Aviation Trail And Other Notes … (The Gypsy Says…)

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“Aviation Trail” said the spirit world to the “gypsy” at hand about four times during this past week in different ways.  That’s too much to not say some things especially since the spring newsletter is stashed under the keys to type something.  In addition, it was said in April there would be more said.  But, “Part 9” thoughts are lost. 

An important historical matter on the table right now is the Wright Factory buildings.  They’re still there.  The idea of course is restoration and inclusion in the sites now the national park system.  There is a bunch of plans afoot, some of them for money to do stuff.  It’ll take a while before things are arranged for people to visit. 

And, now that that bit of news has been published to any interested, to  be clear here, the situation in the nest underfoot is still precarious.  Some fundamental changes have come to the old folks’ home, while of necessity the things skipped over last month still are skipped.  It is not great, and it now seems without end.  Time tells. 

The most powerful statement from the spirit world to the “gypsy” here, also this week, had to do with (amazingly) The House In The City, the real one.  And, a tragedy did take place within about a hundred feet of the place.  It may indeed be time to build the Gypsy Hut publication as it’s getting to be both downright uncanny and a pain. 

An aura is a spirit form.Email 


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