Aviation Trail Began….

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As stated May 29, there’s a “creation” called the Aviation Heritage Area.  It includes the Air and Space Museum.  The initial intent of Aviation Trail was to “save” what things could be “saved” that were in Dayton relative to inventing the airplane.  Although space exploration is a logical end result of that, it isn’t a primary concern of the Trail. 

The Trail’s starting point was what was “in Dayton.”  That Air and Space Museum is upstate.  Not even Huffman Prairie was (or is) actually “in Dayton,” but it’s at least in the immediate area and, of course, very relative to the Wright Brothers themselves.  Places like Kitty Hawk are important to the story, but they are not “in Dayton” or even near. 

It was mistakenly believed by many for many years that all things of any importance relative to the invention were in fact distributed to museums, etc.  Additionally, locally a “negative reputation” descended on the area which persists even today even though the Park Service has been there for decades and in spite of things like names being changed. 

Eventually it was learned by some younger private citizens with the means to start something that there were valuable things that were still “in Dayton.”  Some have died by now but they did what they could to salvage what was there.  A book exists that lists more than what is presented in what travel leaflets there are.  And, that’s story in itself.

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  1. Interestingly enough about aviation history, I live in the Wright-Dunbar Historical Neighborhood in Dayton, two blocks from the Wright Brothers original home and one of the original bicycle shops. Also, diagonally across the street in my same block, is Lorin Wright’s(the WrightBros older brother) original residence. There is not much doubt that this the geographical area that spawned the Wright brothers visionary ideas on inventing flight

    • Thank you so very much for your comment. I had no idea I had someone reading who actually currently lives in the area. Please feel free to correct me if I get down something that isn’t quite right! And, I’m so glad the area may have been of some support to the inventing — my grandparents lived in the Wolf Creek neighborhood (then called “the West Side”) and maybe I inherited some of whatever it was :-).


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