What Was That Social Shift?

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There come times when it “feels” like there is something going on in the world around, like a silent explosion or undercurrent.  Sometimes it can be identified, like when schools start, or a school year ends.  Christmas Rush is clearly identified.  On the other hand, at times there’s just instinctive feeling one gets of a “something.” 

There’s been a feeling in the old folks’ home.  It turns out it was probably several things.  One sure factor was the weather, not that it was really “that” hot, it was a range of the temperatures, from freezing alerts up to in the 80’s. Sudden adjustments like that make one at least confused, especially regarding the heating systems. 

The probable basis for a sense of an explosion (found by accident) may have been the assistant property manager’s departure.  There are supposed to be two people assigned the office.  Neither one in there had been there for any appreciable time.  The ones before them weren’t around a long time, either.  So, efficiency is not expected.

The real social shift last week was due to tax day being past as of Tuesday.  That’s an undercurrent.  The people reacting to tax day are those who owe, not those who can get money back (they file early).  Tax day’s relevant to people in the old folks’ home, too, just not all of them each year.  (That can explain fire trucks outside.)

Instinct can be reliable.Wilted rose   


Tulips Can Matter … (Old Folks’ Home)

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Tulips at the old folks’ home underfoot survived freezing nights recently and, in both red and yellow clumps, stand displaying their glory at one end of a street-like island in front of the place.  Some daffodils didn’t do so well, but they were earlier.  Tulips are an encouraging sign of life blossoming in future days.  Tulips are special.

The family owning “The House In The city” a hundred years ago liked flowers.  There was a neat array from spring to autumn.  In addition to a cherry tree and quince by human hands, at a much later date squirrel plantings sprouted a rather sad walnut sapling, but the locations left much of the yard open for both grass and bunches of flowers. 

The few tulips came through an aunt.  In time, wind threw some of the “descendants” into grassy areas and they were left there, disturbing what was originally a well ordered arrangement.  Those were not the plain red tulips as they had the white streaks on the leaves.  The tulips were fun by nature in the yard, like the walnut by squirrels. 

“Nature having fun” isn’t the mood of the tulips in front of the apartment building.  No one else seems to pay much attention to them, either, although people seem to have a passing awareness of them.  They are simply something for some “real and vibrant” life vivid against black driveway and parking lot.  Memories of others are an unknown. 

Memories can come easily.Red rose    


Assorted Notes April 2016

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Aviation Trail Part 9 (there are eight prior ramblings in here a couple of years back) and some more that’ll surely be along can be expected eventually.  The newsletters are saved.  They contain bits of information that show little by little progress is being made in the gathering of what is just sort of laying around that’s aviation history. 

If the current weather in Covington, Kentucky, is a valid indication, the weather is going to be a topic for a good while.  The blossoming and freeze discussed just a couple of weeks ago has happened again.  It seems useless to try to find a “right” temperature setting on the heating unit thermostat; it just happens to be one without numbers. 

“Grandma’s house” (on which there were some words back in time) became a small point rather in view with that death of a cousin in January.  It drifted off the scene is what happened.  While that was an actual house, the apartments underfoot are actually grandma/grandpa houses and as such certainly worth discussion.  The old is not forgotten. 

So, “A House In The City” has not quite bit the dust yet, but no one knows for sure what the future holds.  There’s more than the above that’s part of life, past, present or future.  It did seem reasonable to note down a few things covered in this little world when possible, which doesn’t exclude other stuff.  Maybe some of it is interesting.

Hanging by a thread can mean “still connected.”Work 


Special Note: So, Everything Ends?

 A Dover Wright 1a They say everything ends.  That can be an encouraging note or it can be a sad note.  If the whatever is not good, the ending should be happy but it can surely be worse than not ending it under some circumstances.  A bad marriage is one with two unhappy people, but if each goes his/her own road and is unable to manage living alone, that’s disaster. 

The facts at hand include this bit of weekly whimsy almost ended.  The world about deteriorated to the point that one big thing was at least temporarily discontinued for nearly three weeks now.  Presenting the sick leave notice was the thought until a couple of days ago.  Then some hopefulness came along quite unexpectedly, like manna from heaven.   

The sick leave notice would have been the last resort, and that’s not good for very long.  It’s been over forty years since the original House In The City was devised, and it’s fairly good for the “duration” of something like this.  At first it had a special purpose that’s no longer socially a real need.  It’s just an interesting thing to be done. 

The tales of an old folks’ home may merit attention or not but other things exist that do merit attention.  A special interest that gets too little attention here is historical aviation, if one wants to call it that.  To be specific it is Aviation Trail, Inc., which is much about the discovery of how man can fly (sort of) like a bird.  More later. 

Snatching victory from defeat takes skill.Work