Take What Comes

   Special 19

“You have been given one more day,” the spirit said (that spirit that’s within, or the mind figured it out and just put it that way).  It is a fitting thought for persons in many places including the old folks’ home.  That’s not to be added to so it’s something like, “One more day to have another fling, make a million or change this world.”  

Let’s say the person is in a position where things cannot get better (such as confined to a bed in hospice), but he or she is still alive.  He or she has one more day to see something, feel the touch of a hand, smell flowers around and so forth, but he or she won’t really do anything.  It can be good or bad but one needs to take what comes. 

The principle is practical in everyday life at times.  An ordinary business has to deal with whatever customers are coming through the door.  If that can’t be done, it needs to shut down.  What happens may not be what someone plans out and expects.  It is, however, what someone gets.  The whatever can’t be avoided at times even by the able. 

In the old folks’ home the “outside world” comes along in due time traveling at its own pace, which isn’t like that of the residents.  The difference can be glaring.  Taking what comes can become the order of the day until they are gone.  It can take another day to figure out what’s to be done about it if anything can ever be done about it.    

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Aviation Trail And Other Notes … (The Gypsy Says…)

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“Aviation Trail” said the spirit world to the “gypsy” at hand about four times during this past week in different ways.  That’s too much to not say some things especially since the spring newsletter is stashed under the keys to type something.  In addition, it was said in April there would be more said.  But, “Part 9” thoughts are lost. 

An important historical matter on the table right now is the Wright Factory buildings.  They’re still there.  The idea of course is restoration and inclusion in the sites now the national park system.  There is a bunch of plans afoot, some of them for money to do stuff.  It’ll take a while before things are arranged for people to visit. 

And, now that that bit of news has been published to any interested, to  be clear here, the situation in the nest underfoot is still precarious.  Some fundamental changes have come to the old folks’ home, while of necessity the things skipped over last month still are skipped.  It is not great, and it now seems without end.  Time tells. 

The most powerful statement from the spirit world to the “gypsy” here, also this week, had to do with (amazingly) The House In The City, the real one.  And, a tragedy did take place within about a hundred feet of the place.  It may indeed be time to build the Gypsy Hut publication as it’s getting to be both downright uncanny and a pain. 

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The Gypsy Says….

  Special 19

Gypsies (female) are supposed to sit at a table with balls of crystal to draw on the spirit world to predict futures, which some believe actually will happen. A truly sensitive person with enough general knowledge might be able to make good guesses, but unknowns can easily make a difference in the end.  However, it’s one common idea about gypsies. 

Many years ago a quite close relative owned a neighborhood restaurant (bar and grill) in an ethnic area with the name of “The Gypsy Hut.”  While the people were not gypsies, it fit well.  What, if anything, is left isn’t known here and now, but it did exist as did another place.  There is sort of an undefined unknown about the word “gypsy” itself. 

Why The Gypsy Hut came to mind some months ago isn’t known either, but there was a fast wish to name a place to stash some ideas that had something unique about it.  After some weeks the words also got hung on the door to the apartment to discourage people looking for the next door neighbor at a wrong door.  That has not been enough; it’s in mind. 

So, okay, the gypsy says it’s an avenue to be investigated in some way, shape or form, reason or objective unknown at this time. Under the circumstances, an item that may be of possible value would be another publication at least for a few notes or speculations, even if that is never published for a general readership.  So that’s in the works now. 

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