Montgomery County Fair – End Of An Era

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Since food’s essential to life, by definition agricultural “fairs” are important events.  Improvements resulting from those competitions are meaningful.  Fairs, however, aren’t big everywhere.  Possibly the best place for such would be mid-sized cities surrounded by rural areas.  Regionally, a farmer doesn’t have much market if a whole area’s rural. 

It made sense to set fairgrounds near towns.  In time some places, such as Dayton, Ohio, towns grew around fair sites until the fairgrounds were almost in the downtown area, an ever-present concrete reminder of life’s fundamentals.  It was easy to go to the fair, and it was a big fair bringing some people from more distant areas to the competitions. 

For some, for many decades, Labor Day weekend was a county fair time in Dayton (Montgomery county).  And, it was also the second competition for some after a more localized one where they lived.  After 165 years the land will have some other uses, like education and medicine, and the fair will be at the outskirts of town again, a loss to city folks. 

The last fair near downtown was held already, although the holiday is nearly two months away.  And those people going downtown to the fair for decades will be gone as well soon enough.  Once that happens it will decidedly be the end of that era in that area, a world of the past beyond even the memories of the people.  Maybe it will be a better time. 

Cemeteries and books have many old tales. School 

July 4, 2017 – Independence Day, 2017

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“Someone” noticed that over time there was or seemed to be repeated developments of natural order activity in worldly existence.  He/she counted up the number of sun rises (sun sets) to point “x” where it all started over.  He/she/they called it a year or some such thing.  And, the sun risings were days with number identity.  July 4 exists annually. 

July 4 means nothing special to millions of people.  It is just a day, maybe very cold, maybe very hot.  It does have meaning for some, especially North Americans in the United States as it’s the day the nation began.  Maybe all wasn’t good with that.  Maybe all isn’t good now.  But, few would ask for a better country to call home and a place to be. 

Many people, often young men, have died with the intent of insuring that the nation continued to exist.  More will be likely to die at some time ahead with the same idea.  That should be especially recalled on all national holidays.  A little remembering at other times as well is within reason but the holidays are meant to bring such things to mind. 

July 4th is properly called “Independence Day,” but a good many people (including business advertising) just say July 4th all of the time.  That is good enough.  Everyone knows what is meant.  There are other nations with “Independence Day” in their histories, but they are not the same in many cases.  Those may have interest in more proper wordings. 

A wonderful Fourth of July to all U.S. folks!Birthday cake 

Memorial Day … And ATI

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In a week it’s Memorial Day.  The point is to remember the people who died defending the nation.  Presumably none did that because they really couldn’t find anything else to do had they really tried.  Family, friends, unknowns and even enemies benefited.  It’s only fitting that there’s a pause annually (at least) to recall and honor what they did. 

By extension others, too, are often remembered.  Perhaps a person never wore a uniform and only supported a community with a few minor things, but that, too, is of value to the common good.  It really isn’t disrespectful to also recall briefly all who have died who have somehow made a positive contribution to the rest of humanity even if a little. 

Anyone who ever lived with the air force nearby and easily overhead knows the sense of safety that surely exists on a battlefield if an air power is there.  So, perhaps it is a fitting time for adding just a note to remember the Wright Brothers who found the means for there to be air power; it exists for good in different branches of the military. 

The little bicycle shop in western Dayton (like the one in Michigan) is there and maintained for all to appreciate at some time that extra-ordinary simplicity from which flight developed.  The whole notion is still awe-inspiring if one really thinks about it.  The whole “trail” has value to an individual trying to put things into some perspective. 

A peaceful and happy Memorial Day to all.Coffee cup 

What’s So Special About A Resurrection?

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Perhaps not everywhere in the world, but certainly in many places the plant kingdom has its own form of resurrection, namely when the trees and such seem to come back to life a few months after appearing to have died in autumn.  It’s a regular happening.  Scientific explanations exist now, but it’s doubtful they existed in early prehistoric times. 

More important, perhaps, is the fact that the life gathers itself up and lays low until the world around is more life supporting.  (That’s today’s explanation.)  If plants have that power, and some animals have a similar power (as with hibernation) commonly, human resurrection is not a stretch for an imagination by a lot, although apparently rare. 

