Ah! Summer-Time At The Old Folks’ Home!

It’s going into summer, 2018, now and while many are not thinking about such things, the year is going into it’s down-swing.  Most immediately days will get shorter by something like a minute or so each day, a matter hardly noticeable most of the time.  Everything else will continue to blossom or bloom as if the world expanding direction set in December will continue.

The “world expanding direction” won’t continue even though the heat, crops and probably some emotions will intensive at least for a couple of months.  However, given that the essence of an old folks’ home includes the notion of people not running off to workplaces in the morning, the life and times are a bit different than what one might find in the “outside world” around.

In the outside world people get up and go places rather irregardless of the weather.  In the old folks’ home they tend to stay in as much as possible if the weather is cold, etc.  If the weather is warm enough, there’s a sort of “explosion” of going places instead of staying cooped up in a warm “cubbyhole.”  Someone one wants to see may very well be out somewhere.

Move in and move out can be expected to increase.  Sit out on the benches and the like also increases as does dog walking.  Numerous strangers will run by with a cheery “Hello!” because the face has been seen around even though the name is unknown.  And, folks who have taken a dislike to one are easily met in the comings and goings of nice weather outside.

An old folks’ home takes adjustments.  🙂


Today’s Big Problem: Society’s Drifting Randomly

A store closes.  Even a small one had employees.  While they all may have other jobs lined up, interaction at the store is ended and the people go in different directions quite possibly to never see each other again.  Another job in another place means getting into a new routine and getting acquainted all over again.  It’s a highly individual thing and may affect only a few people, but it’s a few here and a few there and maybe it was a big place.

If there were customers that depended on the service, they’re at a loss and likely wander maybe even aimlessly trying to renew a way to get what became unavailable.  They, too, would likely scatter in different directions and maybe use additional time and effort to continue living somewhat as before.  (And, it seems these days there is also a factor of unexpected violence to disrupt what would otherwise be standardized, ordinary living.)

It’s happened again underfoot.  A medical service is closing it’s office.  It featured house calls by doctors, a great thing for people with difficulty in getting around.  There was no forewarning, nothing but two letters (one by certified mail) saying the service would be discontinued at the end of the next month.  There is no other such deal around.  Patients are on their own after possibly one more visit from their regular doctor and the staff.

If a death or serious accident happens in a family, even if it is somewhat expected, that family’s daily doings are thoroughly interrupted.  The upset situation has to be sorted out, but the problem is more or less confined to the family and the activities of the still living, and if there’s even a suspicion of something happening, it’s a sort of forewarning.  There’s little forewarning with happenings these days in “standardized, ordinary living.”

New can replace old, but it may not fit.  🙂

The World’s Pivotal Year, 2018

One starts with the fact that anyone born before the year 2000 has “one foot” in the previous century.  That had a lot of things that enormously affected people, including the two World Wars and the Great Depression.  The airplane was invented, etc., so in time people traveled far and wide rather than a few hundred miles near home and more.

Inventing is a continuous thing, and the above is all old.  Such were things of deep concern to people living through them, and they affected not only everyday life but attitudes and ways of doing things which are no longer necessarily that common.  For an example, one only needs to consider something like buying things via card transactions.

For those who live a rather “standardized pattern” of life (e.g., high school graduation at age 18), as of this summer they are adults and out in the working world, although admittedly some will opt for continued education.  The fact is, some won’t be doing that.  The year 2000 babies will be at the cash registers at the local supermarket and the like.

Changes (such as with communications) have been in play for quite a while already, but they were handed to those of the old order to figure out and try to use.  In the days ahead those of the “new order” will start running things instead of just following along those that were formed by the needs, circumstances and ideas of the previous century.

Changes aren’t always good or bad.  🙂

Memorial Day Thoughts

War is not a good thing.  People die, sometimes horribly.  Some are injured for as long as they live.  The social order is disrupted.  Only here and there, maybe once in a while, is a normal order restored.  And, the worst part is that the people most likely to physically suffer some kind of injury are those in the prime of life in the military.

It is fitting that all who have benefited from the sacrifices made by those described above remember and honor them.  That includes not only those who knew them when they were alive and able-bodied, but those who never knew them when they were alive especially those who were born much later (in other words, everyone around).

