Days Of Rest?

  Dover Holiday 36a

The hubbub is over for a while.  At least nothing springs to mind as “ highly observable.”  The paper rabbits’ feet and glittery egg shapes stuck around on the walls of this old folks’ home underfoot will mysteriously come down, to be saved to some extent for Easter to come more or less a year from now.  And, nothing comes to mind to go up. 

Actually those cheery points are important.  A stretch of whitish wall a half of a block long with nothing along it but some doors and all of it having obviously experienced some years of existence can be rather depressing.  It may all get painted over, washed down, whatever, but it isn’t something done daily.  There’s a lot of it in sight. 

Anyhow, people wanting to move, be it in or out (there be both, getting in the way at the entrance with things like furniture loaded on grocery carts) have also had a chance to make a run for it due to the mild weather, which added it’s disturbing share to the holiday events, be they of a personal nature or something for community interest. 

Back to everyday living, but not really as with the extra commemorating out of the way there is a better chance for getting “down to business.”  Business is a few items like inspections.  That amid the likes of trying to tie up any loose ends that might be around and replenishing supplies which were randomly depleted due to the holidayings. 

Peace can be elusive.Peace 


So, Spring Is Here

Dover Holiday Easter 2b

Spring blossoms graced trees at the old folks’ home that’s underfoot last week some days before spring’s arrival this year.  The hot summer predicted some places is anticipated as pretty much of a certainty.  Each apartment has an HVAC unit for individual air conditioning choice; and, since it is east where windows are, it could be worse at hand. 

More important, perhaps, would be how much damage might be done to the blooming by subsequent colder weather.  Events around the world aside, to many people in the “retirement” community, life isn’t much beyond those trees.  To take an edge off all of the concrete (the building itself) there’s a special value to a few trees, maybe even with bird. 

It was saddening this past week to look over the crowns of white blossoms (one behind some bare trunk being pink) and realize how easily they could be wiped out, their cheerful presence gone.  It was thought, debated, whether or not to take a picture of at least one before that happened.  What was seen was an array of life maybe prematurely lost. 

No picture was taken, partly because suffering with camera shots was too much for the moment, partly because it’s the way of nature and it happens frequently and partly because trying to save an image took a positive decision.  By next week not only spring but Easter and the dreary time before it will be settled.  (The trees should be all right.) 

May everyone have a beautiful Easter!Black Sheep        

Busy Week: Ides Of March … Saving Time … More …

  Dover 2

There are a couple of things on the calendar in the days ahead, as well as the restart of Daylight Saving Time in the world of business today, all of which merit words of consideration.  In fact, any one of them is enough for a full line topic.  In addition to the titled Ides and the time, there will surely be an Irish parade and Spring. 

In the coming week there are personal events as well, in the form of two birthdays.  The proper remembrance these days for the one on Wednesday would be at least visiting the cemetery.  That’s so remote a possibility it’s never even a thought.  The one tomorrow is a sort of milestone and a few quiet doings are planned for the apartment. 

At one point in time, for the average American, March 15 meant Income Tax Day and not something many folks wished due.  Birthday celebrations were on the farthest of back burner.  Given some historic knowledge there’s also that eventful Ides of March of Roman Empire times.  After the suffering through those to adulthood, a bright spot: 

Now, the bottom line here is, if one looks hard enough a chance exists a bright spot can be found in miserable or negative implications.  It said March 15, in the nation, Hungary, is considered Independence Day and a holiday of major proportion.  And amid the assorted blood that’s in the veins there’s some said to be Hungarian (Magyar). 

Happy St. Pat’s Day to the Irish.Birthday cake 


A Really Inescapable Event

  Dover 30b Monet - Copy

As we drift slowly into spring, Easter, the Ides of March and many other good and dire things, what has by accident landed at this desk is an obituary notice.  It was indeed by accident, the how and why not being too important.  It was for a cousin, about five weeks after the fact.  There is usually a look at the newspaper but not the obits. 

For some confused reason the pages wouldn’t line up right to read the headlines.  Something more or less said, well if you can’t read the news, check the obituaries although that didn’t exactly make sense.  A friend who wasn’t well was supposedly all right; but, maybe something went wrong seriously after all.  There’s no recent word from him. 

The death was unexpected, although the age was that of an “older” person.  For one thing his mother was much older, nearly ninety, when she died back in 2007.  It was rather shocking.  And, the death notice seemed somewhat peculiar although in a sense accurate.  A wild guess would be that he never seriously told anyone, “They call me Fred.” 

Whatever might have been formulating in mind here drifted away amid assorted thoughts ranging from clan interaction of past decades to what to do when someone dies.  It is a little late to send flowers, so there are some above.  As for condolences, well, they had best go on the winds.  It is done that way often, especially given reason for it. 

S’long for now, Fred.Red lips