When A Year Ends

The first things to say when a year (any year) ends should be good wishes for the days ahead, even if one only meets someone in passing.  At hand, of course, is the start of calendar year 2015 as recorded by the calendar used often in the “western world” as a standard.  Nature has another timetable.  The calendar is in truth a piece of paper with numbers on it, but it does rather correspond to the workings of the earth everyone known inhabits which began a cycle of existence about ten days ago.  Why the natural year and the calendar year don’t match exactly is topic for another discussion.  The point is that it’s time for a message like this: 

Dover Holiday 22

It would be best to remember that there are an enormous number of “years” starting at various times riding through each calendar year – they often merit a similar approach.  Case in point is birthdays.  Those other annual cycles might have just as much of an impact on a life.  The cycle may need to be formally ended (fiscal is one such cycle).  However, the rest don’t ride through the year the same for a mass of humans of one sort or another, so they do not merit a sort of universal attention.  It also would be somewhat inconvenient to be noting all that is worth noting.  However it might be sensible to pay more attention to some things that end.

Best wishes for a wonderful year ahead.Rainbow  


The Jesus Tale

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The biggest problem of the Christmas story is possibly a lack of perspective (if that’s the right word).  It’s a sort of magical story in which people look for evidence that it really did happen when even the setting, both Jewish custom and the Roman Empire, are little known (much less understood) by the persons hearing the story.  That makes it hard to relate even when one sets aside “magical” ideas such as a “star” leading three wise-men from afar.  The Christmas story, of course, has angels, which are even more “magical,” making announcements about what to do – a terrifying idea. 

Was there a flesh and blood person (some have said it already as “a man in time”) born even remotely as described?  The moral system that developed is reasonable enough that there did not really need to be a Jesus of Nazareth who went about preaching, although miracles would surely be helpful for gathering followers.  A “magic,” including the later miracles, aside, establishing factual elements of the time and place, like it’s “x” number of miles to cover from here to there as crows fly, seems within reason.  That may not be in the bible, but it can be something with which to relate. 

May your Christmas be especially blessed.Gift with a bow

Holiday Attitudes

One day last week a passing bit of advertising announced “the holidays are about over.”  This be within the first two weeks of December.  It seems a bit odd that someone should say such a thing as New Year’s is still a couple of weeks away.  While New Year’s Day might be seen as a day for business to close down for the account records and, therefore, not be really what’s a party time, people do have traditions of sorts that are commonly followed.  Even Christmas is more than a week away and that, being birthday celebration, is definitely party time. 

Claiming “the holidays are about over” is most likely a comment by someone who is not exactly in tune with the times.  Some people do not go about celebrating Christmas.  That is only for believers (of which there are many – enough to make it a sizable commercial matter), but such wouldn’t likely be a comment from non-believer sources.  It would more likely be from someone who put on a big Thanksgiving deal and planned much for both Christmas and New Year’s with an idea to materially being done as soon as it be possible, ideally December 1 if not sooner.

It’s sad when people don’t give due respect to something like Thanksgiving since it is one of the few national holidays.  The idea of having special and rather solemn dinner which is only some running through it to get to just running through other things for other times to surely be more run through it when they arrive is not the right idea for celebrating any holiday.  A better way is to do less meaningfully.  Spirit of the times is more important than a material aspect.  Any who think the holidays are nearly “over” in early December are materialists.

May everyone’s holidays be joyous.Gift with a bow    



Where To Live, A Common Question

Old people need city housing – ideally, multi-unit housing – if for no other reason then due to the potential need for emergency service at some time.  Just having a rescue team close by doesn’t mean someone’s life will be saved if a serious medical condition arises but there’s a better chance of it.  It is not uncommon for a fire truck to be at the building underfoot one or two times in any week (truck can be sent as preliminary to ambulance).  It is not rare for it to take up to fifteen minutes to get to the place even though the fire house is near.

Many people, of course, are born in cities and never live any place else.  They wouldn’t know how to survive even in suburban areas.  Others find adjustment to city systems difficult.  It might be cheaper insurance, but it is likely a much older building built for a different time and circumstance.  The place underfoot has the aspects of a motel with things like individual heating systems plus a suburban lifestyle with the likes of a back patio, not front porch.  A porch is a standard city offering, a place for watching the world go by.  Patio is different.

So the place underfoot is intended for elderly souls with it’s claim on city services, but an aspect of the place is a suburban design those housed in it actually seldom use.  That design has a few cents figured into the rent, however the availability of the fire truck isn’t.  The thought of moving can be appealing for various reasons (such as that patio for the city bred) even though “retirement homes” are technically meant to be permanent.  They do not have to be permanent; they can be only a crumpled version of what was “home.”  They aren’t too happy.

Reality is underneath an image.Filmstrip

December 6 – St. Nick’s Day

Before we meet again, it will be time for St. Nicholas in many lands for St. Nick’s Day has been established on December 6.  The American custom of having Santa Claus come in December but later has confused a lot of things.  Now, naturally a bunch of celebrations together is not good as, if nothing else, they lose their meanings to some extent.  Day December 25 was watered down some time ago.  While mentioning St. Nick’s Day here isn’t going to change the world but a shred, it doesn’t hurt to do so.


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Although it’s been used here before, it won’t hurt to use this beautiful picture of a Santa that doesn’t fit the common idea.  Especially different is the presence of the elves.  It’s not the red suited character seen by millions all over the world, yet it’s a valid image of Santa Claus also seen as St. Nicholas or just St. Nick.  There’s a wealth of information in research materials on the personage if anyone wants to explore.  What’s being promoted here comes down to Santa has variations. 

Happy St. Nick’s Day to all.Email