Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 3

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As is known, Christmas is coming and seasonal stuff is all over the place, so maybe these few remarks about something else are a relief.  For housing items one to six one needs to look through the commentaries of last week plus the one before it.  Maybe some day it can all be put together in a little booklet, which is easier to handle while reading.

7. Comprehensive Extermination.  There is pest control and pest control.  Quarterly checks for roaches may be of some use, but contracts are not always for “full service” while some things are worse than roaches (like bed bugs) and may not be covered.  The landlord can expect a resident to pay for a service, even if not responsible for any problems. 

8.  Refrigerator/freezer.  Places include major appliances with various ages on them.  A kitchen stove (range) is one and a refrigerator/freezer is another that is common.  The most important (ideally new with much space) isn’t a stove but is the refrigerator/freezer.  Microwave ovens cook and can be quite inexpensive.  The size of the freezer’s it. 

9.  Activities.  Some activities such as a Christmas party can be a plus, but an endless stream of them (like monthly events) is a drain on both time and energy.  There is also the case of nothing at all in some places.  While that can turn out to be best, permanent residency pre-supposes some social inter-action.  A guideline’s how mandatory is it? 

Hunting for a home is a major project.Work 


insects And Other “Pests”

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As the current “event” on the first floor of the apartment house underfoot is “bed bug inspection,” pest control is a matter vividly in mind.  It’s important and easy to forget when one has spent most of a lifetime in environments that are largely free of all sorts of “pests.”  A few words are sometimes well worth a little attention now and then. 

First of all, “extermination services provided” can easily mean a lot less than what’s expected.  It’s ordinary to be spraying for roaches in apartment buildings.  Pest control companies don’t necessarily contract for more.  If they do contract for more, it isn’t necessarily for everything.  A mouse or some spiders may not be covered in the deal. 

Bed bugs are an expensive proposition and they are random, for want of a better description.  it isn’t as if there is nesting in the backyard and they make their way inside.  A bed bug can be picked up anywhere and carried home.  There the creature can set up camp anywhere, not necessarily any presumed place (i.e, beds).  They are also elsewhere. 

Even a double house (duplex) can have “creatures” of sorts drifting through tiny spaces in the walls, etc.  It’s well within reason to go into extra effort in a big building of maybe a hundred living spaces.  Example:  there is usually space under doors that aids in ventilation.  It is a space for bugs, too, and can be blocked if there is reason. 

The animal kingdom has many species.SnailBlack SheepTurtle          

Old Folks’ Home Again, Bed Bugs Again

Yes, back to the old folks’ home apartment house briefly, as it seems some things can’t be avoided these days.  Bed bugs haven’t been “news” for some time now, but that does not mean they have vanished from ordinary existence.  The place underfoot (building, not apartment) seems to have a new infestation – the (perhaps) third one in the last ten or so years.  Word has floated around about it for months now, at least three or so, which means they weren’t dealt with adequately when first discovered and may have done a little re-locating or else more have been acquired. 

The amazing thing about the matter is that people who are employed in occupations that would run into problems with the creatures still do not know much about them, where to find reliable information or other pertinent matters.  If someone goes to an authority, like the health department, they gear up to take some action because they must.  It’s not necessarily appropriate action.  Professional service is expensive, and it’s understandable that a company (and local government) doesn’t want to spend money on anything much of that nature, least of all a lot of money. 

Well, the problem exists.  Residents have options.  One’s a hope of escaping the problem by moving, and a new place might easily have the creatures as well.  A second option is to carry on some constant checking (which is a serious annoyance) and try to take personal action if it seems to be needed (assume the expense somehow).  The third option is to expect the management to find a way to address what turns up since it’s a management job to keep the place in a livable condition.  Since part of the intent here is to discuss every day living, there may be changes. 

It’s hard to get rid of some things.Fingers crossed


More Building Sale Comment

People might buy and sell things for a number of reasons. Some are more common than others. One reason for selling a business is the profit motivation – the profit isn’t as much as the owner expected. In some cases there isn’t any at all. (If it’s a matter of insufficient profit, the thing to expect is consolidation.)  There’s no real way to tell from “the outside” what profit there is, although it’s not rare at times to wonder just where a profit in something is, or, for that matter, to wonder why there would be no profit.  What this is leading into is the sale of the apartment house underfoot. 

The structure per se looks to be in pretty good shape, a lot better than several that are not far away used for the same purposes.  One reason quite a few apartment houses of different sorts in the region are having problems is that there’s a sort of “plague” of bed bugs in the region.  Extermination services for those are complicated, expensive, not guaranteed and likely to be recurrent.  In addition, people flee leaving units empty beyond the anticipated extent.  That situation does seem to be under control and was apparently improving before yours truly came along.  Maybe the cost was too high. 

