New Zealand, You Say?

He was born in England and frequented London, the storied capital of an empire all around the world.  There are other “storied capitals,” e.g., Rome, Vienna, but none have the reputation of London.  More important, none of the others speak English, so for anyone who only speaks English and wants to glory for a time in a “storied capital of an empire,” London is it.

His father’s sense of civic responsibility (also known as service in the Royal Navy) carried him to far away places before he wasn’t old enough to choose a place to live for himself.  That’s not unique, of course.  It’s a fact of life for military kids everywhere.  Where they finally settle, on the other hand, says a great deal about the place they choose (in his case, New Zealand).

Well, New Zealand is a distance from industrial smog, not to mention a rigid, ancient social order not too suited to independent thinking (and living).  He could still use a British passport.  The climate’s comfortable, about the same as “home.”  It’s islands, people thinking beyond the sea, rather than folks who perhaps can’t even swim, never mind sailing to distant lands.

The activities of formative years some place may be quite alien in other places; and, depending on various factors, it’s rather useless to try to find people who relate.  On a permanent basis then, it only makes sense to go where one fits.  A few trips around the world can verify such a choice, and that was done, too.  For him, then, the place to live out life was New Zealand….

Some things are only suited to a few rare people.  🙂


Day’s News

Somehow “the day’s news” ain’t what it used to be.  It used to be there was a police reporter who went to the police station to check out the likes of assorted robberies and burglaries.  Police news has expanded to include considerably more.  There was a political reporter who went to listen to what the governor said and got comments from opposition.

Life was simple.  That above all happened some place else.  It may have been some place else in the same town, but it was some place else and not anything that interfered with ordinary life, which more or less consisted of get up, go to work, get home again, eat in between and on the weekend see about some entertainment like going to a movie.

The more or less day’s news is still there on a screen or maybe in print, but today one might hesitate even to go to the nearby supermarket for several reasons.  Notably, that includes the previously generally unheard of news that something’s about to be recalled due to some kind of contamination likely to cause health problems as well as random crime.

Sports news, it seems, is no longer simply who lost and who won and financial news numbers are rather beyond comprehension.  The real “important to the world” news should be things like the space program and advancements in science, but there seems to be little in regard to those around.  …Unless they’re somewhere not known in the spot underfoot.

Information is important to life.

Old Folks Home Notes

In the nest underfoot it’s summer in the city.  It’s not a big city, although it’s big for the state, and it’s not a famous city, although like any other it has points of interest.  There are reports here and there about events, like picnics and concerts, where people can go for a few hours of get-together or entertainment, some making money for good causes.

While some folks will attend events, some just sit outside in peace visiting neighbors, especially the likes of people in the old folks’ home who have trouble getting around but who are grateful for the opportunity to get out of the frequently cramped little space that’s “home.”  Even if that “space” is in good shape (often it’s not) it’s likely not much.

In the “Northlands” (likewise the area underfoot) it’s only a matter of a month or so now when any sitting outside visiting with neighbors is going to be limited to fewer and fewer hours due to the natural onset of cooler temperatures as the year ends.  Right now, excluding rainy days, things are still good enough from morning onward into evenings.

It’s the tail end of summer.  Once the young get over the start of school, they can gleefully look to the end of the year holidays, but to the oldest generation it can be the last of the nice times outside.  Life is only so long.  There can be a special sadness over the end of times outdoors.  That’s to be remembered if visiting “retirement communities.”

No two views are alike in this world.  🙂

Homeless, You Say?

Once again nothing extra-ordinary sailed past the door or window.  The weather has been nice.  The local news, however, is covering a matter that has at least some eyebrows raised.  It seems a number of homeless people have set up camps of sorts in a couple of areas of the region’s principle downtown.  This be “tent city” stuff.  From the way the news reads, the government’s idea is to “run ’em out.”

People become “homeless” for different reasons.  A fire gutting a house can leave the people in a state of homelessness.  So does running away from an abusive spouse with nowhere hidden to go and an escape from a jail.  Government, religious and other agencies might help some if the individual(s) can get there, but chances are it won’t be overnight.  And, the bottom line is that the homeless do exist.

