Old Folks’ Home … August?

         Dover 41 - Copy

If the day begins at sunset, it’s August for those looking here even a few of hours after publication.  (If it’s “the day begins at dawn” it is several more hours, but at least one tradition holds that the day begins at sunset.)  Point being made here:  at the place underfoot, there’s been the sudden realization that the year 2017 is over half over. 

The apartment building is “unsettled.”  Indeed it has been unsettled for much of 2017.  (That may be why there hasn’t been much notice of months passing into history.)  Regular states of “unsettled” happen just due to daily matters.  A thing like the mail delivery usually causes a to-do.  Much more than that has upset matters, such as staff changes. 

Whether it is the move in/move out (two new people just on the floor underfoot) or unexpected weather temperatures as has happened, older folks have enough trouble with keeping track of things without “unsettlements.”  The lack of some real notice of the fact that the year is over half over is reason for a little meditation about the matter of 2017. 

To a young person, “2017” is just a number attached to the year.  He/she may have serious hopes for 2018.  Old people could very well have no expectations for 2018 beyond vague thoughts about continued existence.  The former’s aware of passing days with a future in mind.  The latter’s not sure of what day it is.  (And, maybe more on this next week.) 

Viewpoint means a lot. Snail 


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