Apart from that, why couldn’t God (at least some aspect of God) take on human form?  (That is probably the most valid argument for there to have been a miraculous resurrection, which is the basis of the “Christian High Holiday” that is being commemorated this coming Sunday.)  There is no sound reason an almighty God could not take on a human form. 

If there were actual followers, the spirit of Jesus Christ meaning ideas and attitudes was not dead even if an actual resurrection didn’t happen.  So, even if one does not have the associated Christian beliefs of Easter, it really does some good to get in the spirit of the holiday, at least in the fun stuff like Easter bunny and colored egg items. 

May everyone have a marvelous Easter!Bunny 

High Time Of Changes … (Ides Of March)

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Winter’s drifting into Spring (unless one’s somewhere like New Zealand where it’s the reverse).  Clock’s hands should have been shoved ahead an hour (unless one’s someplace not concerned about other people’s hours).  Dietary adjustment has fallen into place for some millions of people at least temporarily (unless one’s a nonbeliever).  Change it is. 

Perhaps the weather had something to do with the events in ancient Rome that gave us the “Ides of March” warning.  It was a bit unusual in the area underfoot in that winter has snow, but there really wasn’t any worth mention.  It would have been much if all the rain had been snow.  Although it was warmish, people seemed to act as if it were bad out. 

These days one could “beware the Ides of March” because of the clock changing business.  That should be about when it really kicks into play for everyday life.  And, thus comes disoriented people a little disorganized about what’s what today, especially if the mind is on what’s to be eaten for lunch, which is now an hour later than it was last week. 

The trees in front of the place underfoot were topped with white blossoms creating a different atmosphere, which does look lovely while saying “winter’s gone”; but, the changes that are man-made at this time are enough to overshadow at least in part the only “legitimate” (natural world) change taking place.  So, how to get rid of the unnatural ones? 

Some things are hopeless.Coffee cup 

Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 12 … And Valentine’s Day!

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There’s other stuff that might be added to this hunt notes listing, but one objective here is to get a something down and get it printed for distribution to help at least to an extent.  It can then always be revised with any additional material put together, possibly within a few months.  Past articles also contain information, just not so together. 

34.  Laundry.  If there’s a laundry room (they are in some places but not all), the odds are there are rules covering the use.  And, not all take cash.  If there is none and no using one’s own washer and dryer, it makes sense to locate the nearest laundry service and take a look at it.  Vendor operated laundry rooms’ problems don’t go to the office. 

35.  Transfers.  Moving from one apartment to another that seems better is nearly impossible some places and not that difficult in others.  As noted in item #20, sometimes with doctor’s statements it’s done when not otherwise done.  If there is a transfer, the rent is likely to be different if the space is different.  It is just a point to remember.

36.  Utilities.  Commonly water, sewer and electricity are the utilities of “utilities included.”  It could just mean the plumbing services.  An electric bill (like a telephone bill) needs to be considered.  Even a small place can have noticeable electricity costs.  Obviously there should be a difference in rental amounts depending on the utilities. 

Happy Valentine’s Day to all.Red rose 

Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 8 … And M. L. King, Jr. Day


Another Holiday is here and, like the others, it’s worth a consideration.  Martin Luther King, Jr. was a very notable person.  And, as with the other recent holidays, there are many words in other places while someone may need a notion presented here.  So, these notes continue with best wishes and hope for all things to end up as being pretty good. 

22.  View.  A “fancy” place may advertise a “view” meaning some supposedly interesting sight to see anytime.  That is something possible, but the sight may not be viewable from every apartment.  Advertised or not, there’s a view in all places with a window, and the real view’s what’s seen when one looks through that.  The “view” might be the alley. 

23.  Lobby.  In a big place there should be a lobby.  That would be a space near the doors with chairs, maybe tables, and quite often easy access to the residents’ mailbox area nearby.  They are busy places, especially when the mail is delivered, and have all the problems of high traffic areas that most places have.  Elevators there will add to it. 

24.  Newsletter.  Theoretically, a newsletter’s a supposed means of informing the target audience (residents, in this case) of changes, events and the like.  While they are not everywhere, some places do maintain one in spite of allied costs for paper and the like.  It doesn’t hurt to ask what might be included in anything distributed to residents. 

M. L. King, Jr. said protest peacefully; it’s right.Thumbs up