Labor Day; It’s Fair Season

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As is mentioned just about annually, one news topic in the place underfoot at this time of a year is a county fair in the place of personal origin, so, a way body and soul were bent for decades.  It takes a week to deal with just entry matters, like get them there and back home as well as look the situation over in the days in between those actions. 

Most places Labor Day weekend is just a long weekend.  The time is good for doing little or making sure all’s well in regard to any children being in school.  However, There is some sense in scheduling temporary carnival-like things on long weekends; there’s an extra day of activity.  For some it’s a hectic rush; for some a backyard gaze at the sky.

There’s nothing at hand to enter in said fair (or another, even if there were interest in another), no chance of even trying to get something together (not even cookies) and to get there wouldn’t be easy.  Even if there were something, the fairgrounds is about sixty miles away.  Comparatively, any “doings” in the place underfoot are “uninteresting.” 

While whatever’s planned for the immediate area around for Labor Day is guaranteed to be “uninteresting,” the “hectic rush” engrained years ago is in full bloom with nothing to have as an objective.  And, to be fair the “uninteresting” may very well be of interest to many.  The whole business, however, doesn’t lead to a “happy holiday” for everyone. 

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Especially For Overseas Friends….

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The world, of course, isn’t getting smaller, as some would say.  Inventions have just made things like transportation much faster than in the day of the horse.  Today, ordinary people look to travel around the world.  A place seemingly fascinating to many is the United States.  A few odd notes about “America” can be good even when reading about it. 

Although the U.S. is a nation as such, by definition, that word “state” signifies a nation, and the individual states should not be thought of as provinces.  Even the structure (organization) of state governments can vary from state to state.  Sometimes they are similar.  For example, many are based on English common law but that’s not true of all. 

Another thing to consider is that sometimes there can be a lot of confusion with general (historic) descriptions.  An example of that which is rather choice is the identity Old Southwest.  The current “southwest” is states like Arizona and New Mexico.  Technically (historically speaking), “Old Southwest” is/was the likes of Alabama and Mississippi. 

Depending on things like migration patterns, in many areas there’s a definite concentration of population having some given ethnic background which has spilled over into living ordinarily on an everyday basis.  Everyone is an American, but elements in the way of life can be very different from place to place, such as what food is readily available. 

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insects And Other “Pests”

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As the current “event” on the first floor of the apartment house underfoot is “bed bug inspection,” pest control is a matter vividly in mind.  It’s important and easy to forget when one has spent most of a lifetime in environments that are largely free of all sorts of “pests.”  A few words are sometimes well worth a little attention now and then. 

First of all, “extermination services provided” can easily mean a lot less than what’s expected.  It’s ordinary to be spraying for roaches in apartment buildings.  Pest control companies don’t necessarily contract for more.  If they do contract for more, it isn’t necessarily for everything.  A mouse or some spiders may not be covered in the deal. 

Bed bugs are an expensive proposition and they are random, for want of a better description.  it isn’t as if there is nesting in the backyard and they make their way inside.  A bed bug can be picked up anywhere and carried home.  There the creature can set up camp anywhere, not necessarily any presumed place (i.e, beds).  They are also elsewhere. 

Even a double house (duplex) can have “creatures” of sorts drifting through tiny spaces in the walls, etc.  It’s well within reason to go into extra effort in a big building of maybe a hundred living spaces.  Example:  there is usually space under doors that aids in ventilation.  It is a space for bugs, too, and can be blocked if there is reason. 

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More Security Check Talk

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A personal security check can be nothing more than a three minute (or less) telephone call, including both picking up and hanging up the telephone.  That would be a call to the person, a simple exchange such as “This is (whoever).  Are you okay?” and an answer such as “I’m fine, and thanks for the call.”  Fundamentally that’s all that’s necessary. 

Obviously the activity can go well beyond that.  Obviously when there’s no answer more should be done.  Obviously any such project has advisable aspects, like how the calls are done, for example, random calling won’t work very well.  A commitment of sorts is needed, but the activity itself has scant need of unique talent, involvement or much time. 

There’s such a thing as “reassurance calls.”  Those do not need to be as often and usually include conversation.  The security calls should have a contact person as there’s the chance there’s no answer.  Then there is need for personal investigation, but short of that rare case a security call finds out if a person is all right, can function okay. 

While it is not just in the old folks’ homes that the idea makes sense, a big apartment house full of elderly persons many of whom can barely get around is a prime location for the notion.  And, before signing a lease, it’s a good idea for many to ask about such matters.  Accidents happen. The practice can find the dead but can save lives as well. 

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Security Checks And Old Folks

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There’s nothing unusual about what can be called safety or security checks.  The police do that when there is concern about things like burglary at businesses and homes.  Nurse checks are standard practice in many if not most hospitals and similar places.  Members of families check to see that other family members (both young and old) are all right. 

With close to fifty percent of the adult population single living, there are millions of people without some relative around for some degree of a regular check to see that such people are okay.  They go it alone.  Very often squirreled away as a resident of an old folks’ home, they die and lay there decomposing at times for weeks before being found. 

Some landlords do have a healthy concern about such events and institute preventative measures.  Some do not.  Office notations about “next of kin” or “emergency contact” don’t address the matter.  That’s after the fact.  It takes some kind of frequent actual contacts with an individual.  That doesn’t have to take more than a few of seconds of time. 

A recent inquiry into such things has revealed a startling lack of comprehension.  Now, admittedly, it may be that it just happened that those people with whom it was discussed were isolated cases.  However, some were in positions that might easily involve such.  Whether the speed of the times has caused Something is not known, but it merits notice. 

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