On Acknowledging The New Year

So, the earth revolves around the sun and all that.  So, a change happens, like it or not, to the world all around in continuous action almost imperceptibly.  So, the earth has a “new” direction now (positive in the northern hemisphere only).  Calendars verify this by identifying the year with a larger (by one) number effective this coming Friday.  In fact, firstly, the “new direction” came into play days ago rather than with the coming Friday.  Even if there be need to be sure about it, that could have been done already, as it’s been around ten days since the shift in directions. 

Since it’s a “positive” shift where a hefty percent of the world’s population is, maybe it’s a time to celebrate, but a religion had something else to celebrate and carrying on two celebrations a couple of days apart can be tiring.  It is best to let one give way to the other and since not all adhere to that religion but all (northernly) do experience that shift to the positive, the solstice celebrating gotta stay.  The event, however, may be reduced to sort of a wee recognition of existence.  In short, say “Happy New Year,” appreciate the event, get new calendars, forget a party.

 Dover Holiday 281 b

Peace and long life to all!    


Christmas Week

Whatever week hosts December 25 is essentially “Christmas Week” even if the date’s on a Sunday.  However, if that’s the case, the seasonal stuff tends to creep in beforehand to create disruption for two weeks.  If the date falls to the end of a week (like this year) things are good as any person seriously interested can take a week off from work to do his/her thing.  This is of particular importance to those people going out of town for the holiday.  If all’s right around home, there’s less need for time.  In either case, there really isn’t much time for anything else. 

 Dover Holiday Christmas 2 

May everyone have a joyous holiday.  

Well, It Is Christmas Time….

 Dover Holiday 43a

The above’s a Christmas card front from some unknown time likely to be generations ago. The only indication is that wreath around the neck.  Other than that, it looks like a birthday card or some other non-Christmas event.  How the “insect” fits into the Christmas season is a mystery here at this desk. It will continue to be so as there’s really no strong inclination to be hunting up such things.  It’s been displayed to let folks see something that’s probably very different from what’s around.  The point is, a “same thing” all of the time can lose it’s impact.  While it is not “new,” it is different.   

Tomorrow is really the day for “ordinary people” to start getting into the swing of Christmas things. It’s sensible to use things that can be stored and dragged out when the time comes around again, however, something obviously new or at least different (ideally, better) can bring focused attention to the event.  A few dollars buy or, if there’s time to be creative, some creation can make an event into something beyond ordinary. It doesn’t have to be big (the card front above isn’t a big thing).  It should, however, have a small noticeable place, but not as if deliberately for attention.  (Go ahead, buy it.) 

Christmas comes but once a year.Note  

Christmas Stuff At The Old Folks’ Home

Dover Holiday 15 copy no date

Christmas drifts into the old folks’ home well before the winter solstice.  Indeed some evergreens may be draped in the hallway before the end of November.  It’s happy times and happy times are a deep-seated wish even if one is not fit for an old folks’ home yet.  There may be people that have no Christmas-y notions or illusion in the place.  It makes no difference.  They are ignored.  It’s most likely that some public spot will have an evergreen tree with an array of lights and baubles, some cute little things like something for greeting cards and a “Christmas Village.” 

Some buildings will have more or less of the “spirit” the stuff suggests as well as more or less of the stuff.  The quantity (and quality) of “the stuff” depends on how well organized the place is more than how affluent.  And, much of the drive has a lot to do with trying to make a cheery scene in an otherwise rather utilitarian if not boring or drab situation.  Temporary decorations will be around for any remotely justifiable reason any time of the year.  An occasion like Christmas just allows for several weeks for the display, which includes yesterday’s St. Nick’s Day. 

Truly happy times are nice times.Gift with a bow