Whether there should be any such thing in an “advanced” nation is beside the point here. It really shouldn’t happen in any established civilization on any level, but it does.  How to handle the matter seems (as yet) to have no real solution in many (if not all) places.  Meanwhile, the fact remains that there are organizations for assorted “salvaging” projects like animal welfare and even saving old buildings.

There’s no intention here to belittle any “salvaging projects” reasonable people think worthy of attention nor to preach any notion of the importance of human beings over other creation, but the things some humans have figured out suggests more could be both devised and done to gain a respected society that has no such circumstances as “homelessness,” especially among the vulnerable and veterans.

Sometimes mentioning things can help.  🙂

Ellis Island Note

There are notable, even somewhat fantastic places all over the world.  And, new ones seem to keep surfacing.  Collections of “interesting” stuff, for example, may include bits from New Zealand (surprisingly even some aviation).  New Zealand’s some islands so far from what’s considered “civilization” it seems like they’re about to fall off the edge of the Earth.

The “Seven Wonders of the World” (be they ancient, modern, or some specialized kind) have been “added to” many times over with collections of things like those already on the U.N. World Heritage List, and there are things waiting to be added.  There are also mysteries yet to be discovered (or uncovered) in the vast array of existence just on planet Earth.

Some of the “wonder things” are natural, some are man-made, some are a mixture of both.  They often (if not always) affect or have affected life.  Some only affect the lives of the people near them.  Some affect the lives of everyone.  A guideline to importance might be how much do they affect life?  (At least, that’s one way to consider what should be noted.)

While a number of places in the United States can fit in the category of notable, the point here is to bring attention to Ellis Island.  Admittedly, not everyone in the country has (or had) dealings with Ellis Island, but it is a national treasure that could use donations.  It was thought worthwhile to mention it for those with a connection who don’t have it in mind.

There are many good causes.  🙂

So What Topic Today?

Topics for this little spot in the universe depend largely on what passes by at the moment (like outside the window or down the hall).  It is, after all, the latest reincarnation of a long gone newspaper column that related some everyday, ordinary (and generally uneventful) living in a sizable city rather than suburb or farm.

What came by demanding attention in the last few days was bedbug inspection ordered by the apartment building management.  Well, it may be the plague of the 21st century and an important topic, but even important topics get tiresome (not that there has been that much in here) and it is discussed at length other places.

The weather is always outside, and what also drifted by in the last few days was another big to-do over a possible tornado, the area underfoot being tornado alley.  There was probably one that set down somewhere around, but the region’s more or less ready to handle damages even if it were in some highly populated place.

The price of cigarettes went up (no news on gasoline prices at the moment).  Petty, little annoyances that could be discussed (like what to do when one runs out of scotch tape) have happened.  There’s also standard stuff not discussed recently (like Grandma’s house).  Sadly, nothing that’s paramount comes to mind presently.

Sometimes it’s hard to decide things.  🙂

Old Folks’ Home, Church People, Christian Action

Places like old folks’ homes are places often maintained by religious organizations.  Even if they are private property straight out apartments or the like, churches like to visit.  They may only send individual representatives, or there may be a provision of actual church services with expectations of attendance depending on the place and the outlook.  Regardless, preaching is likely and soul-saving is the order of the hour if not the day.

Now, the old, likely sick person there may very well really have his/her mind on hand, foot, heart, etc., but that doesn’t mean the church people have anything in mind but the “soul-saving,” so often ignored is a need for a new cane or whatever.  (That’s for someone else to handle.)  There are three Christian churches visiting the place underfoot.  Seemingly, all are into Christian Preaching but not what might be called “Christian Action.”

There are probably other words to describe what is meant here by “Christian Action.”  Whatever words are used, what it means is putting into actual activity (practice), if/where appropriate, what those gospel sayings and stories are describing in some similar way.  So far, based on what’s been noted underfoot, what’s playing out is the parable of “The Good Samaritan,” while there are people “out there somewhere” acting “Christian.”

There’s a wonderful (big) organization called The Christophers based in New York City that has been around for many decades that does promote personal activity such as that by that “Good Samaritan.”  Any library reference desk (if nowhere else) can probably provide a wealth of information about The Christophers to those interested.  Their examples of people are often examples of much personal courage as well as just some kindness.

Words alone can mean nothing.  🙂