Memorial Day Cook-Outs?

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Now, it’s not unreasonable to have one day out of a whole year to make it a point to remember those of the past who made the present better.  The present is based on history no matter how minor.  It doesn’t seem really fitting that the big events promoted by some powers that be are things like a backyard cookout for Memorial Day activities. 

May weather is usually nice enough to go visit the graves of those who were special in life and (if needed) tidy up the places and pause for a moment.  Sadly, it is not that possible for many, notably those at a distance, those who are confined to some facility like a hospital and they in the old folks’ home too far over “safe driving” age. 

While a picnic lunch might be in order if there are plans to spend some time with the remembrances, but such events are not meant to be “fun” times.  Even if one has not had someone near and dear die, there are “over-all” ones like veterans who have made life better for everyone.  Respect and a recalling that should be the order of the day. 

Taking kids to a cemetery is a debatable issue.  Life has to deal with the living world for one thing.  That’s what needs to be kept in mind.  Adults, on the other hand, can ordinarily work such a visit into one’s activity every so often when there is real intent.  As with many things, it helps if there are others around with the same idea. 

It’s hoped all had a good Memorial Day.Peace 


Health Fairs For Old Folks

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The old folks’ home underfoot (and surely some others but it’s a good bet it’s not all) has what is called a Health Fair every so often.  Such may go by other names.  A much different format may be used in other places, however the basic principle is much the same.  It is worth an inquiry if someone is interested in serious “senior living.” 

What it boils down to is this:  companies want clientele, customers, personnel, whatever. The more aggressive sorts go so far as to have persons who represent them at places like conferences, or just events where products, services and the like can be displayed, in the hopes of drawing in said clientele, customers, personnel, etc., forever. 

While the vendors at the old folks’ home are likely to be something like nursing services and medical equipment, it isn’t unusual to have someone from a specialized doctor’s office or clinics present giving something like a hearing or vision test for free.  Following up on it is up to the person undergoing the test.  It’s often a quick one. 

The bottom line in the deal is, if nothing else, the test result(s), such that they are, can be not only indication for personal information, they can be given to a person’s personal physician for further information.  In the place underfoot, fairs are “events” and come with prizes, food, socializing and new thoughts as well as information. 

The world of the elderly is different.Coffee cup 

Aviation Trail And Other Notes … (The Gypsy Says…)

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“Aviation Trail” said the spirit world to the “gypsy” at hand about four times during this past week in different ways.  That’s too much to not say some things especially since the spring newsletter is stashed under the keys to type something.  In addition, it was said in April there would be more said.  But, “Part 9” thoughts are lost. 

An important historical matter on the table right now is the Wright Factory buildings.  They’re still there.  The idea of course is restoration and inclusion in the sites now the national park system.  There is a bunch of plans afoot, some of them for money to do stuff.  It’ll take a while before things are arranged for people to visit. 

And, now that that bit of news has been published to any interested, to  be clear here, the situation in the nest underfoot is still precarious.  Some fundamental changes have come to the old folks’ home, while of necessity the things skipped over last month still are skipped.  It is not great, and it now seems without end.  Time tells. 

The most powerful statement from the spirit world to the “gypsy” here, also this week, had to do with (amazingly) The House In The City, the real one.  And, a tragedy did take place within about a hundred feet of the place.  It may indeed be time to build the Gypsy Hut publication as it’s getting to be both downright uncanny and a pain. 

An aura is a spirit form.Email 

The Gypsy Says….

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Gypsies (female) are supposed to sit at a table with balls of crystal to draw on the spirit world to predict futures, which some believe actually will happen. A truly sensitive person with enough general knowledge might be able to make good guesses, but unknowns can easily make a difference in the end.  However, it’s one common idea about gypsies. 

Many years ago a quite close relative owned a neighborhood restaurant (bar and grill) in an ethnic area with the name of “The Gypsy Hut.”  While the people were not gypsies, it fit well.  What, if anything, is left isn’t known here and now, but it did exist as did another place.  There is sort of an undefined unknown about the word “gypsy” itself. 

Why The Gypsy Hut came to mind some months ago isn’t known either, but there was a fast wish to name a place to stash some ideas that had something unique about it.  After some weeks the words also got hung on the door to the apartment to discourage people looking for the next door neighbor at a wrong door.  That has not been enough; it’s in mind. 

So, okay, the gypsy says it’s an avenue to be investigated in some way, shape or form, reason or objective unknown at this time. Under the circumstances, an item that may be of possible value would be another publication at least for a few notes or speculations, even if that is never published for a general readership.  So that’s in the works now. 

It’s terribly easy to get into things.Work 

The Gypsy Says … Ouch! … APOLOGIES!

Note to followers: 

Things are not good in the old folks’ home underfoot hence the first of this got published a little ahead of time two times yet.  Apologies! 


Gypsies (female) are supposed to sit at a table with balls of crystal to draw on the spirit world to predict futures.


Well there’s no changing topics now although the topic was far from certain until now.  Come Monday evening some more will be available, unless some more disastrous events come to pass.  Thanks for being around somewhere. 


Stories And More Stories

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The slightest thing can conjure up personal stories if an individual is old enough.  It’s probably one reason older people are slower, as the mind is full of memories. Those stories may be small pebbles in the pond, but they should be noted as probably having an element of truth about the person or even something practical for everyday life. 

Narrative fiction may have a message (or messages) and in the telling practical aspects, but it’s not directly part of a real person’s life.   News reports are and they have commitment to accuracy, but they aren’t little pebbles in ponds.  The old folks’ personal stories, even if they are confused, do have a value, like knowing real persons. 

This little space could probably have any of the above at one point or the other.  Indeed, a passing name of bygone days just recently recalled a matter of some coverlets in memory more or less worth a re-telling at some time.  The personal story of the sort, however, would take a measure of background explaining, maybe too much of it to do. 

Sometimes it’s easy to get someone to talk about what’s a personal story.  The mementos that people keep around are usually something related to things worth discussion.  An old folks’ home apartment doesn’t have much space, so any items “preserved” are probably the dearest or most valued of memories.  It does not take much to hear the tale. 

Importance may be in the eye of the beholder.Coffee cup