Personal Stuff To Interrupt Publications

This past Saturday morning it took more than two hours as well as four (menthol) cigarettes and some coffee to come to a point where breathing was close to normal.  While it is not that rare for it to take a while, that morning was different.  It’s the first time the inhalator contraption was deemed essential.  That is a little gizmo that gets a capsule with some kind of stuff in it that is breathed in to relax the air passages and it does work, but of course it only lasts a while.  The patient has been told “once a day” although in the hospital it was two or three times a day, so probably more than once would be okay. 

The point there is that it was “deemed essential.”  Until then it was considered prescribed and “helpful” but not a necessity as it wasn’t used daily although that’s what it says on the directions.  New concerns (like those bedbugs mentioned a couple of weeks ago) have surfaced.  Such can be very upsetting and make things worse.  In addition, in the past week the office equipment at hand has shown some signs that it is likely to fall apart in the near future.  Repair’s reportedly not cheap; replacement isn’t, either. And, there have been changes in services that haven’t had all of the kinks ironed out. 

The long and short of all this is that there may problems with getting a weekly message posted, especially if there is more deterioration in the medical area.  Therefore, it seemed reasonable to post the fact that there may be some simply “off sick” comments.  One possibility also is just posting on one of the blogs at times.  There are actually five weblogs, but only two, this and Old Peasant’s (see a link in the right column), are kept active.  There may be a time when they will be alternated, i.e., one week it is one and the next week it is the other that is done.  They are different, but they have been “united” in the past. 

They say nothing in life is static.Storm cloud



A Small Village In A Strange Land – Part 7

Back in the past offerings here, there were some postings about “grandmother’s house.”  That particular house was a place in southwestern Indiana (and plenty was left unsaid there as of yet, but that’s another matter).  It seems it was in that house (on the other side of the family) where there was once a mention of a “something” in this village of the grandparents.  The thought that stayed in mind was something like a fort, but the language spoken wasn’t too well known.  It seems it was briefly verified the village of the “other side” grandparents was indeed a certain one that had a reputation for something. 

The Indiana grandmother came from what was something like the next state over.  She was there in the horse age, and people did surely get around some and knew about things a little distance away but it could not be a familiarity as one might know in present times.  Given the idea to study the matter, there was a notion to look for something that was somehow notable (crumbling castle was not what was in mind) partly because of the fleeting incident.  Back then there was little idea to look into it for several reasons that made sense, such as Communist occupation (forget it, as it’s all different anyway). 

Well, it became fashionable to look at that other world a few years ago.  And after a hundred years it would almost have to be radically different among the lesser humans of this life.  In this case it seems it’s all different.  To make things more complicated, facts about the Indiana set were better known.  Therefore, it only made sense to hunt for some information in the lesser known.  In that lesser known was first of all an unexpected country with unknown language rather than the one inherited.  It is definitely a small village in a strange land.  And “important” won’t ever describe what’s essentially a ruin. 

Hunting can lead to the unexpected.Work   

Old Folks’ Home Again, Bed Bugs Again

Yes, back to the old folks’ home apartment house briefly, as it seems some things can’t be avoided these days.  Bed bugs haven’t been “news” for some time now, but that does not mean they have vanished from ordinary existence.  The place underfoot (building, not apartment) seems to have a new infestation – the (perhaps) third one in the last ten or so years.  Word has floated around about it for months now, at least three or so, which means they weren’t dealt with adequately when first discovered and may have done a little re-locating or else more have been acquired. 

The amazing thing about the matter is that people who are employed in occupations that would run into problems with the creatures still do not know much about them, where to find reliable information or other pertinent matters.  If someone goes to an authority, like the health department, they gear up to take some action because they must.  It’s not necessarily appropriate action.  Professional service is expensive, and it’s understandable that a company (and local government) doesn’t want to spend money on anything much of that nature, least of all a lot of money. 

Well, the problem exists.  Residents have options.  One’s a hope of escaping the problem by moving, and a new place might easily have the creatures as well.  A second option is to carry on some constant checking (which is a serious annoyance) and try to take personal action if it seems to be needed (assume the expense somehow).  The third option is to expect the management to find a way to address what turns up since it’s a management job to keep the place in a livable condition.  Since part of the intent here is to discuss every day living, there may be changes. 

It’s hard to get rid of some things.Fingers crossed


A Small Village In A Strange Land – Part 6 “The Castle”

historical postcard

the castle

It’s sad.  The place was surely lovely once, maybe even a couple of times over if it had indeed been converted to a monastery or some such thing from an original fortress or just a wealthy family home.  What could possibly be a use for it?  The country reportedly has more “castles” or any equivalent than any other country and others likely exist in much better shape.  It’s certainly old enough to be an element of some kind of history.  And what could a little place of a couple of hundred families do about it?  While it’s always a thought to ask questions, with no knowledge of the language the only way to find out anything is with something like a translator and there is none around. 

Mysteries sometimes include greater mysteries.Coffee cup