Today Was Memorial Day Officially

Since it was a legal holiday today, many (not all) of the things of every day life were “adjusted.”  That’s okay if there is a sound reason for it.  There’s “unsound” reason here in that Memorial Day was essentially cheapened by or in the fact it was changed from (to include the fancy Dan wording) a fixed feast to a moveable feast.  While it may well be that the nation’s biggest, most important holiday (Thanksgiving) is the latter and it works out well, still there is something to be said for holidays occupying some given date, like December 25.

One reason for Memorial Day being in late spring rests in the fact that flowers are in bloom.  If the main point of the day is to at least annually memorialize ones who have died, graveside flowers are ideal, and if those happen to come from the backyard that’s best for those who not only have such but who have limited funds.  After all, one can go to the cemetery any time it’s open and can tidy up the gravesite whenever the weather permits.  However it isn’t possible to leave such symbols of caring except when they are at hand. 

Certainly not everyone is blessed with a backyard full of peonies, and those that aren’t may think the point’s just incidental, but if the peonies bloom on or about May 30th rather than some other time, that is the time to be going to the cemetery to decorate.  While there are other means with which to memorialize, such as the tiny flags used to grace many a veteran’s grave, a big vase of showy flowers shows from a distance that someone remembered, which does save a lot of concern if there is any doubt.  The peonies only last a couple of days. 

Unusual things can make the world a better place.Red rose   


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