A Shred Of Hope

___________________Dover 173___________________


Well, it is a picture, but getting it displayed took suffering with (and using) other (antiquated) equipment.  If it goes through and stays all right, pictures are not an impossibility, just very complicated.  It also will cost about ten dollars a month, so  obviously, there has to be more on this later.

It’s hoped everyone likes unusual birds.  🙂


Boys Town — A Calendar!

A movie called ” Boys Town” was made in 1938.  Give it at least ten years to have gotten from first run downtown theaters to remote little neighborhood places (1948).  Someone about ten years old could get some thoughty impact from such things, but most probably not much.  Most likely older people who lived through the Great Depression related well.

Given the stuff above, it’s a fair guess that once the film was released millions of people saw it, which millions of people are now mostly dead.  Anyone born in 1938 (so ten years old in 1948) is now pushing 80 years old.  It wasn’t a Baby Boomers or later thing even though troubled kids certainly still exist.  Any “real” action came from people now gone.

Given that it’s place of origin was Nebraska and times were different then, chances are the name and maybe even some aspects of the idea would be meaningless today without that movie “back then,” although it’s possible the place could have struggled along until more modern times and blossomed into something sort of national in more recent times.

The movie was seen “back then” and a vague impression still exists.  A bid for donations (name and address picked up from some mailing list somewhere) has not fallen on alien eyes.  It came with a lovely 2018 calendar and addenda.  The calendar is very good as numbers are bigger than bank calendars.  It’s seriously hoped they get many donations.

Things tossed to the winds land somewhere. 🙂


Pictures? No, Just Update

Well, the thought here was to try to figure out how to present some pictures again.  One was picked out for a trial run (to see if it could be set neatly).  So far there has not been progress on how to set it at all.  There must be a way to do it, but that hasn’t been found yet and the type’s still in junky order.  Looks like they will be features taking some time.

In the mail there is now a second Aviation Trial newsletter that is to be read to see what all may be happening.  According to some unofficial reports, an event or two has taken place, but it’s hard to keep up with things while trying to figure out how the new systems available should or are supposed to be used.  There’s also personal medical problem.

It’s also a month for a bunch of decorating in the old folks’ home, as well as other places worth a mention.  Scary items like spiders (plastic items) are scattered around the lobby like enclosed in the “official notices” glass covered bulletin board.  Folks once frightened by such may be edgy at least once, when they’re first seen and sometimes later as well.

September’s traditionally the month for clear thinking and March is, too.  Why that’s true, supposedly, is not known at this desk, but it’s a “hopeful” thought.  One idea percolating up, however, is a bit egotistical.  It came with added thought, “Why not?  Many ordinary people are doing it.”  The idea?  An autobiography for the sake of justice (just not here).

What someone figures out can help others.  🙂

More Updating….

Things haven’t change appreciably for the better at the spot on earth underfoot; so, firstly, thanks again to those still checking this humble place for things of interest. It won’t be too long before post-hospital stay (there was one) in home nursing services is done with and gone. That, of itself, has been a problem just because it’s very time-consuming.

The equipment failure (jumbled stuff twice now) is being dealt with as possible. It’s not likely references and the like could possibly be restored to what they were, but there is work toward a new set up. That’s also time-consuming and there’s some extra costs involved, i.e., a few unexpected costs that have to be worked into some tight budgeting.

That ATI newsletter mentioned some time ago still hasn’t been read, so there’s little to report on the Aviation Trail things. The old folks’ home management hereabouts is doing assorted things that are of value, like the window-washing scheduled for this coming week (which will provide another relatively brief interruption when they get inside).

Very recently it was nearly impossible to get “grandma’s house” out of mind, more directly in regard to a cousin who died nearly two years ago. Why he suddenly came to mind with a sort of overwhelming bang isn’t clear. Those notes on young life like in the 1940’s are still in the loop of chat and may even have some practical, current value of some kind.

May everyone have a good week. 🙂

Comin’ In On A Wing And A Prayer

“Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer” is a fitting description, especially with aviation references scattered about the place. There’s been more substantial disruption of equipment with little idea of what to do about it. …Just find a way to get through it is the order of the day, and now that’s likely to be more days than expected as little was re-established.

There is repair service relatively handy. However, at the moment getting to it is difficult. For one thing, exactly what happened is not clear, and he needs some idea of what’s wrong now. “It doesn’t work” isn’t really enough. For another thing, other factors, some very good, have crawled into the picture. Trying to grab the good while that’s possible is a top priority.

There were hopes of trying to get in a picture this week. At this point, it’s with luck and bits of finagling that will get any kind of message published. That’s worth a try to at least keep followers currently informed that there is still someone in the old folks’ home underfoot saying some things hereabouts and wherever in the world out there that they might land.

“Comin’ in on a wing and a prayer” is a saying that apparently grew out of a World War II movie called The Flying Tigers. Wherever it came from, however, it’s probably been true of many pilots from the Wright Brothers on down. After all, humans can’t fly under their own power, and mechanical contraptions of all sorts tend to stop operating every so often.

Hopes here for all to have a beautiful first of autumn. 🙂

A New Season — Autumn

‘Tis autumn in the old folks’ home even though it hasn’t gotten there on the calendar yet. That is, the temperatures are near perfect, daytime highs around 75 degrees and cool nights. If the highs hang around above that, the air conditioning is needed, but only for a time. That means continuously fiddling with that as well as trying to take care of everyday stuff.

For all intents and purposes autumn at the old folks’ home is no different from any normal place in the outside world. The tree leaves change color and so forth. Plans are in the air for the holidays. Winter stuff is in the back of the mind even if not an actual concern yet. Regular advertising has changed seasons and holidays. There is, however, one difference.

By definition the old folks’ home houses old people. The future is largely past. Some might quietly wonder if there will be another Christmas or New Year’s Day. It’s important to make the most of the celebrations, ideally within reason, as there’s chance it will be the last one. Gift exchanges need not be things that will last a lifetime as there’s not much of that left.

Indeed, one can look around and take note of the rest of the world, the part which is unaware of one’s existence, with the thought that one day he or she will have vanished from the scene and the world out there will be doing pretty much exactly what it’s doing at the moment. And, new people will have been added to the place, people equally unaware….

Autumn hints at peace. 🙂

Dear Readers….

Thank you for stopping by. Readers are the reason for all this stuff. The whole point is to offer things, possibly information, maybe a bit of entertainment or just whatever to or for anyone who might be interested in a line of thought or even some everyday living in this given little place on earth (or some recollections of a couple of other places).

There is much around to discuss, from the autumn-like weather that has happened hereabouts and the holiday today to the Aviation Trail news that has arrived but has yet to be read. Things are happening at the old folks’ home, too, and the world beyond.  (The world beyond can’t get too much space as that tends to become editorializing.)

The situation in this little part of the world has improved some, but with a whole slew of newish and revamped equipment it’s slow going. Learning to use new things (or even adjusted things) take a while. Be assured, it’s being worked on….  Unfortunately, some medical concerns also came into the picture to make things even slower.

Personal stuff has interfered with ordinary essay offerings.  Not only was there a need to head for the hospital emergency room recently (and home care nursing and the like is still in play — indeed, still being organized) ordinary services like food have been disrupted for reasons like people quitting and the holiday.  The medical may take time.

May your week be good.