More On Basic Needs….

Last week it was said a most essential thing for life is air.  And, two other important essentials are suitable temperature and water/food.  Light is important, but not always essential.  Shelter and clothing are highly advisable.  Sleep (rest), while essential, is more or less automatic from within, and not a “conducive to life environment” thing or something someone goes and gets.

There may, of course, be something missing from the above analysis, but at least that much is needed for a living thing.  “Space to be” can be important, as crowding will naturally cut down on the amount of other things (such as air) available.  For a just developing being, it might be better to call that “space to grow,” and that can be nearly essential even if it’s not constantly so.

Physical necessities have to be covered before there can be talk about psychological (or sociological, for that matter) aspects of being alive.  And, there is a secondary level of physical necessities often overlooked in such discussions, which may or may not extend to other levels of life, for example, communication.  Even animals who are near each other can be aware of each other.

Transportation sounds like a remote need, but it can be important.  If all of the things needed are right at hand, there’s no need to be moving anywhere, however, all that’s needed isn’t necessarily always at hand or it can be depleted.  Walking is possible given legs, but often they don’t carry a human far.  It wasn’t accident that animals were domesticated for transportation.

Love is good, but existence comes first.  🙂


Mis-Information Indeed

Long ago “proper authorities” (i.e., teachers, etc.) preached that the basic needs of human beings were food, clothing and shelter.  (That’s to be remembered, kiddies.)  Well, it is a start, but not much more.  Then psychologists and the like entered the picture to claim, announce that people need love, work (!) and other non-material items.  In addition, questions like what’s essential to all life arose.

Being as it’s plants rather than humans that need certain soil elements to survive, that part of the matter can be set aside for the moment.  Animals other than humans tend to be equipped with “clothes,” so other animals can also be set aside at least for the moment in regard that “basic need.”  Humans do often (not always) need covering as protection from the elements; but, clothes are also a social thing.

The number one thing needed for survival (out of the original “suggestion”) is food.  And, if the food is not heavily water, water ranks right up there also as number one.  Above all, however, there is the matter of air.  No air and neither human nor other living thing will last long.  Light, as in sunlight, is needed.  So is sleep, and it’s likely often it helps if that is in a sheltered place, but sleep is a thing starting within.

The question came up recently in the place underfoot, so some investigating was done.  The non-mention of water was already known.  The thing generally overlooked, however, was that super essential, air.  What wasn’t seen at all in the places looked was a suitable temperature range.  As for the psychology, something to do (like work) is probably essential, but “Love” might just be a matter of attention.

It takes a lot to keep something alive.  🙂

Explanation Of Topic Wanderings….

The day’s topic (i.e., this week’s topic) started out to be Aviation Trail, Inc.  Not only is there stuff like some new approaches to communications there, a little review of what some dedicated “grassroots” people can do is always worthwhile.  Surprisingly, there are people who should know about ATI but, even after the more than 35 years of the organization’s existence, they don’t.

“Plant a tree for Earth day” came up somewhere in recent ATI/National Park Service information (exactly where is now lost in the mists).  The activity was scheduled for April 25 at the Wright Memorial (WPAFB).  It was a “collaborative” activity hosted by a (local) part of the air force that actually made it to somewhere in the local media news reports. That can happen but often doesn’t.

While discussing ATI made sense, incoming notifications said last week’s topic, some rather random comments about life in the old folks’ home underfoot, was still finding interested people as of Saturday.  If that truly interests people, it should be a frequent topic.  It is a somewhat “different” way of living, as is living in a monastery, dormitory, mountain cabin or at a battlefront.

The “House In The City,” the forerunner of this literary masterpiece, was literally an ordinary six room, two story house (actually turn of the 20th century mail order house) built like a big squarish cube in an ordinary, average income area of an average-sized city.  The matter came into existence because by then nearly half the area’s population was growing up in suburban areas.

Some things can be done any time.  🙂

Old Folks’ Home, Continued….

Life in the old folks’ home (senior retirement community) tends to be rather unique.  Some of the residents think they’re just like everyone in the outside world, and they’re not.  They may have a contraption (cane, walker, hearing aid, whatever) whereby they supposedly can act like people in the outside world, but it doesn’t quite work that way.  Even a cane is an extra thing to deal with while doing something like opening a door.

One of the biggest annoyances in such places is the line-up at the elevators.  No walker, wheelchair, scooter or the like is going to take up the space of just one person.  Even if there’s no more than a half dozen of them (and there’s plenty more than that in the place underfoot), those without any such thing often don’t know how to accommodate those with them.  People can’t just pile in as able-bodied persons do in commercial buildings.

