view street to the castle in winter 

(From the Ozdany collection, but typical locally.)

Tomorrow, for many practical purposes, means “end of year” as calendars say “December.”  Retail businesses hope for a windfall of money.  Some may actually get it.  For some it is a supposed magical time of the year when a lot of grand or wonderful things are supposed to happen.  It may be all magical, wonderful times for some, but for many it is just miserable for any of a variety of reasons.  Snow comes and has one good aspect in that at least briefly it hides some ugly things, and it is something different for playing and even creating.  (In the southlands this doesn’t apply.)

“They” say that ancient Chinese custom says, pay all debts before new year begins, which is a lovely notion for a way to start a new year.  However, for many people December is the time to start accumulating more debts.  If for no more reason, one may squirrel away some things to insure warmth for the duration.  Keeping warm is rather instinctive (or, is at least frequently in mind).  Keeping warm can also be time consuming so less gets done.  In December’s departing daylight for three weeks, any snow has another value.  The dark places outside are more visible covered with white. 

At least it’s pretty.Clock        


An American Holiday

Dover 76a

Without looking up the history nor going over it (as it’s certain there are many places to read about it) here be a few words about an American holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s a feast, and feasts are not rare.  One unique aspect, apart from the fact that it is a sort of harvest celebration by loads of people who don’t do any harvesting, rests in the very name.  It’s a very big national holiday (often extra “unofficial” days included) established for a nation that is committed to the separation of church and state.  Yet, the “giving thanks” seems to be to power beyond human. 

One can certainly give thanks to others in a group event, although it seems like something would be lost in it, and one can surely develop an attitude of gratitude for a day in a year’s time for something one has.  As said, there’s often more to it.  It’s as if there’s clear understanding that the food (harvest) came about through the mysterious power beyond a human’s ability, even if it’s reducible to scientific principles.  One can be grateful for anything. 

A little cornDover 76bplus pumpkin. 

A Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.Plate   

Christian Heritage – 2 (Small Village – 13)

Roman Catholic Church of the 18th century

The notes say 18th century.  (There’s another in back.)

So, (continuing with thoughts from last week) a grappling  with a way to convey a way of life to the people resulted in a form of communication, and both of those have lasted through an assortment of history to today.  It is a small village in a small country, so narrow in some places that one might drive from one side to the other in a couple of hours it has been said.  (Even the biggest town according to the population statistics for the country is less than half of a million people.)  But, a place of worship there is like many in ordinary places in the United States.   

Another (previously shown) view: 

village Square

Some things withstand a lot.Note   


Christian Heritage – 1 (Small Village – 12)

Much of humanity has a Christian heritage, in some places of course more so than in others.  Anyone regularly given Roman Catholic Sunday reading regularly heard/hears names two of which are St. Cyril and St. Methodius.  Methodius, especially, is a rather memorable name, but why those two and others were/are in at all might never be defined.  It seems it’s just a case of they were to be recalled all of the time.  While digging around in the matters about that small village in a strange land, among the things learned was (perhaps) the why of at least those two names.

The information available isn’t that great (it was over a thousand years ago that they were active). And, making it even more remote, the places discussed may be familiar to some people descended from those places, but sure not all who have heard the mysterious names.  Reportedly, Cyril’s actual name was Constantine.  (That does makes sense in a way.)  He renamed himself Cyril before he died.  It’s the “Cyril” that is actually written in history (and life) as the Cyrillic alphabet.  The two were brothers out to take the Christian message to the Slavs in their own language. 

A lot of people use Cyrillic be they Christian or not, so that alone makes them known.  While they didn’t start out in the “strange land” per se, they were generally in that area eventually.  One can figure Christianity was carried there more than a thousand years ago in a language of the people and not any current governance, which has included different nations.  Christianity is fundamental, although at times it may have been rather underground.  Today it’s above ground and even small villages have their Christian churches with spires reaching into the skies.

Some things tend to be long-standing.Clock


It’s a New Era (Again)

It’s a new era in several ways.  Some are far reaching or fundamental.  Everyone can have personal ways as well.  A new car would be a new era for someone.  A big way is due to voting on Thursday to pick the new Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives.  It (more or less) takes effect today.  It can make a difference in the very far reaching way of laws, a shift in what is believed to be needed for the nation.  Today also is when Standard Time again kicks in for the business world.  That’s a shift (to an extent) in everyday life.  People adjust, but it’s far reaching. 

In the place underfoot, there is a new manager.  The lady seems to have started out trying, but her “appearance” is yet to be announced beyond word-of-mouth.  Assorted items brought to the attention of the previous manager may be a note here or there, but that unfinished maintenance needs new reporting.  The old is probably long gone.  A hundred and sixty or so people are in the place, and it is likely such doesn’t affect all of them.  However, reason says it  is a good chance there are others.  What all is underfoot should change.  Office trips are usually big annoyances. 

The seasonal change also brings a new era of sorts in the small habits of people (especially in places such as what is underfoot).  The sit outside type is no longer sitting outside, it being a bit chilly much of the time.  Persons commonly found outside on warm days now must be hunted up if there’s need to discuss something.  It is inconvenient and time consuming.  Ordinary people have to take time to put on more clothes, etc., to go somewhere.  That makes a lot of things slower, different from even last week.  The seasonal change leads to new ways which become a new era. 

Change can be good.Thumbs up