Change (maybe some consolidation) is expected.  The changes outlined so far were not much.  One that was not outlined but took place, however, is fundamentally rather drastic.  The main bulletin board was trashed, probably late Friday.  A lot of the notices were public service notices. Either such is now out of the picture or there will be a sea of notices at the door.  And, it would take a different kind of residents for such to be out of the picture.  A possibility:  the old staff will quit. The new ownership hasn’t been into things a week yet.  (More on this another time.)

Good guesswork can be vital to life. 

A Begging Insect?

The topic was the discovery of bed bugs in a school. It’s certainly more important if the bugs are found in some places rather than others (critical care areas of hospitals and the like would be a lot worse place to have them than, say, a movie theatre).  A school might be fairly bad area if it’s less than a university (which no one has to attend) and if it’s funded by public money (which would be needed for the expensive extermination), so it is worth a newsy announcement by the media.  But, in the case noted in the last day, the media announcement said “beg bug.”  Others have said that, too. 

Now, it didn’t look like “beg bug” was a typographical error because the word “beg” is used three times in the article before it’s changed to “bed.”  It looks like sloppy work in a major media source.  The regional town in the story isn’t exceptionally big, but that’s rather beside the point since state-wide said bugs are viewed as a major problem.  A major problem or an inconsequential annoyance, if it is worth a mention (especially if it goes world wide as that did), correct terms should be used so people know actually what is under discussion without reading all through a thing trying to figure that out.   

It is highly unlikely the problem of bed bug infestation is going to be solved during the lifetime of anyone with a few years on them.  And, they are more than a petty nuisance to the elderly, disabled, babies and even animals, just to mention a few likely victims.  The mere thought of a baby with a bunch of bites is miserable.  Furthermore, there is a load of faulty information “out there.”  There’s no need to give the creatures another name to confuse things more.  So, let it be known, if someone starts talking about a thing called a “beg bug,” it just might be that what is meant is “bed bug.” 

Fixing little things can mean a lot. 

All These Gadgets

Newer models of things have improvements.  Sometimes the “streamlining” consists of additional gadgets.  The new equipment at hand is no exception.  There are several vaguely familiar items included that are supposed to have things easier, more refined or better in some other way.  Well, they’re “vaguely” familiar, and trying to figure out the workings is taking a lot more effort than was originally estimated. Furthermore, a lot of the stuff may be more modern; but, there is no breathless wish to be using it.  After all, a lot of  this commentary is in regard to the old folks’ home. 

The present is not a good time to be suffering with a lot of new stuff (i.e., there may be some more “missing days” ahead).  It is new era of sorts for the old folks around. The building has been sold. According to the papers by the door today, it was officially sold yesterday.  It is not surprising; in fact, it was expected. That is, something fundamental was expected – it could also have been a conversion to some other type of rental, like a motel.  Some folks no doubt literally thought the hallway paint job and other niceties were just for making it more spiffy for the residents. 

It’s not the first time yours truly has been “sold” (and it probably won’t be the last either if one considers the current to-do about real estate these days).  There are probably a number of changes coming for the people in the place.  The old company offices were six hundred miles away.  The new company is less than two hundred miles away and seems to be much bigger.  However, there are hopes to “hang in here” with a little on the past and present (and maybe even some hunches on the future).  As soon as it is possible to figure out the workings of the equipment. 

Even trying to do something is something. 

Changing Times

A new notice was on the main bulletin board in the building underfoot today.  It is probably a sign of things to come. It wasn’t a policy even a year ago. It’s new and a result of bed bugs.  There was no formal notice to all the residents at the door or any such thing.  There was just an addenda to a notice already on the board.  What it said (in rather small print) was that residents of the place were not to exchange (buy from, sell to, give to, etc., other residents) furniture.  The reason was clearly stated as the pest control problem.  It was posted as there had been several notes like “television for sale.” 

It’s rather common practice in large apartment buildings (at least in the vicinity) for people to even leave things they don’t want laying in a common area of the complex with the intent that anyone interested could just take it.  If moving out, it is common for people to sell off some if not all of what they have or even give it away free. Well, no more, even if it’s guaranteed bug free. If moving out, folks will either have to take all their stuff or dump it – no extra cash to cover moving costs, and so forth.  Ditto if they buy something new to replace something they already have. 

It’s a new way of living for many people.  And, it’s good that the notice was put up because many people don’t want to figure bed bugs into their way of living, meanwhile the bugs are not going to vanish as a concern.  It’s not possible to get rid of an element of nature, particularly one that has become entrenched in many areas of life.  It’s only possible to get it out of one’s personal space and that is only sometimes.  And, that is made much more difficult with the common misconceptions about the matter when it comes to those particular insects.  A wealth of knowledge is missing. 

Unexpected things bring changes.