Building Sold Four Weeks….

The apartment building underfoot has been sold, i.e., been under new ownership, for  a month now – not quite but might as well say a month. The “no changes” declared at the beginning has been nothing but changes for yours truly.  Per directions, payments were to be made out to the new corporation.  Once that was done, the announcement was that the old way was okay.  Well, the bank teller just copies the previous month’s money order using a current date, and the transaction is handled by whoever is doing the errands.  The new name is now in the system and that’s fundamental.   

This weekend saw the latest “nothing” change, from the looks of it, which completely upsets going to the grocery.  This past Sunday night there was no pile of packets full of advertising for the week at the front door.  Considering that the most used bulletin board was pitched out almost first thing, and that soon followed by the little box where the packets were put every weekend, it’s assumed it’s only a matter of time before the advertising itself is gone for good.  They were delivered this week.  A knowledgeable neighbor located one that someone else had. 

The bulletin board, maybe the advertising, too, has been described as  “unnecessary clutter.”  From an administrative point of view, maybe it is clutter.  That depends on the future purpose of the place.  A community bulletin board or weekly grocery advertising isn’t particularly needed?  The only thing needed is an out of the way place for notices that might be permanent?  There are places where such is fitting, but they are not old folks homes.  People move in and out for many reasons.  They may have a reason to move out that they didn’t expect. 

Identifying trends can be useful. 


New Era Again?

Like it or not, apparently there is going to be a different way of doing things in this little speck of existence in the world. As old time readers may recall, the original diary of so many years ago had entries for every day.  No one was expected to be reading it every day, but if anyone took a notion to any day, there was something there, even if it didn’t amount to much.  That’s playing it straight with people who bother to give you some of their time and attention. Only the egocentric assume anyone (never mind some part of humanity) is just sitting there waiting for them to come on the scene. 

While the various diaries were planned for daily activities, the original “A House In The City” only appeared once a week (the newspaper was a weekly). Once in a while even that got cut if something more important came along. And, the European offshoot was something like once a month.  Of course, both of those were considerably longer and with more to them; but that was also more appropriate to both of those.  Just like with other obscure places, things do take place every day in an old folks’ home.  There are times when it’s surprising.  But, it can’t all be covered regardless. 

At this point, using this new equipment is still in a confused state (everything’s rather new and the “dog” is old).  Meanwhile life is throwing all sorts of new things around in these times – new ownership of the apartment building underfoot isn’t the only thing.  As yours truly is not about to give up this baby without a fight, there will be commentary even if it is only hit and miss for a while and there will be some in the …Old Peasant’s Blog as well.  It just appears that for a while at least it can’t be every day. It’s hoped all previously interested will “stay tuned.”

New ages begin every day.  AlienSmile

North, South, East, West

Directions are important for many reasons, not just for some idea of which way one is (or should be) going.  One thing people have no reason to keep uppermost in mind is the direction a building is facing; and, when it is too late to do anything about it, there’s a horrible realization it’s of enormous importance.  The classic case may be a person buys a house that has to be painted and which fronts towards the west or south in the northern hemisphere and vice versa in the southern. Late afternoon sun can do a real job on paint causing the front of a place to look terrible. 

Apartment dwellers don’t have to worry too much about continuously painting the front of the place, but how and where the sun creeps in through windows can be important in unusual ways.  One would think in one or two rooms it shouldn’t mean much.  That is not so, it has been learned through sad experience in the apartment underfoot, The current nighttime temperatures in Covington have been hovering in the thirties.  There has to be heat in the place.  Come noontime, the heat is shut off.  Sunlight streaming in through the window makes it warm enough to open the window a foot or so. 

A big tree in front of such a space can make a difference.  There is no tree, and even if there were one, unless it were some kind of evergreen it wouldn’t have a shade effect in the winter.  There have been times when the air conditioning has been run in winter as the outside air is too cold to be leaving a window open. The blinds are pulled over three-fourths of the window space all of the time, although they could be open early in the day and during cloudy times (the bed’s in the way of easily doing that,).  It’s a good thing that each apartment has it’s own heating and cooling unit. 

Things one never imagined come at any age.

The Spirit Of November

It’s a special month that is at hand.  There won’t be a lot done by many people at least in the United States.  Apart from the fact that it’s a “short” month (thirty days rather than thirty-one), there are some unique things about it.  For one thing there are two solemn holidays on the calendar, Veterans’ Day and Thanksgiving.  While both have a positive side, they are still solemn and a time for reflection. They are also properly a part of the unique heritage of the entire nation.  One, Thanksgiving, also quite easily carries over to the next day so that it becomes an unofficial holiday. 

Everyone has the two plus holidays. Some folks have more – an anniversary, maybe a birthday or some other commemoration.  While they may have festive notions in them, they might very well also have a negative aspect.  A birthday, after all, marks a day that one is a year older – important if one is over thirty.  Among the people with something else to recall, there is yours truly with four other days to recall (just one birthday). Once it was six more.  In other words, for close to half of the month, special attention had to be directed to something on one day or the other.  

In the northlands the last of the harvest is in some kind of process to finish off the year in the natural order in whatever way makes sense at the moment.  Once that’s done a way is clear for a renewal of life; but, first there is a pause to rest.  Biblically it is said a God-being worked six days and rested on the seventh; but, if we look at the world that the God-being reportedly created, in reflection maybe God worked nine or ten months then rested for two or three.  (Well, it’s a thought.)  Humans and other living things do not get that much rest, however, as they are busy trying to stay alive. 

There are months for thinking.