Leap Year In The Old Folks’ Home … And Birthdays

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So, it’s February 29, the mark of “Leap Year.”  If one is old enough, lives under seriously dangerous circumstances or the like (maybe is prone to some kind of fatalism), it is time to wonder if one will ever see another Leap Year, as some have wondered in sad tales if they’ll see another spring or for that matter a recurring favorite event.   

One has to make it through four years to see another Leap Year.  It’s probably sadly back in the mind of many in an old folks’ home as four years is a long way off.  Indeed, it’s not even really something to discuss among those who are just hanging onto some “remains of life” while to all outward appearances functioning like a normal human. 

Customs have been devised for Leap Year (which isn’t rare for a lot of calendar things), but if any of that came in play in the place underfoot, it wasn’t noticed.  What did draw a crowd just yesterday was the life squad taking one of the residents out, even though that isn’t rare.  It is fairly sure some won’t live to see another Leap Year. 

The truth is, February is the month to dwell on birthdays in general, Washington and Lincoln as well as the special souls with February 29 on birth certificates.  The latter will go around the sun the same number of times as others when it comes to counting the years, of course.  But, the idea of “born on a day that isn’t there” does exist. 

Happy Birthday to Leap Year babies.Birthday cake 


Shelter…The Homeless?

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Living beings don’t do well without shelter from elements of nature such as storms.  Even non-living beings (rocks) will eventually wear away or otherwise be altered if some outside force operates enough.  Shelter becomes a concern especially if the “elements” are long term.  Winter comes to mind, partly because it’s outside at the moment. 

At some point lost in the mist of time, man and animal in desperation began constructing shelter motivated by ideas about shelter and maybe more.  Today it’s common.  Houses are all around the world.  Some are rich.  And, in winter shelter for the homeless comes up a lot in discussions as there are such people with no claim on any shelter.  

The old folks’ home underfoot sits on a little hill which runs to the side of the street.  A small string of houses about like just the left side of that above sit along the other side.  Only the upper floors are seen if one is out front.  They’re not expensive houses, yet they cost a lot of money if one were to buy one of them outright. 

The places across the street are old, not impressive, and quite near places with a shade more class; but, if that’s what one has, one is surely grateful for a warm house and its safety as any cold wind blows.  If one has no shelter at all, gratitude is immaterial.  Then providing some has life saving aspects that civilized societies have. 

A good deed may not be returned.Coffee cup   

Old Folks’ Current Holidays … Ominous 2016

 Iwo Jima Flag

Today’s Presidents Day.  Yesterday it was Valentine’s Day and, as noted previously, that’s on top of other days for some kind of attention recently.  The old folks’ home had something going on Saturday for Valentine’s Day.  Back on Labor Day or so little flags (still there) were set out a few places around.  Those’ll do for President’s Day. 

The “event” for Valentine’s Day was skipped as are nearly all other events at the place underfoot.  As is often the case, it’s a really nice community room, but there is not any way around the fact that such resident gatherings are vivid evidence that one is a long way from the mainstream of life.  The mobility scooter used is enough evidence. 

Given that the weekend’s been chilly, the scooter started to have things coming loose, another nightmare hit (hard) on Saturday afternoon plus a few other things, a constant sense that 2016 has some impending (but undefinable) doom about it is riding high.  Indeed, there’s even a sense at times that 2017 will be even worse some unknown way. 

There is no explanation for the feeling.  It can’t be the coming national elections since those will be over before 2017.  It is a sense of something like, perhaps, a coming blizzard, although that’s not it for sure, either.  White is the sense of it, maybe powdery or flaky.  Explosion of some sort is also possible.  Whatever is bothersome. 

Life has many mysteries.Lightning   



Chinese New Year … Ash Wednesday … Already?

 Special Holiday 26a When the maximum amount of time one can stand up is about thirty seconds, the pace of ordinary everyday living is a thing of the past.  (One reason old people are slow rests in the fact that every action may take deliberate thought to get action).  That’s with ordinary everyday stuff, add more, like holidays, and it reaches impossibility. 

The old folks’ home got decked out in Valentine hearts in short order after the Christmas stuff was taken down even though it be mid-January.  The point, of course, was that Valentine’s Day was ahead (in some weeks), and one should plan for a little romantic music session (if not actually some dancing) in the community room in the place. 

Yeah, well, they should have been planning a little event like Mardi Gras carnival (the city started that on Friday even though that’s officially tomorrow) since Wednesday’s Ash Wednesday.  No one around is known to be Chinese, but even a nod to the Chinese New Year (that being today) can be seen as “okay.”  Valentine’s Day is a week off. 

In the nest underfoot, there is a look at the last of the Christmas cookies in the refrigerator almost daily.  They are still good, it seems.  The world around is the source of discussion topics; and, Chinese New Year and Lent seem slightly early.  Unavoidably all three partying times get only meager attention this year.  Happy Holidays to all! 

Moon studies can be important.NoteRed heart     


To You Wonderful Readers….

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Come Tuesday mornings, the equipment is started up almost immediately.  Then there is a look at the overnight mail, and the notices that you have been by to view what’s been concocted here does the old heart such an enormous amount of good that it may very well be extending the life.  The spirit soars a little, like to the ceiling at least. 

It’s been estimated that there may be a half of a billion of these little publications “out there” somewhere.  Some are very good, full of important or useful things to make someone’s life better.  The very fact that there are some folks who find these words at least worth a look suggests an amount of human worth even for one at age eighty.

Almost anyone can stumble on an idea that he/she is worth something somehow.  As one gets older, however, if honest enough, it becomes clear how little one knows, how common one is, how decrepit one is becoming, how overwhelming an ordinary thing can be and so forth.  Then comes a time of wondering if anybody pays attention to one at all. 

Once past various things, like the ability to run fast or speak in a firm voice, those who kindly notice are people to be treasured.  Individual thank you notes have been on the agenda, but the world readily presents emergencies or fundamental situations that need tending.  Old equals all sorts of things including slow.  (Maybe more later.) 

Treasures come in many forms.Red rose