Many events are commonly scheduled for Memorial Day — it is a long weekend and usually the introduction to summer.  However, it’s sad as well as bad when anything is allowed to overshadow the whole purpose of the weekend commemoration.  Other events can surely be held, so long as they do not ignore or make light of the day.

Some use the day to remember family and friends as well.  This, too, is okay, so long as it’s done with an appreciation of the thousands being formally remembered by the society that is at hand as a whole, even though they are all unknown.  A whispered “Thank you” at a likely grave noted in passing would not be inappropriate at all.

May this Memorial Day be one to treasure.  🙂

More On Basic Needs….

Last week it was said a most essential thing for life is air.  And, two other important essentials are suitable temperature and water/food.  Light is important, but not always essential.  Shelter and clothing are highly advisable.  Sleep (rest), while essential, is more or less automatic from within, and not a “conducive to life environment” thing or something someone goes and gets.

There may, of course, be something missing from the above analysis, but at least that much is needed for a living thing.  “Space to be” can be important, as crowding will naturally cut down on the amount of other things (such as air) available.  For a just developing being, it might be better to call that “space to grow,” and that can be nearly essential even if it’s not constantly so.

Physical necessities have to be covered before there can be talk about psychological (or sociological, for that matter) aspects of being alive.  And, there is a secondary level of physical necessities often overlooked in such discussions, which may or may not extend to other levels of life, for example, communication.  Even animals who are near each other can be aware of each other.

Transportation sounds like a remote need, but it can be important.  If all of the things needed are right at hand, there’s no need to be moving anywhere, however, all that’s needed isn’t necessarily always at hand or it can be depleted.  Walking is possible given legs, but often they don’t carry a human far.  It wasn’t accident that animals were domesticated for transportation.

Love is good, but existence comes first.  🙂

Mis-Information Indeed

Long ago “proper authorities” (i.e., teachers, etc.) preached that the basic needs of human beings were food, clothing and shelter.  (That’s to be remembered, kiddies.)  Well, it is a start, but not much more.  Then psychologists and the like entered the picture to claim, announce that people need love, work (!) and other non-material items.  In addition, questions like what’s essential to all life arose.

Being as it’s plants rather than humans that need certain soil elements to survive, that part of the matter can be set aside for the moment.  Animals other than humans tend to be equipped with “clothes,” so other animals can also be set aside at least for the moment in regard that “basic need.”  Humans do often (not always) need covering as protection from the elements; but, clothes are also a social thing.

The number one thing needed for survival (out of the original “suggestion”) is food.  And, if the food is not heavily water, water ranks right up there also as number one.  Above all, however, there is the matter of air.  No air and neither human nor other living thing will last long.  Light, as in sunlight, is needed.  So is sleep, and it’s likely often it helps if that is in a sheltered place, but sleep is a thing starting within.

The question came up recently in the place underfoot, so some investigating was done.  The non-mention of water was already known.  The thing generally overlooked, however, was that super essential, air.  What wasn’t seen at all in the places looked was a suitable temperature range.  As for the psychology, something to do (like work) is probably essential, but “Love” might just be a matter of attention.

It takes a lot to keep something alive.  🙂

A Few Words About The Police….

There are times to call the police.  And, if one is going to call the police, since the purpose of police is maintaining lawful order, an important thing one should have is evidence of a crime or criminal activity, like a smashed window or even the likes of a gun laying randomly on a sidewalk.  It could be a piece of paper, too, or a recorded message.

However, the police can be helpful otherwise as well, especially if there is not a lot of crime going on at some time so police officers can’t do much but drive around patrolling.  If one has a problem (cat caught in some kind of odd situation and there seems to be no way to get the critter loose and no one’s around to help), it doesn’t hurt to ask.

The police exist to help the citizenry.  Sometimes they don’t do what someone wants.  At times they don’t even do what someone needs, but the world around would be a terrible place if they didn’t exist.  They show up for some reason about once a month at the old folks’ home underfoot, the saddest reason:  someone died and no one noticed.

There are actually a number of reasons why the police might show up at the old folks’ home.  These include wandering souls causing trouble with cars in the the parking lot and giving cautionary speeches.  Regardless of the reason they come, a cop car near the front of the building arouses curiosity.  Life isn’t just all relaxed at the old folks’ home.

Some things are in unexpected places.  🙂