Plastic Bags (Indeed)

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Once upon a time there were no plastic bags around.  (Very old souls know about such times.)  People made do with the likes of paper and cloth.  The cloth might be just stringy things or woven.  If something came in cloth bags, such as flour sacks, the bags might be used in other ways as well, such as kitchen towels after being cut up and hemmed. 

That was long ago, but sometimes such (notably paper bags) can still be commonly found.  Plastic bags have advantages themselves.  If there are no breaks (or tears) in one, the bags keep things like dust, water and bugs off whatever is inside (or keep such inside if that’s what is put in it in the first place).  Plastic bags are good for storage.

The lone plastic bag that prompted this holds a big bag of candy and came from a drug store of major proportions.  On the side near the bottom is a small note listing five uses for plastic bags such as diaper bag.  Decades of existence and the best a giant corporation can suggest for re-use is diaper bag?  Another’s plant protector.  (From what?) 

Plastic bags can be cut into strips to be used like string and cut into pieces as well as used as is.  There are most likely other approaches for re-use.  The point here is, if someone is looking for suggestions, it’s nice if offerings are a shade beyond the simplistic (or remote).  And, given that plastic is a mainstay, it shouldn’t be too hard.

Sometimes it helps to think a while.Coffee cup                 


Global Thought?

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Actually, it’s probably best to assume every last person’s world view is only his or her individual notion, that’s no two alike (although obviously some are similar).  One good element in sight from in front of the old folks’ home is a bridge that rests in Ohio at its north end and Kentucky at its south end.  It’s good for a lot of meditative ideas.

Now, the bridge itself is going to come down one day since it’s not so good anymore, but meanwhile the traffic’s just endless a tad. They say a bridge “spans” a river.  In this case it unites two U.S. states and the people in them.  It should not be too different at the two ends of the bridge, but it is, while the distance is only a few city blocks. 

Add to the (frequent) encounters such factors as interests and it makes little difference.  In the depths of lives at any point in time there are such matters as heritage.  Say “Europe” to someone with an Italian name and a map of that may come to mind, but the viewpoint likely drifts to being with an Italian name, the attitudes toward such persons. 

One idea “in the air out there somewhere” is that in these days people should think globally.  Possibly so but if all the people on that bridge can have different ideas of what is on the globe (and they can), it’s not a unifying notion for an approach to anything.  People are all different and what holds them together in peace is a better sentiment. 

People can be interesting.Left hugRight hug

Some Sort Of Historic Stuff

  A Dover Wright 1a

It couldn’t have been later than 1953.  On a lovely day in the summer, a saber jet took off from the base.  It was in view at the bus stop, sunlight dancing on the wings, as it went through the sound barrier and headed west.  It wasn’t common for the planes to fly so low and it left a sense of wonder, awe.   It was over 60 years ago.  It’s now 2016.

The vista from the front of the old folks’ home underfoot, apart from the houses straight ahead and some trees on the grounds, is a chunk of the Cincinnati skyline, some of the Ohio river and one of the bridges across the river joining the people of Kentucky and Ohio.  The river is muddy brown and not pretty.  A coal yard sits far below the skyline. 

If one is thinking historically, one might think of people poling their way up the river a few hundred years ago.  It comes to mind when tugboats push barges one way or another along the river.  Two barges seem to be permanently on the Ohio side due north.  People looking to place a settlement in a wilderness are a far cry from sleek aircraft above. 

The tugboats are people at work, and their river travel is an interesting thing in a way, but it’s a sort of plodding to someone who spent much of a lifetime along The Aviation Trail (at least these days).  Up in Dayton there is a shop carrying official Wright Brothers brand stuff like jackets and T-shirts.  It is a bit pricey, but, oh, so tempting.

The past stays with us.Airplane 

Old Folks’ Independence Day Notes

  Dover Holiday 38b - Copy

Independence, personally an aspect of living dwindling day by day as age increases, is a long standing ordinary habit that once caused substantial parental admonishing about an attitude of being “too independent.”  That alone suggested that most other people were submissive.  Coming from small business people, ipso facto, independent, made it worse. 

Independence doesn’t exactly mean to do whatever one wants to do.  One thing it means is having the freedom to choose to do things because they are seen as wise, good and other positive things.  Doing some things may be neither bad nor good, just neutral.  But, doing them for a paycheck or the like is not doing them for a personal commitment reason. 

The success of the United States as a nation in such short time (historically speaking) seems to be a real validation of rightfulness for the American War of Independence.  The holiday is well worth a celebration if for no other reason then because it says independence can be a good thing.  In fact, the idea should be encouraged when intent is good. 

Like it or not, however, in the old folks’ home the people are limited in their independence from “day one” or he/she wouldn’t be there in the first place, and as age creeps on independence seeps away.  Walking carefully soon gives way to walking with a cane, and so forth.  Regardless of other uses for it, one is not free of it.  It’s very annoying. 

It’s hoped all have had a wonderful holiday.Island with a palm tree