Aviation Trail, Inc. Notes

       A Dover Wright 5 - Copy

The ATI newsletters only come every so often, so there’s a difficulty in maintaining a continuous re-report of what’s going on generally speaking.  One big deal more or less on the scene currently is the fact that Wilbur Wright’s 150th birthday was this year.  It is the topic of the lead story put in the spring newsletter, and it’s worth a mention. 

Since the actual date given is April 16, 1867, this note’s over a week late just on that point.  The activity planned was set for April 8, which, of course, is also past.  It’s the angle here to just acknowledge the 150th birthday.  It seems like a long time ago at first, but a little thinking will bring up the fact that people live to be over 100. 

The newsletter’s only three pages and doesn’t include many items that some might consider of interest.  Obviously, if just three pages often with a picture or two, there is not room for much.  One aspect’s just keeping members informed of dates, speakers and the like.  An ongoing report’s been about saving the Wright’s factory, what is still there. 

Doing something about the “remains” of the factory will be discussed for some time yet in all likelihood.  It is also the subject of media stories; there’s much involved.  When things are done, it is hoped it’ll be another park service site.  The plans include a public library building on part of the property.  Things are still with “fund-raising.” 

Big dreams can take much time.Airplane 


Point Of View … (“Rust Belt”)

      A Dover Wright 1a

Where someone is “coming from” is important with anything, and as a rule little of that is ever known.  It’s possible estimations of a few things can be established, but little can be sure.  Wherever someone is “coming from” is his/her “point of view,” of course.  It seems reasonable to recall that one point of view here is being in the “Rust Belt.” 

There are four American towns and two European ones listed that are “filing” places.  The two European towns are just ancestry and not too pertinent.  Those four American ones, however, are a life and are highly pertinent to everything published.  They’re in three states, all essentially “Rust Belt” and “old first territory.”  None are huge or tiny. 

The biggest town is Cincinnati, Ohio, and more or less the big regional center.  Only if the entire region is counted would it be something like two million people.  The city’s not near so populous.  The current location’s Covington, a few blocks away in Kentucky.  Dayton, Ohio, is city “long-lived.”  Terre Haute, Indiana, is city of long visiting. 

All four towns have a few things in common, e.g., all four can be considered “river towns.”  There is no seacoast and little navy.  Nautical terminology’s a foreign language at this desk even though the rivers are used for some boating purposes.  Some things are very different amid them.  And, this has been written for those interested in viewpoint.

Circumstances help make people what they are.Airplane 

What’s So Special About A Resurrection?

      Dover Holiday Easter 4 - Copy 

Perhaps not everywhere in the world, but certainly in many places the plant kingdom has its own form of resurrection, namely when the trees and such seem to come back to life a few months after appearing to have died in autumn.  It’s a regular happening.  Scientific explanations exist now, but it’s doubtful they existed in early prehistoric times. 

More important, perhaps, is the fact that the life gathers itself up and lays low until the world around is more life supporting.  (That’s today’s explanation.)  If plants have that power, and some animals have a similar power (as with hibernation) commonly, human resurrection is not a stretch for an imagination by a lot, although apparently rare. 

Apart from that, why couldn’t God (at least some aspect of God) take on human form?  (That is probably the most valid argument for there to have been a miraculous resurrection, which is the basis of the “Christian High Holiday” that is being commemorated this coming Sunday.)  There is no sound reason an almighty God could not take on a human form. 

If there were actual followers, the spirit of Jesus Christ meaning ideas and attitudes was not dead even if an actual resurrection didn’t happen.  So, even if one does not have the associated Christian beliefs of Easter, it really does some good to get in the spirit of the holiday, at least in the fun stuff like Easter bunny and colored egg items. 

May everyone have a marvelous Easter!Bunny 

So, Where’s A Fountain Of Youth?

      Dover 23 - Copy

It’s a good bet people (and maybe even subconsciously some animals) were interested in a “Fountain of Youth” for eons before an explorer made the idea famous in relatively more recent times.  And, today’s world is rather bombarded with good and poor advice not just about taking care of oneself but also about “restoring youthful (whatever)” to life. 

Look randomly somewhere, and one is apt to see advertising saying, “Feel young again!” (drink this, eat that, do “x,” maybe even go to this or that place).  There’s also a kind that just says one can look young or younger if one merely smears on a concoction so many times.  Actions, evidently, would still be those of someone who’s older, unchanged. 

It might be nice to stay one age and live forever, but not always.  If one’s activity is unpleasant, it’s not a happy idea.  And, it’s easy to understand the yen for youth.  No matter how much is done to something, “old” usually is not pretty, can be cumbersome and other rather negative things generally speaking.  In short it’s not considered best. 

Selling “youthfulness” rakes in a lot of money.  However a reality is there are positive aspects to that which can be called “old,” such as familiarity.  And, given the fact an appearance of youth isn’t youthfulness itself, it is money spent chasing a fiction.  This does not mean people should not care for themselves or things; it means use wisdom. 

Things can change in an instant.Clock