Holiday Switch Time

It’s that rare moment each year when people switch from a big holiday event to another big holiday event, only this year life and times threw a bit of a clinker in the works as there’s an entire business week of November yet and it’s December that’s Christmas time as a rule.  There’s also no snow around the old folks’ home underfoot at present.

They say people tend to die more often around the holidays.  At the moment there are three obituaries on the bulletin board of the old folks’ home underfoot.  Usually there are none, even though the EMT’s, etc., show up on an average of once a week.  Of course, that might be mere coincidence rather than some kind of foreshadowing of the Fates.

Obituaries do dampen the times, especially when they come around Thanksgiving as how can people be merry about anything, including Christmas, when they’ve just spent their time trying to make the best of a funeral, especially if the funeral was for a person who was a vital part of their lives.  Indeed, death is probably why faiths exist.

Regardless, this year it’s more than a couple of days before Christmas month kicks in to intensify that feature of the holiday season.  Presently “out there” is a certain amount of confusion.  St. Nick’s Day isn’t just ahead.  It’s almost two weeks away, and at present there are still some leaves on the trees and probably some bills to be paid.

Sometimes  party-time is delayed.  🙂



Old Folks’ Home Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in an old folks’ home is different from family or other gatherings.  While it may be a matter of some kind of a community feast, there’s at least one element that’s different, and very possibly there may be two or three.  Perhaps the most notable thing that’s different is that it’s likely it’s not the same people every year.

By it’s nature, the old folks’ home is full of old people.  They die off and new residents move in to take their places.  While certainly some people live in such places many years before they’re gone, new people are to be expected while old friends (and enemies) can be expected to be gone forever — maybe still alive but not there.

Depending on the place (and the management) all or important elements of the dinner may be catered.  If people want to contribute such may also be present, but in essence the meal is provided, sometimes by some do-good organization, possibly by management staff, possibly just plain ordered from a food catering company.

In some cases (depending on the type of residents) something like a Thanksgiving dinner is an outright community event created by something like a residents’ association for all residents.  It can also be just a group of residents who want to celebrate the holiday but who rather like the idea of not doing a massive job of cooking.

Regardless of how, Happy Thanksgiving to all.  🙂

Next Up: Thanksgiving

The old folks’ home underfoot had Thanksgiving decorations up just about a day after the Hallowe’en stuff got taken down.  It’s the holiday season, of course.  Something does need to be around to liven up the place a little, even though the lobby isn’t in too bad of a state of emptiness or dreariness.  Sometimes there’s just too much.

Since it’s another holiday, fiddling with the pictures can continue, just with a different collection.  Although the equipment has been acting up (may need a technician), it is a downright mystery why there seems to be no simple way to publish them, without the use of that old and very outdated system used in the past.  (It’s still around.)

Today, it’s just to be mentioned that gratitude for whatever one has can be a peaceful thing.  That doesn’t mean that trying for more or better is bad.  It just means stopping briefly with satisfaction over something is a chance to take a breath and re-assess the situation to see if one is heading in the right direction for future well-being.

That may leave a lot out of the over-all picture.  The pilgrims, after all, created a feast (they say).  However, not everyone can get into such a thing as feasting, be it alone or amid a big bunch of people.  Momentary pauses with a thought or two of appreciation also have in them the essence of the spirit of the upcoming celebration day.

Happy times ahead to all.  🙂





Now Some Hallowe’en Stuff

As mentioned last week, the old folks’ home underfoot is more decked out with “holiday” junk than some homes with six kids in it.  This in spite of the fact that the pertinent day (or time, which may be a better description) is not a “holiday time” itself according to known (at this desk) legal or religious declarations or traditions.

As it is an old folks’ home with people who can barely get around, something to liven up the place is worthwhile and a party, especially something like a costume party, can help improve the atmosphere.  A few decorations in advance like in a lobby are okay, too, but what has happened is a neighbor got carried away with decorating.

In just in about half the length of the hallway, not everywhere in the place, “appropriate” figures like a green faced witch and Dracula have been hung from the ceiling maybe five feet apart.  There’s also a big display on the wall by the neighbor’s door.  And, the daily thought in mind is, should there be a complaint to management?

The neighbor is an active sort of person into assorted different things as they come up, and she’s probably a valuable asset with her volunteering.  She was told point blank to get two of the things from in front of the spot underfoot, and she did move one of them.  However, the stuff still hangs low, is unavoidable and is gruesome.

Putting up with annoyances can be part of the deal.  😦

Columbus Day

The background pictures herein — the Sombrero Galaxy featured above center and the background composite around it all — aren’t done the same way as what’s in the weekly essays.  Those can be changed, but there’s no wish to do so and it’s another complicated deal.  If for some reason a change there seemed needed, that would be another matter.

From the looks of it, the pictures most recently published will stay.  (The first one’s a lost cause.)  It does look like there’s more than one way to do it, but one’s enough.  At times there’s no reason for a picture.  There’s a reason today.  It’s officially the legal holiday of Columbus Day.  There should be a sailing ship below to honor Christopher Columbus.

Inline image

And, time will tell what happens.  🙂

New Zealand, You Say?

He was born in England and frequented London, the storied capital of an empire all around the world.  There are other “storied capitals,” e.g., Rome, Vienna, but none have the reputation of London.  More important, none of the others speak English, so for anyone who only speaks English and wants to glory for a time in a “storied capital of an empire,” London is it.

His father’s sense of civic responsibility (also known as service in the Royal Navy) carried him to far away places before he wasn’t old enough to choose a place to live for himself.  That’s not unique, of course.  It’s a fact of life for military kids everywhere.  Where they finally settle, on the other hand, says a great deal about the place they choose (in his case, New Zealand).

Well, New Zealand is a distance from industrial smog, not to mention a rigid, ancient social order not too suited to independent thinking (and living).  He could still use a British passport.  The climate’s comfortable, about the same as “home.”  It’s islands, people thinking beyond the sea, rather than folks who perhaps can’t even swim, never mind sailing to distant lands.

The activities of formative years some place may be quite alien in other places; and, depending on various factors, it’s rather useless to try to find people who relate.  On a permanent basis then, it only makes sense to go where one fits.  A few trips around the world can verify such a choice, and that was done, too.  For him, then, the place to live out life was New Zealand….

Some things are only suited to a few rare people.  🙂

Day’s News

Somehow “the day’s news” ain’t what it used to be.  It used to be there was a police reporter who went to the police station to check out the likes of assorted robberies and burglaries.  Police news has expanded to include considerably more.  There was a political reporter who went to listen to what the governor said and got comments from opposition.

Life was simple.  That above all happened some place else.  It may have been some place else in the same town, but it was some place else and not anything that interfered with ordinary life, which more or less consisted of get up, go to work, get home again, eat in between and on the weekend see about some entertainment like going to a movie.

The more or less day’s news is still there on a screen or maybe in print, but today one might hesitate even to go to the nearby supermarket for several reasons.  Notably, that includes the previously generally unheard of news that something’s about to be recalled due to some kind of contamination likely to cause health problems as well as random crime.

Sports news, it seems, is no longer simply who lost and who won and financial news numbers are rather beyond comprehension.  The real “important to the world” news should be things like the space program and advancements in science, but there seems to be little in regard to those around.  …Unless they’re somewhere not known in the spot underfoot.

Information is important to life.