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Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 7

     Dover 369a

Is it the time of mid-winter thaw or mid-winter freeze out there in the outside world?  Maybe it is a little of both, and a good time to do some heavy thinking about what would seem to be an ideal place to live, but keeping in mind one can’t always have everything.  It is important to pick and choose what is the most needed, desirable and/or likely. 

19.  Main Entry.  If there’s a single entry for a group of apartments, there is likely some kind of lock, although it isn’t unknown to have a manned desk at the door.  Some big places maintain electronic doors that automatically lock a moment after someone enters.  Those are not necessarily as safe as they appear.  Following people in is often done. 

20.  Health Matters.  Committed places may go so far as to have an exercise room with some equipment for residents to use.  Some will set up lectures or health fairs.  At times for medical reasons it’s possible to change apartments and add stuff such as grab bars, although a doctor’s statement may be needed.  These can be important as a person ages. 

21.  Entertainment Amenities.  Does the local library send the “bookmobile” is a good question, especially if there’s not much around.  A community room, if there’s one at all, can be nothing but an empty room or it may include various items such a television, piano or a few shelves with books and the like donated (or left) by people over the years. 

Winter is a good time to stay indoors.Coffee cup 

Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 6

    Dover 101

So, it’s the start of a new year.  Whether it is better or worse than the one now over can’t be known for a while; in the meantime, some people are hunting for new homes, maybe even today.  It’s hoped a result of these notes is that it makes that much better for those hunting.  At least it may generate a thought or two, maybe a decision to not hunt. 

16.  Traffic.  Living near a fire department sub-station’s good if there’s expected need of an emergency team.  Other than that it might be something one wants to avoid; sirens can happen anytime.  Other traffic noise also can.  People accustomed to noise can tune it out, but if a person’s not used to it, it can be a serious detriment to daily life.

17.  Social Services.  Some “senior” places have people in need of social services type stuff, and some maintain such offices.  They are not likely to be governmental, although the information they might provide tends to be such.  Even when there is such an office on site, it doesn’t mean it’s the only place for information.  Other sources are good. 

18.  Subsidies.  An apartment complex can be under private ownership and still have tenants having government subsidy payments of some sort, especially if it’s large.  Escaping low income neighbors as well as assorted government rules, while possible, shouldn’t automatically be expected.  It’s good to remember, too, income does not denote character. 

A yesterday means another chance.Coffee cup 

The Purpose Of Life, Continued…

      Dover 138 - Copy

More than 75 years ago, the family residence was half of a double house.  There were firm instructions about “stay on your side of the place.”  And for close to ten years or so that command was dutifully obeyed.  Going from backyard to front (and vice versa) was done by clambering through that house, as the only sidewalk was along the other side. 

The sidewalk from front to back was not the only nice item the owner’s side had.  The command was not unreasonable on the whole and probably suitable for any little kid.  It be inconvenient, nonetheless, since there were steps.  It was possible to go around the place on both sides but the side rented was nothing but the often muddy easement area. 

After those years of faithful obedience, one bright sunny, day there was reason to go around to the front, and with a muddy, dank easement area there the thought came, what was bad about using the sidewalk?  At the side of the porch it was realized the “trespass” was visible to everyone around including across the street.  So, case of think fast. 

Pretend to be hunting for something in the grass, as if an item was lost came to mind. In the then crawling around on the ground, a large leaf under a bush by the next home was moved.  Behind it was a stately, near perfect violet which could not have been seen by anyone.  A thought came:  what possible purpose did it have there, so hidden?  None. 

Some things stay with one for a lifetime.Coffee cup 

The Purpose Of Life

    Dover 8c

You, the florist, the farmer, the wind in some way plunk a seed in the ground.  At least in the first three instances the reason is to create a plant.  That may be for no other reason than to just be doing something.  More specifically there may be other reason, like creating a decoration or a scientific experiment.  That’s the “planter’s” purpose. 

Whatever the planter’s purpose is, however, insofar as the plant goes, unless there is clear-cut communication in it, the only possible purpose it could be aware of would be to continue to exist according to the parameters of the plant and all living things.  In short, it’s purpose would be to grow, bloom, etc.  The planter’s reason doesn’t matter. 

Such concepts are tricky due to “the little word” (of, to, for, in, etc.).  “Purpose of life” and “purpose for life,” for example, are different thoughts neither of which means the same as “purpose in life.”  Assuming plants (and maybe animals) can’t formulate any such notions, only the higher form (or forms) of living could make such distinctions. 

On the human level people may have reason to encourage the development of plant, animal and even human life as far as humans can be a part of it, but even if all conditions are apparently arranged correctly, the life may not sprout.  A conclusion is, humans are not the ultimate decision makers beyond their own “grow and bloom” and personal choices. 

Only maybe is there such a thing as destiny.Coffee cup 

About The News Of The Day

       Special 24

Contrary to some opinion, the most important day’s news is the local crime report, particularly theft and violence of major proportions, especially if successful.  This informs people where there may be danger.  Any other danger to the public, such as an accident causing air or water pollution over an area, is also of sizable importance as a rule. 

Other things of importance, but not so much as those, boil down to what affects people, the general public as a whole but not necessarily all people.  That includes many things from the weather to taxes.  Something like missing persons is not news but something that needs publicity in hopes of help to find them.  Other items can be publicity, too. 

The point is who is or is not running for a public office, especially locally, is not really a big news item short of something questionable.  Entertainment matters, generally, aren’t news, and who got married or divorced is of no real consequence to anyone else and not really worth one’s time for some attention to it.  There’s other useless, too. 

It may not be a case of “If there’s a market for it.”  The buyers in this case may simply be seriously mislead.  It’s there, so it’s assumed it’s what’s important.  And, that’s because it’s supposed to be what’s important.  One thing a person can do is “walk on by” if it’s of no personal value immediately seen.  It takes time find what’s of value. 

Staying informed is vital to life.Black Sheep 

More Security Check Talk

  Special 20 - Copy

A personal security check can be nothing more than a three minute (or less) telephone call, including both picking up and hanging up the telephone.  That would be a call to the person, a simple exchange such as “This is (whoever).  Are you okay?” and an answer such as “I’m fine, and thanks for the call.”  Fundamentally that’s all that’s necessary. 

Obviously the activity can go well beyond that.  Obviously when there’s no answer more should be done.  Obviously any such project has advisable aspects, like how the calls are done, for example, random calling won’t work very well.  A commitment of sorts is needed, but the activity itself has scant need of unique talent, involvement or much time. 

There’s such a thing as “reassurance calls.”  Those do not need to be as often and usually include conversation.  The security calls should have a contact person as there’s the chance there’s no answer.  Then there is need for personal investigation, but short of that rare case a security call finds out if a person is all right, can function okay. 

While it is not just in the old folks’ homes that the idea makes sense, a big apartment house full of elderly persons many of whom can barely get around is a prime location for the notion.  And, before signing a lease, it’s a good idea for many to ask about such matters.  Accidents happen. The practice can find the dead but can save lives as well. 

A little extra attention can mean a lot.Coffee cup