Quietly June Ends?

The Fourth of July is conveniently on a Monday this year, and not only could one expect the usual loads of popping and maybe illegal fireworks already but more than the usual because it’s a long weekend. Of course, maybe it’s just that they have not been properly noticed.  …Or, maybe money’s tight these days.  Or, it’s possible yours truly is in some kind of dazed state.  There has been no thought beyond tomorrow, “the first,” not even to what July days there might be money coming.  A look at the calendar announced the obvious, if the first is tomorrow, i.e., Friday, then the fourth is Monday. 

With the realization that Monday is the fourth, there also came a realization the office for the apartment building underfoot will be closed; and, still later, came a realization that all offices more or less will be closed, after which it was recalled that there would be no mail delivery and the banks would be closed.  It should not take a half hour to come up with all those realizations. There have been lots of unsettling events recently, not the least of which is the frequent breakdowns of equipment (which is again in play; but a commentary can be written anyway as it might fall together again in the immediate future). 

Some instinct (not cold calculation or Johnny-on-the-spot thought) moved July’s rent payment into action today.  There would be no doing it in person not only Saturday and Sunday but also Monday.  A fine is levied for late payment.  Even then it almost didn’t happen.  The staff has been sort of moving out as they do near any weekend.  An attempt to make the payment near noon was defeated as another person was in the office.  It was best to wait outside, at which time both staff members left for lunch.  It took a third attempt.  Maybe it’s old age or the weather or the atmosphere of the place. (Written Thursday, June 30, 2011.)

People can be nice when things go well. 


Things That Need Fixing

In a house, even a new house, there are things that need at least tending to if not outright fixing all of the time.  It is true of other structures of different sorts and often just things, including little things as well.  If one owns the house, the things that need attention are handled as time, finances, necessity and factors of various sorts dictate.  If one rents space in something (such as the old folks’ home senior citizens’ retirement community underfoot) all those things figure in the picture; but, the picture may be in the hands of the property manager and (or) the maintenance department. 

Most often residents decide if and when to call on maintenance as, especially if it is an older building, maintenance can be in the place fixing things with much, much frequency, like most of the time.  Some “fixings” might be debatable.  If a faucet springs a leak and one knows how to replace a washer, it may pay off in time, effort, and agitation just to fix it; however, it should be in the “realm” of a maintenance repair.  Maintenance, of course, will have a list of priorities, and a leaky faucet may be far down on the list.  In fact, there’s a good chance of that being the case. 

At present yours truly has a small (?) problem with the telephone, meanwhile a case can be made for the heating and cooling unit.   The one that was in place last summer died and in an emergency call maintenance brought one that they more or less fixed into an operational state.  The problem is that the buttons for turning the thing on and off do not move easily.  In fact, most often a hammer-like thing is used to knock it into operation.  The question is, how long should a hammering technique be used before calling on maintenance with a complaint about rusty buttons?  The telephone is a major concern. 

Everyday brings new activities.  


Many, many years ago a school nurse or such (public medical personnel who are paid to regularly visit the various schools to check on the health of the children) determined that yours truly needed eyeglasses, the reasons being the common nearsightedness (myopia) with some astigmatism.  A note was sent to parents (carried by child) and was probably always received with some unhappiness.  In essence, there wasn’t enough wrong with the kid already, it was announced (in this case) that for an ability to see normally glasses were needed. Furthermore, that also suggested insufficient medical concerns and a need for money. 

In due time, there was a visit to an eye doctor that made glasses.  The glasses’ frames that he had were anything but flashy and extensive.  The frames chosen suited the doctor and the parent, but not the patient. They had red brown rims on top and were even more frumpy than the classic “four eyes” pictures usually seen. A few years later, with money in pocket from first job, what was seen in a window display was a pair of frames of white marbleized plastic and gold filigree inserts.  While not flashy enough (bottom rims were plain), almost immediately they were bought and worn amid some parental disapproval. 

