And, Still More Bed Bug Notes

As already said, the chances that anyone looking for bed bug information would find this obscure little place are very slim.  Out of curiosity, yours truly decided to do a little searching in different ways to see what was available if someone did any hunting at all.  There are the likes of newspaper articles in a number of places.  There are the likes of university “bug departments” with professors studying the creatures taking notes and even writing papers.  There is advice from pest control companies.  There is experienced word from neighbor, friend and passing stranger. 

The bottom line that the search produced is that there is a virtual sea of data of different sorts.  It wasn’t possible to get a handle on it, although a considerable amount of time was spent trying.  The biggest thing noticed was that business interests may be going hog wild in advertising trying to gain customers.  There are claims and counter claims all laid out in useless promotional wording saying little.  One must plow through it to get a few fragments of real information. 

In all the talk there is an exceptionally annoying aspect.  Some people think it’s clever (or cute) to chant the old ditty about “Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”  They probably have no idea of what to do themselves and are desperate to avoid people helplessly afflicted.  Others who have no idea of what to do may react otherwise, like hang up if someone calls.  The latter is bad, but not like a chant.  Anyone afflicted is going to have to go it alone, and it’s a long. long haul. 

Thoughtless people are anywhere.   


More Notes On Bed Bugs

As a result of having had a load of the creatures twice now, yours truly has no expectation of ever again having anything like “ordinary” furniture, among other things.  Having ditched two sofa beds (sleeper sofas to some) in less than two years rather than to continue to suffer with trying to get the bugs out of them  – and those are expensive things when new – it’s logical that investing in any reasonably substantial furniture at least presently is a waste of money.  There’s no known safe, cheap and easy method for getting rid of the bugs in existence yet.   Even being aware of some of the ramifications doesn’t seem wide-spread, never mind addressing things.  Buggy furniture is not the only “ramification.”   

Older people rather limited to urban apartment life (which, of necessity, may be true of others such as some disabled people as well) may not live long enough to be around when it will again be possible to carry on what might be called a fairly standard way of living.  “Modern” living is likely to be little more than with bare essentials, not just because that makes for fewer places for the insects to hide, but also because of exactly what methods or notions any given manager or owner of a place may decide to use.  It wouldn’t be unthinkable to suddenly see a need to move to another place.  The less there is to carry the better it is. 

Being minimal enough to be almost as essential as someone transient wouldn’t be difficult for some people, such as those who have had reason to move every few years (military personnel comes to mind) and who think in such terms.  It is, however, likely to be a radical change for some, such as pack rat kind of people who have stayed put for a decade or two, be it for practical reasons like having school-aged children or job proximity or just out of choice.  It might even mean emptying out a fairly large house, leaving empty rooms.  Regardless, bed bugs are sparking some undercurrent of social change that is largely unspoken. 

Radical change comes any time.   

For Newbies – Bed Bug Notes

The chances that anyone seriously interested in information about bed bugs will ever (in a million years) find this little place are truly pretty nil.  But, of course, it has been said by some that nothing’s impossible under certain circumstances or some such thing.  As the insects were mentioned in the entry posted Monday, mostly to talk about an attitude in the face of a serious concern, it seemed like a good idea to add some odds and ends gathered along the way in support of the notion that the creatures are a serious concern. 

This is not an authoritative dissertation about the insects or a place for updates on the subject.  It (like the other message) is simply some “observations” about various aspects of the matter picked up while exploring for personal information and background.  The “observations” may be of use if anyone does happen to to look here.  To begin with, contrary to much belief and opinion, bed bugs do indeed exist and in multitudes.  Some reports say there are at least two kinds; and, apparently they can be found world wide. 

With those generalizations out of the way, the bugs are easy to acquire – and in some cases nearly impossible to escape – and they’re nearly impossible to kill off.  The word “bed” used in the common name of the insect is very misleading, as they can be found literally anywhere and notably in upholstered living room furniture such as sofas and chairs.  It’s not rare for people to spend thousands of dollars for extermination services and at least hundreds for new furniture to replace that thrown away.  And, it’s not rare for the attendant activities to take months and to completely disrupt lives.  

Tiny things can be pivotal.

Today’s Plague — Bed Bugs

No doubt some people will object to the use of the word “plague” as it is in use in the heading of this message.  That there will be objection is a sure thing, as something of the sort did happen to yours truly in a discussion not long ago.  A so-called expert got into a stew because, in regard to a helpful suggestion, the exact technical wording (like “infestation”) was not used.  It didn’t matter if it was a good thought or not.  What mattered was the wording used.  And, the likely reason it mattered what words were used?  It was rather clearly because what was said was more comprehensive than what the “expert” had said.   

The term “bed bugs” sounds very soft and gentle and like a minor. harmless bit of annoyance.  But, anyone who has ever had a load of them could probably relate better to the word “plague” or even Biblical notions of “pestilence.”  In many places they are out of control, while an understanding of the creatures is limited.  Theoretically they aren’t supposed to be able to directly cause death, but secondarily they just might cause a few deaths as a result of some of  the various procedures currently used to try to do something about them. 

Among other things, some landlords are not above telling elderly and disabled tenants they (the tenants) must do the likes of turning over heavy furniture to look for the insects.  Sprays used can’t always be tolerated by everyone who might be subject to them.  There is certainly a psychological aspect in seeing a blood smear underfoot if one steps on even one of the creatures, especially if it is one’s own blood and there are a lot of the insects.  Bed bugs are neither a thing about which anyone should start playing ego-centric expert nor a laughing matter.  And, they are likely to be around for a long time. 

Independent thought is the source of discoveries. 

Again, Not Forgotten — Connection Added

To repeat, this site has not been abandoned, although again it’s been ‘way too long since there has been something posted on the site for anyone looking to read.  This site is the real column, separated out of what might be termed the personal diary that found it’s way into the workings somehow somewhere ‘way back once upon a time.  And, it isn’t that there’s nothing to write about, even if the whole thing were reduced to the here and now of an old folks’ apartment building in a little town hanging on a Midwestern American heritage. 

There are things happening “in house,” some of them well worth a comment or two, for example, on the negative side as already recorded now some days in the past, someone cut the cord on the community telephone in the lobby thus disabling it.  It was most likely a resident of the place, showing that an old folks’ home is not immune to the criminal mind.  The management has the thought of leaving it disabled.  That has created substantial problems for anyone in the normal practice of using it, as yours truly was.  There’s a positive element, too.  The management is installing a set of automatic doors (the kind where people push a metal plate button and the doors swing open) which should be a help to many.  The previous apartment building had no such thing.    

It may be the result of it being a new decade, but the immediate world at hand can and has been (shall we say) malfunctioning in more ways than with those that would destroy a means of communications.  Furthermore, that indefinable thing called a sixth sense keeps saying that fundamental things are not as they should be, without there being a clear idea of what is out of line.  That can be so unsettling that it’s impossible to get in even an hour’s work.  Now, there is really a serious concern here for readers, especially those with a subscription.  So, to the right there is now a thing called the Blogroll to which has been added a link to the personal diary.   There are some explanatory postings there. 

One must do what one can.