A Small Village In A Strange Land – Part 11 … Plus Hallowe’en….

The people of “the small village” have had a long history of Christianity, including some interesting facets.  And, the picture collection includes a couple of nice pictures of their churches.  However, a choice had to be made here about what to discuss this week.  There are too may items and events to pick just one item.  Before another week is ended, Daylight Saving Time will be over for another year and likewise Hallowe’en.  There have been some old folks’ home things as well that might be of interest to some who visit these pages.  Elections are due soon after that. 

So, let us not forget the village and a special Christian heritage to be covered later, skip the elections at least for now, leave Daylight Saving Time sit maybe forever and post a nod to Hallowe’en.  (The folks in the village know about pumpkins, autumn, etc.)  And, the first thing to be said about Hallowe’en (or, if one prefers, Halloween), is that it is just a darn shame “All Hallows Eve” is not the ordinary name for it.  All Hallows Eve has an upbeat ring to it that makes the time something beside mischief mixed in ugly fantasy.  That’s insult to loved ones now gone. 

With a half-way realistic picture: 

   Dover 348a

Happy All Hallows Eve everyone! 


Autumn Leaves?

They say the days go fast when you’re older.  One possible reason for that is because one moves slower, therefore, it takes longer to do something leading to less than expected being done.  One may also think slower as, amid the things that need to be remembered, past habits collected over the years get in the way of more modern versions of activities especially when one is tiring.  Even the young (and alert) can get confused when some change is put into play.  Those young (and alert) souls may have some scraps of the excess memory baggage one might have, but not like the elderly. 

This came to the fore hereabouts just a few days ago.  The reason people write checks, be it paycheck or personal, is to keep from carrying cash around. The way to get the cash is to get the check to the bank on which it is drawn.  The apartment management does not much care for checks or cash so they get money orders.  They are usually bought where a checking account exists by a friend about 60 who hasn’t an account there.  He’s given a debit card for another place, but that is low on funds, so he got a check, good for cash where the money order are.  He started to go to his bank. 

It’s October in the northlands.  Autumn leaves, promise of frost and waning daylight are sad reminders that life will end as well as begin given the conditions.  It’s something that also reminds there’s such a thing as old age and it’s especially easy to forget even if you work with something, meaning on a regular basis.  The friend runs a business so knows about checks.  The ATM use became habit, so new ways (on top of a day at the office and 60 years) weren’t clear immediately even though they were basic and ancient.  And, that kind of obvious slip up isn’t rare amid oldsters. 

The way things look may not be as they are.Money   

Columbus Day

Where would we all be without Columbus?  An answer by the Native Americans in some places might be “right here” and they might even add “and maybe better off.”  For others a reply might be an equally easy “over there,” perhaps with an additional assessment that could be good or bad.  Many might have an easy breakdown like, “I’m half Irish and on the other side a mixture of Jewish and German, so half of me would be in Ireland but the rest is unknown.”  Lastly, there are those with such a mixture there is nothing that can be clearly identified.  Maybe they wouldn’t exist. 

Well, Columbus did happen along, so everyone is as is and wherever that might be.  Although not outright certain, a good chance exists that this desk would be sitting in the small village in the strange land (as already suggested), but equally likely not another thing would be the same or even near the same.  The land is pretty and all that, and there are surely parts of the U.S. that are comparable in different ways. The missing factor is the industrial base that has been around for over a century.  Traditions such as foods were carried over, but they’re too much trouble. 

The day is noted on standard calendars and some companies (as well as the like of elementary schools) carry on some kind of commemoration, especially in Italian settings.  A number of unexpected places, notably some U.S. States, do not, however, recognize Columbus Day, the world not being what it is apparently beside the point.  It does not seem like it would be better without Columbus’ arrival.  There are, of course, the claims of the prior arrival of Viking ships and so forth, but the fact remains that development as it is came with the Europeans after Columbus. 

It’s not rare for folks to have their own interests.Airplane

Old Folks’ Home Adventures

There is much going on in the old folks’ home apartment at the present time.  Most important, the front wheel tire of of the scooter developed a crack, and apparently one can’t just replace the tire.  The whole wheel has to be replaced and that has to be ordered from some distant land.  It can take a few days to get one.  There is no movement from one spot to another without the scooter.  The  solution to the problem of doing important things (like paying the rent or going to the bathroom) was to rent a scooter until the one with the bad tire could be fixed. 

While that alone is enough to contend with (different ways of operation), strange waters have been leaking into areas from somewhere above and elsewhere.  Maintenance did a few things and announced the bathroom sink needed removal.  As he had some emergencies, this still hasn’t been done.  The announcement came a week ago, and that part was not all of it.  Now, amid this there are ordinary problems like light bulb burn out.  And, several need someone in a standing up position, not a sitting on an unfamiliar scooter position, to replace them.  (One’s amid the plants.) 

The thing to do, given a need to put a new light bulb into a lamp that cannot be easily handled, is to sort of wander the halls looking for a more able-bodied individual who is free for five minutes and willing to do a favor (which can be repaid somehow).  The other day a woman in the lobby, a youngish caretaker for her mother who had been just “Oh so helpful” in word some weeks ago, was asked.  First she had to know where it was (in the apartment), then she had this arm problem (table lamp), then someone walked by who would do it without reluctance.  Neighbors aren’t much help. 

Small things can be adventuresome.Light bulb