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Thank you for stopping by. Readers are the reason for all this stuff. The whole point is to offer things, possibly information, maybe a bit of entertainment or just whatever to or for anyone who might be interested in a line of thought or even some everyday living in this given little place on earth (or some recollections of a couple of other places).

There is much around to discuss, from the autumn-like weather that has happened hereabouts and the holiday today to the Aviation Trail news that has arrived but has yet to be read. Things are happening at the old folks’ home, too, and the world beyond.  (The world beyond can’t get too much space as that tends to become editorializing.)

The situation in this little part of the world has improved some, but with a whole slew of newish and revamped equipment it’s slow going. Learning to use new things (or even adjusted things) take a while. Be assured, it’s being worked on….  Unfortunately, some medical concerns also came into the picture to make things even slower.

Personal stuff has interfered with ordinary essay offerings.  Not only was there a need to head for the hospital emergency room recently (and home care nursing and the like is still in play — indeed, still being organized) ordinary services like food have been disrupted for reasons like people quitting and the holiday.  The medical may take time.

May your week be good.



Vitamin E? … A Tribute, Legacy, Memory….


Her legal name was Marceile, but she was called Sally, she once said.  The relationship probably started out with her husband using his “after office hours” sign painting skill for parental needs.  In short, it wasn’t direct initially, just relative and relative.  That lasted some years and of course extended beyond business since it be after hours. 

Being in the same church and somewhat shopping in the same shops contributed to the development of things, as did the living in the same general neighborhood for decades.  What really got things going was years later after both husband and one parent had died.  That was mutual employment in an office where the two jobs were an aisle from each other. 

While the job arrangement didn’t really last long, she was good enough to stay loosely in touch and at critical times was around for at least some good advice.  Amid the advice (and other bits of help) was an insistence on the value of vitamin E, without really saying what it was.  Another was bottled water (city’s was amid the best in the country). 

Sally died many years ago.  The bottled drinking water had reason for use soon after the insistence, as a factory was in a fire and chemicals leaked into the aquifer.  Water in the apartment building is full of crud.  Distilled water’s what’s used.  A bottle of vitamin E sits on a shelf.  It’s breakfast “enhancement” for whatever that might provide. 

Lives of others can be helped in many ways. Plate 

High Time Of Changes … (Ides Of March)

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Winter’s drifting into Spring (unless one’s somewhere like New Zealand where it’s the reverse).  Clock’s hands should have been shoved ahead an hour (unless one’s someplace not concerned about other people’s hours).  Dietary adjustment has fallen into place for some millions of people at least temporarily (unless one’s a nonbeliever).  Change it is. 

Perhaps the weather had something to do with the events in ancient Rome that gave us the “Ides of March” warning.  It was a bit unusual in the area underfoot in that winter has snow, but there really wasn’t any worth mention.  It would have been much if all the rain had been snow.  Although it was warmish, people seemed to act as if it were bad out. 

These days one could “beware the Ides of March” because of the clock changing business.  That should be about when it really kicks into play for everyday life.  And, thus comes disoriented people a little disorganized about what’s what today, especially if the mind is on what’s to be eaten for lunch, which is now an hour later than it was last week. 

The trees in front of the place underfoot were topped with white blossoms creating a different atmosphere, which does look lovely while saying “winter’s gone”; but, the changes that are man-made at this time are enough to overshadow at least in part the only “legitimate” (natural world) change taking place.  So, how to get rid of the unnatural ones? 

Some things are hopeless.Coffee cup 

Lenten Thoughts

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“…Dust thou art….” it was said Wednesday.  Well “Adam” and “Eve” by extension may have been dust to start with, but a look at the way things go now shows two living entities in merger (together) becoming a single living “thou” existing thereafter.  Of course, if the “thou” stops living there’s the common state of decomposition or a turning to dust. 

There is no intent here to go into a Biblical or religious hassle, but when something clearly isn’t dust (although it may very well be chemical elements) to begin with, it’s an erroneous premise even if the difference’s some electrical energy that’s there at the start.  There is no “thou” sans both the elements and the energy together in one being. 

