Ahem, Winter … (In The Northlands)

 view street to the castle in winter

So, it’s winter.  It comes every year both north and south and one can expect snow somewhere.  Those familiar with it tend to take it on as part of living where it happens.  It be a part of life.  That is, realistic people are ready as they can be.  There are always some too scatter-brained to think about such things to the detriment of others. 

One bunch that can be at a loss is children.  Parents that don’t make sure their kids are dressed warmly enough to go outside safely do exist.  Another group’s the disabled who can get around if the weather is nice.  Those dealing with the disabled can be just as thoughtless as those negligent parents in different ways.  Ditto for the elderly.

In the place underfoot, cold air creeps in around a window that may not be fitted well enough, but it is not so bad a fuss needs to be made.  What’s bad is that a snow forecast didn’t happen as expected (it went farther south), but the scatter-brained didn’t look outside to verify, so the food delivery to some old folks was thereby cancelled.  

While admittedly the picture was one in the files (and not even taken in the United States), neither the snow nor the roads were that bad, and the delivery would have been made by (supposedly) relatively professional drivers.  And, ask when the delivery might happen?  Well, the woman answering calls babbled on and on without saying anything of value.

It pays to keep incompetence in mind.Auto                  


Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday….

 Dover 360 Civil War Map 

There is no plan here to re-hash slavery or causes of the American Civil War.  The map is only for reference.  It’s easy to forget that civil rights is a matter that is well beyond a few towns where demonstrations have happened and made big headlines, and that “north and south” means more than states toward the Appalachian mountains.   

It seems extremely unlikely that some people taking today off from work actually have in mind honoring the man that the holiday is meant to honor.  However, they might thank him (in absentia) after all for the day off, or maybe for the additional pay.  While it’s a backhanded appreciation if one looks at it that way, it does exist. 

For anyone who never added it up, the other two “low key” holidays to give people a day off are Presidents’ Day and Columbus Day, both of which are noteworthy.  Columbus Day is not so valuable to millions of people, namely those in the northern states faced with possible ice or snow to go somewhere like a job that pays for stuff. 

Putting the holiday in January does curtail a lot of neat memorials or celebrations in group form, but as it is, at least it is noted by some who would otherwise ignore that whole issue in all it’s aspects.  Respect for others will quietly, perhaps, be better advanced as is.  That doesn’t exclude additional efforts to the same end. 

Some things in life take a long time.Fingers crossed        

Old Folks’ Home … Peace And Quiet

 Dover 101

Noise is distracting.  It can be ignored if one is doing anything that takes little attention and the sound’s not particularly loud, long and/or too variable.  If what is done takes study, like government papers, ordinary known noises (like the heating system starting) can be a heady distraction.  If it’s an unexpected, strange noise usual instinct suggests one go look to see what it is.  That’s the way it seems to be for most people. 

Among “senior citizens,” there is an added consideration just in the fact that getting older leads to inattention because there is need to remember things like medication and canes.  There’s also what might be said to be normal confusion.  That is when habits of living (like starting out to go to work everyday) lead to actions no longer of use for whatever’s to be done.  The bottom line here is, old people need peace and quiet so it’s easier to think. 

The place underfoot is nearly on a bank of a fairly wide river.  There is not much going on there.  Housing is to another side.  One would think it’s a quiet area.  Well, sometimes it is rather quiet, but much of the time, with maintenance, delivery trucks, and even noisy people that visit, it isn’t particularly quiet.  It’s a concern that needs serious attention if one is a “retiree.”  If there should be reason to move, it is concern at this desk. 

New years are times to try new formats.Peace 

What New Year’s Resolutions?

It’s surely been more than fifty years since (out of some long forgotten clear blue sky seemingly with a New Year’s Day) the maternal parent, face mostly to the stove doings and wall with it, issued a flat-out statement:  “Whatever you do on New Year’s, you’ll do all year long.”  Such wee teachings never were all that common, but they did happen every so often.  Translation:  That New Year’s Resolution stuff is strictly for the birds especially if it’s a “not do” this or that, some strung out year-long plan, or some just generalizing like, “I’m going to watch my weight.” 

Whatever prompted the comment fell by the wayside.  Given some thought, it was very down to earth.  What had been a start of a day would happen every day.  It simultaneously took up a certain amount of time, like it not.  The extra (or new) “resolution” had to be fit into what was left of the day’s time.  That tended to diminish big ideas.  What may have prompted the comment so long ago possibly wasn’t even a declaration of a resolution, but just a comment on making one or some right then at the kitchen table.  That didn’t happen; there’ve been none since.  Doing exists.

What is done for New Year’s is really a simple notion, at the most.  In order to get up in the morning and make use of a day with some vigor, first thing to do is get to bed the night before.  Translation:  no partying.  While some old traditions (like pork and sauerkraut) get the nod, as usual, secondly, ordinary matters are done carefully with deliberate effort.  Amid this (third), small habits to be add to ordinary life are included – example:  this year’s added idea is go outside for five minutes at some time to just sit there and look around at what all’s in sight.  

Little things can mean a lot.Camera