Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 5 … And Happy New Year!

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As stated last week, someone reading this may have need of some point covered in these “Home Hunt Notes,” so although seasonal stuff would be fitting more notes it is.  Keeping them all together makes sense, and there are plenty of New Year comments floating about “out there somewhere” already for those looking.  (They may be of lesser importance.) 

13.  Office hours.  Discussing something (like maintenance problems) with the office is a lot easier if the hours for operation run most of a business week.  Some places do not have staff available that often even if the units range in the hundred or so class.  Something like one day a week is not the best deal out there.  Other factors need study.  

14.  Security checks.  Some places maintain some system or another whereby residents are accounted for regularly like daily.  It can be reassuring to some and a bother for some who may not want the constant contact.  In either case, it most likely comes with the place for a substantial reason, since there’s personnel involvement.  It can be useful. 

15.  Private parties.  Even a small birthday party needs a space.  Personal customs vary, but when a family tradition presupposes having even a small number of guests visiting, even just once a year, personal social life becomes a real concern.  Too much noise to suit the neighbors for example has certainly lead to evictions.  It is to be explored. 

May everyone have a Happy and Prosperous New Year.Fingers crossed 


Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 4 … And Merry Christmas!

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A Christmas essay would be fitting.  It will be a day past Christmas next week.  But, the world does have a wealth of Christmas tales already.  Meanwhile, someone reading might have need for some point mentioned, so more notes.  Please see previous weeks’ commentaries (below) for other matters that can be a concern in a hunt for a new place to live. 

10.  Rent receipts.  It’s not rare to find that paper rent receipts are not automatically given.  Indeed, a place may not give them at all, so it pays to clear up the matter at the beginning.  Evidence of payment apart from bookkeeping systems a place uses may need to be set up.  Regardless of management assurances, things do happen once in a while. 

11.  Animals.  Whether one wants one or not, many policies about animals can become a concern.  A dog park at a place obviously limits the usage of the area to the dogs and the owners unless one wants to associate. For any owners, it’s good.  A clean bill of health for the critter’s probably a need, with extra vet bills.  A deposit is likely needed. 

12.  Maintenance.  Emergency maintenance is a must, and it isn’t that easy to get if a place tries to economize there with just one person for many apartments.  There may never come a time for it, but how many people there are on staff and what’s included is a fair question.  (Burned out light bulbs that can’t be reached need maintenance personnel). 

May everyone have a beautiful Christmas.Star 

Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 3

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As is known, Christmas is coming and seasonal stuff is all over the place, so maybe these few remarks about something else are a relief.  For housing items one to six one needs to look through the commentaries of last week plus the one before it.  Maybe some day it can all be put together in a little booklet, which is easier to handle while reading.

7. Comprehensive Extermination.  There is pest control and pest control.  Quarterly checks for roaches may be of some use, but contracts are not always for “full service” while some things are worse than roaches (like bed bugs) and may not be covered.  The landlord can expect a resident to pay for a service, even if not responsible for any problems. 

8.  Refrigerator/freezer.  Places include major appliances with various ages on them.  A kitchen stove (range) is one and a refrigerator/freezer is another that is common.  The most important (ideally new with much space) isn’t a stove but is the refrigerator/freezer.  Microwave ovens cook and can be quite inexpensive.  The size of the freezer’s it. 

9.  Activities.  Some activities such as a Christmas party can be a plus, but an endless stream of them (like monthly events) is a drain on both time and energy.  There is also the case of nothing at all in some places.  While that can turn out to be best, permanent residency pre-supposes some social inter-action.  A guideline’s how mandatory is it? 

Hunting for a home is a major project.Work 

Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 2 … (And St. Nick’s Day)

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Tomorrow, of course, is St. Nick’s day which is well worth mention, but some folks may want more hunting hints.  It’s best to continue them.  A quick review, look for community telephone, HVAC units and a public bathroom.  Life is okay without them, but they can make things better, especially, given little other choice, HVAC units.  Now, more items: 

4.  Food place.  A supermarket next door isn’t needed, but there should be something nearby to get some item or other for near emergency food.  That might be no more than a gas station with some stuff, a fast food place or a drug store with some items.  It’s easy to run out of things to eat at inopportune times.  Even a small restaurant’s something. 

5.  Outside space.  While this isn’t too important for any person quite able-bodied and thus able to get around, once health problems start showing up (which is likely with old age) going places becomes difficult.  Meanwhile, the space apartments have is not actually much, as a rule.  Escaping outside, weather permitting, may develop into necessity. 

6.  Ample public transportation.  There’s a key word there namely “ample.”  It can mean taxi as well as bus.  While a person who still drives might not think it important, come problems with the car, public transportation is it and bus service every two hours (which may be the norm in outlying areas) is not too convenient (bus schedules to be sure). 

Happy St. Nick’s Day to one and all!Gift with a bow