Eyeglasses need to be changed every so often.  More important, distance sight is only essential for certain things, like driving a car.  In a room in a house there is no distance to see.  Six or seven years after purchase, new glasses were set on the floor while resting on the sofa, and they accidentally got stepped on at the arising.  Then the reality kicked in that there was no car to drive, so glasses were not that important.  At that point, there was no more wearing of glasses. With old age there’s often a need for an aid to see up close.  A couple of weeks ago there was an investment of $2.50 in drug store “reading glasses.”

It can be hard to admit defeat. 

Is Anyone Around?

Surprise!  Really, it is a surprise.  The shoestring and chewing gum arrangement is working again. Sadly, some of the things that might have been discussed had things been working well were forgotten as it seemed that there wouldn’t be a chance to delve into them.  There is no expectation (none) that things will be in an operational state in the days ahead or even in this day ahead, as there has not been a looking over of things by any technical service oriented person.  That is, a repair service person has not been found yet, so things are still precarious. …But, the search does continue. 

The day’s news has carried some nasty rather sub-human things; and, at least locally there was a really tragic story a few days ago about a man having some car trouble on a bridge; he got out of the car to do something about it and got hit by another car. The result was that he was knocked into the river below and was drowned.  Little has been said about whether the driver of the car that hit the man was speeding or such, but at least one other car had already stopped, so it’s not impossible.  Bridges have not usually been built strictly for vehicles, and there’s a need for at least fencing along the sides. 

In the old folks’ home underfoot, at least some residents are getting ready for a party set for late this afternoon.  For some reason such has been materializing about once a month. While there are people that are nearly housebound (yours truly seldom goes anywhere simply because it is too much trouble to arrange it as a rule), it does seem like once a month is a bit excessive.  If someone never goes to the events, they might be considered anti-social or something.  On the other hand, the place is full of old people, and they do tend to die off frequently, so it does add a less somber note to the place. 

“See what happens tomorrow” is a good policy. 

Still No Fixed Equipment

Well, it does have to be acknowledged that a commentary does get published every once in a while. It might even be a thought to put up two at a time; but, that would be a lot of reading.  It’s hoped everyone realizes yours truly does not like the situation one bit.  (Written for Sunday, June 26, 2011.)

The Drawing Board Again….

And, Saturday came and went as did the equipment.  Actually, the equipment was faintly operational very early in the morning, but it gave out before there was a chance to get anything written.  It wouldn’t be so bad if some of the back up stuff hadn’t likewise deteriorated.  Back up stuff is more than equipment.  In April already yours truly was looking for additional people help, trying to interview people, none of whom grasped notions of working on something for two hours per week or some such thing.  Tomorrow’s another day to see what turns up.  (Written for Saturday, June 25, 2011.)

Hello, There!

Well, the equipment kicked into play again.  This isn’t a matter of anything being fixed. It’s a matter of things being almost accidentally held together like a house of cards.  If someone walks by it’s likely to collapse.  However, at the moment a few things are working a little.  So, perhaps there is time for a few more words about the old folks’ home, if nothing else.  It is, of course, the end of June and a beginning of summer (it has started), and it seems that many of the old folks in the apartment building underfoot are coming to terms with the idea that the cold weather is gone. That’s not the same as with the first nice days of spring.

It’s been stormy in Covington.  And, it’s been very “warm.”  It seems like no one is yet wishing for a few “cooler” days (that will come – July is on the horizon and it’s followed by August).  Although parts – just parts – of days have not been a great thing, there have been times when the old folks’ have had the chance to be sitting outside the way old folks are supposed to do.  A lot of them did.  And, it does help to have a little peace around the place, after the three inspections one after another so very recently.  It takes a while to recover from disruptions caused by one, never mind three a week apart.  There will be more. 

There’s a monthly party set for Monday.  Although the place is not anything like a nursing home, there are a lot of people who rarely go very far.  And, it’s been noticed that there are at least three new residents who are disabled enough to be using wheelchairs.  A good guess is, some folks moved out of housing set up to be a place for people with disabilities.  Given that many, chances are it does have something to do with the bed bug plague in the region.  It’s been learned that several people moved from a place in Cincinnati that had them.  Evidently it was bad enough that the place was sold for other use. 

Old folks’ homes have tenant turnover.