of this living existence.  So, spring promises life, even though it is clear it only lasts so long.  It’s a time of hope, an important element of living.  Summer can suggest a plentiful harvest and one can feel wealthy.  Autumn can offer sad beauty, and one can experience emotion.  Winter is a time of rest, clearly mandated.  All have a use in a way that’s important, but hope seems the most essential.

The big problem with spring is humans have littered it up with other stuff to the point where it has lost power.  A good example is the Christian season of Lent.  While that may be a promise of greater life (somewhat contrary to an undisputable visibility), it’s not really demonstrated as the workings of nature are.  (Lent is not the only matter littering up springtime, it’s just a big one that lots of people experience.  Daylight Saving Time is a substantial annoyance to established order.)  Amid all the litter, it is essential to find spring to really come to see what it is that the world around is demonstrating. 

To an extent special times (and special days) come to all on an individual basis.  And, that “hopefulness” cited is apparent otherwise, too.  Any morning sunrise following a winter solstice can carry a whisper of that same hope the spring brings even though it is in the winter.  The point is more a matter of the most encouraging time of the year is spring-time in spite of anything like thunderstorms or floods, but “civilized society” (and maybe even some that are not so civilized) has messed around with so much that some of what has been “given” has been forever lost.  One can be grateful that it can’t all be over-run. 

It is from the world around that we learn.Red rose  


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  1. Appreciate your musings. Best whish for your spiritual journey. ND of nomagicwandchristianity blog.

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