Not only is the “starting point” with living entities, but living things (animal and plant as well as human) have the natural power to turn dead things (most food is dead, just not decomposed) into a living thing (themselves).  That is much more than is implied in that standard introduction to Lent.  Possibly some revision is needed in the wording.

One big reason things die is that the world around them or even in them stops supporting them.  Simple example:  with something like a fire, smoke can overwhelm the oxygen.  No oxygen and air breathing creatures die because the way the creature functions is with oxygen.  It isn’t necessarily a punishment for a “thou” to die, if it’s no environment. 

“Heady” thoughts can be hard to express.Alien 

Basic Needs Reviewed

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“Basic needs” (to maintain life) are very often said to be food, clothing and shelter.  It is possible to leave it at those if the “food” includes enough watery liquid to cover the essential need for water.  Meanwhile it is possible to make do a while without shelter, if a place’s safe enough, and also the clothing (nudists manage to do so a lot). 

The reason for bringing this up is that there are a lot of homeless “out there,” and a country like the United States shouldn’t have a homeless problem at all.  While there are organizations committed To helping with the problem, those ideas of basic needs need to be expanded for people to get out of that homeless situation and into ordinary life. 

Among “additional” basic needs (say in a city), apart from things like medical matters, there’s transportation and to some extent communications.  It’s not easy to go see about something like needed paperwork someplace across town when getting there is miles of hiking.  There’s also a need for some way to be getting cleaned up at least marginally. 

With the coming of warmer weather (in the northlands) more people will become homeless.  It is for different reasons, seemingly somewhat reasonable.  One is that some temporary shelters are just for the like of cold weather, i.e., they close down as soon as possible, often due to lack of funds and staff.  It’s a timely thought to consider or more. 

Looking ahead can make things better.Coffee cup 

Old Folks’ Home Hunt Notes 2 … (And St. Nick’s Day)

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Tomorrow, of course, is St. Nick’s day which is well worth mention, but some folks may want more hunting hints.  It’s best to continue them.  A quick review, look for community telephone, HVAC units and a public bathroom.  Life is okay without them, but they can make things better, especially, given little other choice, HVAC units.  Now, more items: 

4.  Food place.  A supermarket next door isn’t needed, but there should be something nearby to get some item or other for near emergency food.  That might be no more than a gas station with some stuff, a fast food place or a drug store with some items.  It’s easy to run out of things to eat at inopportune times.  Even a small restaurant’s something. 

5.  Outside space.  While this isn’t too important for any person quite able-bodied and thus able to get around, once health problems start showing up (which is likely with old age) going places becomes difficult.  Meanwhile, the space apartments have is not actually much, as a rule.  Escaping outside, weather permitting, may develop into necessity. 

6.  Ample public transportation.  There’s a key word there namely “ample.”  It can mean taxi as well as bus.  While a person who still drives might not think it important, come problems with the car, public transportation is it and bus service every two hours (which may be the norm in outlying areas) is not too convenient (bus schedules to be sure). 

Happy St. Nick’s Day to one and all!Gift with a bow 

Thanksgiving – An American Holiday

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Harvest festivals are not rare.  In fact they are a rather common thing as human events go.  In the United States the powers that be made it a legal holiday and it is usually a major event covering two business days as well as the days right after.  People use this holiday as a time for visits with family, and they can be hundreds of miles apart.

While technically the government supports no religion, the very nature of the holiday suggests a power beyond mankind since it’s not just a harvest festival, but pause to offer gratitude to whatever one holds as fitting, be that nature itself or something else.  One can say, “I do not know how this all came to be or why, but I’m grateful it did.” 

It does happen that in a mad rush for Christmas doings, it isn’t unheard of that as November swings into the holiday, people forget that the holiday is Thanksgiving and not the big thing of December, i.e., Christmas.  It is most likely truest for those with extensive Christmas decorations or a lot of gifts in mind to wish folks “Merry Christmas.” 

While an absent-minded Christmas wish at Thanksgiving time can be good for a laugh, it is to be noted that nationally Thanksgiving and also days like the Fourth of July is more important than Christmas, which technically is a religious holiday.  It can happen more often in the likes of the old folks’ home underfoot, where forgetfulness is common. 

Patience can be a necessity.Plate