One big “trouble” is that the outside world moves much faster.  That might be nice at the grocery store check out, but it’s a different story on the telephone, especially if the telephone doesn’t work very well.  After a leisurely breakfast (say at 9:30 a.m.) one calls a business office only to have the person called rather unintelligibly rattle off something partly since he/she is trying to get something done before escaping the office for lunch.

The odds are excellent that going about ordinary things, like doing the laundry (some folks try it around 10:00 p.m. out of necessity) or having a meeting of some sort, is going to be charged with unexpected and confused “people interruptions” rather than anything like some mechanical failure, although those also happen.  And, if the fire department’s emergency squad’s standing in the way in a hall, it should be expected.

Sometimes one can’t count on peace.  😦

A Few Words About The Police….

There are times to call the police.  And, if one is going to call the police, since the purpose of police is maintaining lawful order, an important thing one should have is evidence of a crime or criminal activity, like a smashed window or even the likes of a gun laying randomly on a sidewalk.  It could be a piece of paper, too, or a recorded message.

However, the police can be helpful otherwise as well, especially if there is not a lot of crime going on at some time so police officers can’t do much but drive around patrolling.  If one has a problem (cat caught in some kind of odd situation and there seems to be no way to get the critter loose and no one’s around to help), it doesn’t hurt to ask.

The police exist to help the citizenry.  Sometimes they don’t do what someone wants.  At times they don’t even do what someone needs, but the world around would be a terrible place if they didn’t exist.  They show up for some reason about once a month at the old folks’ home underfoot, the saddest reason:  someone died and no one noticed.

There are actually a number of reasons why the police might show up at the old folks’ home.  These include wandering souls causing trouble with cars in the the parking lot and giving cautionary speeches.  Regardless of the reason they come, a cop car near the front of the building arouses curiosity.  Life isn’t just all relaxed at the old folks’ home.

Some things are in unexpected places.  🙂

Some Thoughts About Bridges

A bridge joins two things, commonly the two sides of a river.  Bridges join other things, too, and sometimes neither the bridge nor the two things joined are material things.  Regardless of what’s joined to what, the whole point of a bridge is an encouragement if not the actual establishment of interaction.  And, said interaction would, logically, be a matter of some profitability or other value.

One can imagine the likes of an exceptionally able-bodied per-historic man seeing something of interest across a river, perhaps seeing animals swimming across it, and figuring out how to cross it for a better look himself.  If it be worth going back and forth, it would only make sense to find a way to just walk there, especially if it would be of benefit for others to likewise go back and forth.

Regardless of how they came to be in the mists of time, today bridges exist.  Some are pretty, a lovely sight worth painting.  Some are strictly utilitarian and not particularly uplifting, never mind enchanting.  Regardless of the view, some kind of engineering mind beyond much of humanity figured it out for the rest of humanity quite likely on the order of either business interests or politicians.

Given motor boats and helicopters, today bridges are not particularly an extra-ordinary necessity if one discounts the likes of mass crossings.  The one almost underfoot might be labelled “necessary” as there’s endless traffic on it, much of it tractor-trailer trucks some of which probably haul the U.S. mail for or after cancellation.  It’s used.  It’s also a complicated eyesore permanently in view….

Discomfort can be a part of living.  😦

On Creating Things

One of the ordinary joys of life is the moment when something a person puts together out of various materials becomes something rather grand.  This can be almost anything, like a baker taking a bunch of ingredients and after some work with it the finished product is a beautiful and tasty cake or a carpenter turning some boards into a lovely cabinet.  It can be small stuff or big stuff like inventing the airplane or the automobile.

Really special creations, of course, are something like the creation of a human being, which an amazing number of people can do and have done.  That doesn’t take a lot of education, money, talent or other things such as might be needed to create a lot of minor and rather ordinary things.  It doesn’t take much effort, but it does take a while to get a human to at least baby form.  (Humans do take quite a long while and effort after that.)

It might very well be assumed most new parents have a sense of wonderment given a new baby — a little something that will eventually grow into a self-sustaining human.  While they didn’t create the whatever that is life itself, they did create the material element (host).  An even greater sense of wonderment is likely to be there for parents who become grandparents — their creation created something to exist in a distant time.

The old folks’ home underfoot always has grandparents, even great-grandparents. And, just recently one especially thoughtful lady returned from seeing the arrival of the fifth generation in her family.  It’s a bit hard to imagine holding a bit of life that was passed on for the fourth time, which made her a great, great, grandmother, when what she wanted to do in life was just be happy and make others who were around her happy.

A life well lived doesn’t have to be a lot.  🙂