Another Day Older….

Today’s gossip said a 95-year-old neighbor was not coming back to the old folks’ home underfoot.  The place, by its very nature, is in stark contrast to, in fact an opposite of, anything like schools or “ordinary” family homes that have the youthful blossoming of growing youngsters.  Each day in those places should be positive in nature.  In the old folks’ home, it’s negative regardless of “activities” promoted to cast a cheerful note into life.  At first the people walk with less firmness, then with a cane, then it takes a walker to get somewhere.  In time it sometimes is a wheelchair next.  Finally there’s no getting around. 

The 95-year-old neighbor hit that last level.  If one has been around long enough, one sees that deterioration take place differently with different people.  That wheelchair might never happen (the neighbor was doing well when over 90) but it can still be in mind.  A man with a cane (just an hour or so after the gossip) who happened to be in the vicinity in a real state of negativity said he would have to be getting a wheelchair.  He didn’t have anything like a walker.  He only had a cane, but that wheelchair was in mind already.  And, using such a thing does not equate to how the able-bodied act or what they do.

The slow down in living is often a gradual sometimes even imperceptible thing.  It’s a fraction of a minute less in an action or a fraction of an inch less in a step.  Those might happen under ordinary circumstances, but they don’t continue to be less under ordinary circumstances.  For an aging older person, they do; and, one day it’s realized a change is in play, so an adjustment is made.  Then, quite often it is realized the adjustment was not enough.  When the adjusting is forgotten accidents happen.  The elderly neighbor fell, began recovering from the fall and planned to return.  She fell a second time, so no return. 

A “moving on” can be a sad thing.Clock   


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